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“You Came Back”

Below is an excerpt from Book Nine of the OUTLANDER novels. Note that there are SPOILERS…

"Ye healed me of something a good deal worse, Sassenach," he said, and touched my hand gently. He’d touched me with his right hand, the maimed one.

"I didn’t," I protested. "You did that yourself—you had to. All I did was…er…"

"Drug me wi’ opium and fornicate me back to life? Aye, that."

"It wasn’t fornication," I said, rather primly—but I turned my hand and laced my fingers tightly with his. "We were married."

"Aye, it was," he said, and his mouth tightened, as well as his grip. "It wasna you I was swiving, and ye ken that as well as I do."

I swallowed, watching the fire-shadows move on the rough-hewn wall and recalling all too vividly the coldness of hard stone against my back and the fire-shot, fractured images that had splintered in my mind as his hands had closed around my neck. I cleared my throat by reflex.

"It was me at the end," I said softly, and touched his face with my free hand. "You came back— to me."

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This excerpt from Book Nine was posted by Diana Gabaldon (as one of her "Daily Lines") on February 1, 2015, on her Facebook page.

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