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2024-01-11-Arbys-ears-VLAThis News webpage features selected recent news about my books, writing, the Outlander TV series, and other projects I am working on. Some posts from my official social media accounts are included, too.

Items are arranged by the date the news was posted, in reverse chronological order.

May, 2024:

Snake Love…

May 28, 2024:

WARNING: If you Really Don’t Like Snakes, Don’t Look at This Post.

Yesterday, I went to let the dogs out of the back door, and Arby (the House-Hyena) stopped dead just outside. He does this when he meets something unfamiliar, so I looked, and promptly called the dogs back inside and yelled to my husband, “Big snake on the patio! Oh, wait—TWO big snakes!”

2024-05-29-snakelove-DGabaldonIn fact, two sizable gopher snakes (Pituophis catenifer) were about eight feet away from us, on the other side of the patio, rather clearly Doing It. Which is not something you see every day, even here in the wildlife sanctuary…

For the record, gopher snakes are Not Venomous—they’re constrictors—but can be cranky and will chomp you one if you mess with them. Small teeth, but very sharp. (My husband captured one by hand last summer, when it got into the lower office and took refuge under our assistant’s desk (she screamed and shot backwards in her chair when I told her about it the next day)—but he took the precaution of putting on his work gloves, having had a lot of experience with gopher snakes.)

These individuals had Other Things—well One Thing—on their minds, though, and while they slowly withdrew into their den when they became aware of their audience, they didn’t unwind themselves. Vive l’amour!

Click on the images below to view full-sized versions. All photos by me, Diana Gabaldon.







Monday, May 27:

May we all remember those who have willingly given their sweat, their blood, and often their lives in defense of home, country, and freedom.

2024-05-27-doves-quill-DG[Excerpt from GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, Copyright © 2021 Diana Gabaldon]

THE QUILL WAS LITTLE more than a blunt stub, the greasy feather mangled by dogged hands determined to send one last word. Roger had written more than one such word tonight, for the men who could not write or had no notion what to say. Now the camp lay sleeping—lightly—all around him, and he faced the same problem.

Dearest Bree, he wrote, and paused for a breath before going on. There was only the one thing to say, and he wrote, I’m sorry. But she deserved more, and slowly, he found his way.

I didn’t mean to be here, but I have the strongest feeling that here is where I should be. It wasn’t quite “Whom shall I send? Who shall go for us?”—but something close, and so was my answer.

God willing, I’ll see you soon. For now and for always, I am your husband and I love you. Roger

The last few words were ghosts on the scrap of rough, rain-spotted paper; the last of the ink. His name was no more than scratches, but he supposed that was all right; she’d know who’d written it.

He let the ink dry and folded the scrap carefully. Then realized that he had no way to send it—nor any ink left with which to write Bree’s direction on it. The other letters had been given to Marion’s company clerk, now snoring under a blanket near one of the many watchfires, anonymous among the huddled, sleeping sheep.

With slow hands, he tucked it into the breast pocket of his coat. If he died in the morning, someone might find it on him. Francis Marion would survive this battle; Roger could trust him to send it on—to Jamie, at least.

He lay down on the squelchy ground, commended his soul to God, and was asleep.

My photo: Dove’s quill

Creative Anxiety and Procrastination

Monday, May 27, 2024

20224-05-Fredrik-Backman-youtubeHahahahaha! This clip of Swedish author Fredrik Backman was enough to make me go and buy his new book.

Here’s his whole (4-minute) speech on YouTube:


Description: At the Simon & Schuster centennial, author Fredrik Backman discusses the highs and lows of being an author, from attempting to get along with the voices in your brain, to the hidden joys of jet lag.

It’s also on X, TikTok and Instagram, if any of those are easier for you to access. Here is the X version:


The Methadone List: Maggie Craig

2024-05-Maggie-Craig-coverHere’s a new (well, new to the Methadone List, let us say…) author for those of you fascinated by Scotland, Jacobites, and Men in Kilts.

Maggie Craig is a multi-published, very popular Scottish author, whose Fiction and Non-Fiction are equally gripping—and if you’ve already read your way through Julia Brannan’s Jacobite novels, and are looking for more…. I recommend:

Damn’ Rebel Bitches — The Women of the ‘45


Bare-Arsed Banditti — The Men of the ‘45

These two books are fascinating looks at the real history of the real men and women who fought during the Stuart Rising called “The ‘45” (i.e., Bonnie Prince Charlie). Loved the detail and the vivid personalities!

Storm-Tossed-Moon-coverBeyond the non-fictional history of the Rising lies a series of novels, dealing with the same time period, ranging from Edinburgh to the Highlands. There are (I think) presently three novels in this series (called the “Storm Over Scotland” series):




(Yes, Book Ten is coming along fine, but you won’t get it until it’s done, I’m afraid. So in the meantime… you can find all of them on both amazon.com (U.S.A.) and amazon.co.uk (U.K.).

World Bee Day!

May 21, 2024:

Well, we’re slightly late (Way Busy day…), but May 20th is/was WORLD BEE DAY!


In honor of which….


“Oh, Lord,” I said—and wished I knew the name of the patron saint of bees, for surely there must be one—“please make these bees feel welcome in their new home. Help me to protect and care for them, and may they always find flowers. Er…and quiet rest at the end of each day. Amen.”

“That’ll do just fine, Mrs. Claire,” John Quincy said, and his voice was low and warm as the hum of the bees.

Happy Mother’s Day!

2024-05-12-Dianas-kitchenSunday, May 12, 2024

To mothers of all ages and stages of relationship, you are the cement that holds your families together, and the blossoms that make them fragrant and beautiful.


[Excerpt from (Untitled) Book Ten, Copyright © 2024 Diana Gabaldon]

Davy let out a resounding belch and dribbled slightly.

“That it? Good.” Brianna deftly wiped the dribble with the end of her kerchief, then did up her buttons one-handed and stood up. They’d been sitting on a rock overlooking the creek, enjoying the momentary sense of solitude after the hullaballoo of the wedding. She could still hear the music and the muffled roar of talk, like distant surf, but it mingled with the rushing creek and lost its meaning.

“Do you think hullaballoo is a word now?” she asked Davy, hoisting him up onto her shoulder. “It was, in the sixties, where I came from. I’ll tell you all about it when you’re older. I think I heard Grandpa say “baloo” a few days ago, but I don’t know what he meant by it.”

“Gah,” said Davy agreeably.

Read more…
(Excerpt will open in a new window.)

Photo is mine, from my kitchen. Feel free to use it, if you like, but please add my name as photographer, if you do. Ditto on my other photos on this webpage.

Strahov Monastery Library

May 10, 4:48 a.m.


This is a (small) portion of the Strahov Monastery Library (near Prague). You might recognize it from other shots as the room where Jamie played chess with the French Minister of Finance (and Claire was poisoned) in Season Two of Outlander. (We—the Avalon Waterways cruise group—weren’t able to enter the library, the last time we visited Prague, but the wonderful Avalon organizer managed somehow to wangle us permission to step inside, on this trip.

A Facebook comment on this post from Heather C.:

Hi, Diana! I found out recently from my 15-year-old son that Christopher Paolini’s book Murtagh is pronounced “Murtag.” “There’s literally a pronunciation guide in the back, Mom!” I cannot get over it, and I keep wondering what your thoughts are about it. Love your books, patiently waiting for 10.

My response:

Well, I’m pretty sure that Christopher’s books (like mine) say “Fiction” on the spine…

If he wants to pronounce the name “Murtag,” he’s welcome to do so—but that isn’t how a Scot would say it.

Muskrat With A Sword

May 10, 2024


Muskrat (with sword) on the bank of the Vltava River – Prague.

Sidney Bird

Friday, May 10, 2024:

Sidney-BirdSo, I was doing a fund-raising lunch for the Arts in Arizona (i.e., I was the guest of honor (aka the entertainment…); the lovely hostess and her cohorts did all the work, and the wonderfully generous guests contributed to the cause), and a lovely young musician named Sidney Bird brought her guitar and sang for us.

I thanked her after the luncheon, and out of curiosity, asked how she managed to market her music, as a solo performer with no formal backing. She said that she posts her music to several online sites, and—at my request—sent me her links.

I thought you might enjoy some of her songs, so here are her links. (This isn’t any kind of solicitation, btw—I just liked her and her music, and thought you might, as well.)

On Youtube:


On Instagram:


Image of Ms. Bird is from her Youtube page, and links to it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

The admirable Karen Henry has posted a new quote-collection/panalysis on her very entertaining site, Outlandish Observations. This one is particularly interesting:


Hungarian Parliament Building

Monday, May 6, 2024


The Hungarian Parliament building, by night… (we sailed into Budapest during the day, but then sailed back down during the night, to see the city lights…)

(My photo.)

Czech Snail

Monday, May 6, 2024


Czech snail. (My photo.)

How Fast Do I Write?

Diana at work in her back yard with her dogs, 2016.Friday, May 3, 2023

For the kindly and the curious, who have expressed interest in how fast I write <cough>—this may help explain how I work, at least…


Did He Speak?

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

raven-copetersonWhew… just back from a working cruise down the Danube (and getting up in the middle of each night on the river in order to write a script for the Prequel, needed in two weeks. Luckily, I made it. <g>). So—just in time for a brief excerpt in honor of Jamie’s birthday tomorrow (and a quick “Happy Birthday!” to Sam Heughan, whose birthday is/was today):

EXCERPT from BOOK TEN (UNTITLED), Copyright © 2024 Diana Gabaldon

[Jamie and Roger sitting outside the malting shed, discussing Jamie’s imminent departure to find Lord John.]

“Are you afraid?” he said. Jamie gave Roger a sharp look, but shrugged and settled himself before replying.

Read the rest of this excerpt from Book Ten.

April, 2024:

Arby and the Beer Brewing

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Guys brewed beer yesterday. Arby was Much Intrigued… (photo #4 was what happened when I said “Arby!” just as he was about to lick the bubbler.)

NB: I actually poured a little of the fresh brew on a saucer for him, after the transfer (from original fermentor to secondary carboy), to taste. He lapped it a couple of times, shook his head and walked off, looking mildly revolted.





New Fight Song and My Three Rules For Writing:

Sunday, April 7:

Diggy-Diggy-Hole-graphicJust tidying my office for the coming week… and here’s the new fight song:


Or click on the graphic at right.

Aside from the general enlivening effect <g>, I appreciate the theme of perseverance—the most important virtue a writer can have!

My Three Rules for Writing are:

1. Read.

2. Write.

3. (Most Important!) Don’t Give up!

I not infrequently run into people (some of them actors <g>) who tell me they want to write, and ask for advice. I tell them whatever expanded version of the above we have time for, and then suggest that they take ten minutes—no more—once a day, and write something. Anything. Just to get used to the feeling of getting words from you head onto paper. (It doesn’t matter whether you use pen, pencil, paint or computer—just get words on paper.)

Do that for a week, and you’ll probably either decide you don’t want to do this, or you’ll start writing more—say, eleven minutes a day. <g>


On April 4, I used this image above for my Facebook profile pic. It’s me with Edinburgh Castle in the upper left of the background.

No Rocket For Me

Thursday, April 4, 2024

2024-04-04-cover-photoAre any of you familiar with an app called plantnet.org? It’s a useful little thing that will help you identify unfamiliar plants; you snap a photo of the plant of interest, then tell the app whether to look at leaves, fruit, flowers, etc.—and with luck, it will be able to identify the plant with a degree of probability. I use it frequently, as I travel a lot and tend to notice what’s growing nearby.

Now, the cover photo here is one I took of a common weed (meaning it’s there every year and spreads until it runs into a wall, inhospitable dirt, or another weed population), which pops up behind the (disused) horse corrals every year.

So, out of curiosity, I took its mug-shot this year and fed it to plantnet.org. Do you recognize it? Hint: it should be pretty dang familiar to anyone living in the U.K.

It’s Sisymbrium irio… aka London rocket. In other words, it’s the same ghastly stuff most U.K. restaurants try to pass off as salad. It has mastered the difficult task of being simultaneously bland and bitter, as well as tough. It’s crunchy, I’ll give you that much—but crunchy like horse feed. Its supreme virtue, though, is that it’s cheap—you can, in fact, pick it on the verges if almost any city street in an even slightly temperate climate.

I was disedified last week, to order a Grand Chicken Caesar Salad from the Pizza Express in Edinburgh, where—despite the menu’s claim that the salad was made with Cos lettuce (aka romaine)—absolutely no mention of rocket, mind you— 3/4 of the bowl was in fact full of this wretched stuff.

We stopped at Pizza Express again, a few days later, and (forewarned) I told the waiter “no rocket”. He looked surprised, but obligingly wrote “no rocket” on the ticket. So I got a half-filled bowl of reasonably decent Cos. Maybe next time I’ll try, “Cos lettuce only, please”, and see what happens… We’ll certainly be back; their salad is good (bar the rocket) and my husband loves their Sloppy Giuseppe pizza.

So—is there anybody out there that actually likes rocket? If so, you’re welcome to come graze in my backyard…

“A Battle’s Not A War”

2024-04-01-SpringCitrus-DG-cropMonday, April 2, 2024

A Happy and Blessed Easter (or other spring festival/contemplative occasion or feast involving eggs…) to you all!


[Excerpt from (Untitled) BOOK TEN, Copyright © 2024 Diana Gabaldon]

They stopped for the night near a small creek, having passed the afternoon in silence, and made camp and ate, with no more than the occasional grunt of inquiry and acknowledgement while sharing out the last of the cheese, hard-cooked eggs, and soaking the last of the rock-hard journeycake in the last of the cider.

Finally, William cleared his throat, and Fraser looked at him, one bushy brow cocked.

“We’re following them, aren’t we?”

Read more of this new excerpt…

March, 2024:

The Vigil of Easter

2023-03-30-easter-AZ-DGSaturday, March 30, 2024

Tonight is the Vigil of Easter, a service where we hear readings from the Bible regarding God’s deliverance of His people (e.g., the flight from Egypt and the path through the Red Sea), the reading of the Passion (the description of Jesus’s condemnation and crucifixion), and the Resurrection. Catechumens (the people who wish to become Catholics and have been taking instruction) will be baptized, and others confirmed. It’s a time of mingled sorrow, hope and joy—the coming of Easter.

For the moment, I thought I’d post the following snip from BEES (the chapter titled “Metanoia”), as it’s rather apropos. (Tomorrow, I’ll post a new excerpt as an Easter egg. <g>)

[Excerpt from GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, Copyright © 2021 Diana Gabaldon]

A stack of these broadsides had been left on the breakfast table; he’d caught a glimpse of one headline as Germain had gathered them up and tapped the pages tidily into order before putting them in his bag:

THE TRIAL AND EXECUTION OF HENRY HUGHES Who Suffered Death on the Twelfth of June, Anno Domini 1779 At the County Gaol, Horsemonger Lane, Southwark For violating EMMA COOK, A Girl Only 8 Years Old

Read more…

“Ticks and Things”

Friday, March 29, 2024

32023-04-ticksA VERY HAPPY EASTER, RAMADAN MUBARAK, and CHAG KASHER VE SAMEACH! I hope everyone (of whatever belief) has had a wonderful time this weekend/season with family, friends and rejoicing in the spirit of life.

I was of two minds about posting this particular excerpt—it is a slight spoiler—but it seemed particularly appropriate for Easter.

[Excerpt from UNTITLED BOOK TEN, Copyright © 2023 Diana Gabaldon]

In which Jamie and William are crossing a patch of wild land. I’m not telling you where they’re going or why. <g> (NB: Things in square brackets are places where something—like a particular bit of Gaelic—will be filled in later.) And “crined” is not a typo; it’s a Scots word, meaning “shrunken” or “crumpled”.

Jamie felt the crawling and slapped a hand hard over his ribs. The slap numbed his flesh for a moment, but the instant it passed, he felt the tickle again—and in several places at once, including his—

“[Gaelic curse]! Earbsa!

Read more of “Ticks and Things,” an excerpt from Book Ten.

(Note that “Ticks and Things” was originally posted on my Facebook page in April, 2023.)

Season 7, Part 2 Coming in November…

season-8-starz-image-4Friday, March 22, 2024

Excitement! Season 7, Part 2 will be released in November of this year! (No, they haven’t announced a specific date (are we surprised?), just November—but this is Definitely Progress!

New Updated Outlander Timeline!

Outlander-cover-original-dustjacketFriday, March 15, 2024

And here’s a shiny new toy… A brand-new Outlander Timeline! Sleek as a sportscar and Very Useful!

This is on my Official German Website, run by my wonderful German translator, Barbara Schnell, who not only wrote and (with her son-in-law, Alex) updated and redesigned everything, but provided both a German and an English version!


Note that the timeline is based on my novels. The Outlander TV series is an adaptation of my novels and may sometimes have different dates if required for continuity.

Celtic Highland Tea on April 6!

2003-Diana-NACHS-teaMarch 8, 2024

Upcoming event on Saturday, April 6, 2024 – Celtic Highland Tea!

I’ve been doing a Celtic Highland Tea event in Flagstaff, Arizona, (put on by the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society (NACHS, for short—I keep telling them they should change it from “Society” to “Organization”” so they can be NACHOS, but so far, no luck…) in the springtime for at least the last twenty years.

Even during the pandemic years, we managed to do a virtual version (and that option has now been included as a regular thing).

To buy a ticket to the in-person tea on Saturday, April 6, 2024, or the live virtual version online, see my official Appearances webpage for more information:


Celebrating March 6, 1988 – Two Excerpts

Diana-Outlander-cover-with-quoteWednesday, March 6, 2024

On March 6th, 1988, I began writing a novel. For practice. I didn’t intend to show it to anybody, and had no idea what it might turn out to be about. I just wanted to learn how to write a book.

And I did. <g>

So, click to read TWO brief excerpts from the tenth offspring of that line, to mark the 36th <cough> anniversary of the beginning of OUTLANDER.

Hallelujah, Outlander

Leblanc-Hallelujah-OutlanderTuesday, March 5, 2024

And with equal energy, but a different voltage—one of my favorites of Julia LeBlanc’s wonderful Outlander music videos:


Note: LeBlanc’s Youtube video will open in a new browser window.

Favorite Work Song Of The Week

gloryhammer-youtube-videoSaturday, March 2, 2024

Favorite work song this week….


GLORYHAMMER – Hootsforce (Official video) – Napalm Records

Note: The “Gloryhammer” Youtube video will open in a new browser window.

February, 2024

New Cast Members – Blood of My Blood

2024-02-28-Outlander-Blood-of-my-BloodWednesday, February 28, 2024

Behold… the newest cast members for Blood of My Blood: Murtagh, Dougal, Colum and the young Ned Gowan. (All of whom are REALLY good—I’ve seen them work and it’s going more than well….)


Note: The Variety article will open in a new browser window.

“Blood of My Blood” is the new prequel tv series announced by Sony/Starz which tells the story of Jamie’s parents.

I am writing a prequel novel about Brian and Ellen Fraser, too.

The Hebridean Baker’s Cookbook

Diana-Hebridean-bakerFebruary 28, 2024

Had a great time last week, doing a book event with/for Coinneach MacLeod, the Hebridean Baker. <g> (He pronounces his name (more or less) as “Canyahkh”, and his cookies (which were provided for sale at the event and sold out hundreds of boxes within an hour—I nabbed one box of Whisky Shortbreads, which were divine….) are great, so I’m sure everything else he makes is also wonderful.

He’s a Gaelic speaker and has won prizes at national “Mods” (a “Mod” is a Gaelic music competition). Funny, charming, and a great baker!

In case you want to try some of his recipes for yourself, the Poisoned Pen (who were putting on the event) still has copies of his most recent book (signed) for sale:


Note: The link to the Poisoned Pen’s online store will open in a new browser window.

“A Bird In The Hand”

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Well, we haven’t had an excerpt for a little while—so, as we’ve been talking about the Prequel book of late…

[Excerpt from Untitled Outlander Prequel, Copyright © 2024 Diana Gabaldon]

Brian Fraser and Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser are hiding out on one of the battlements of Castle Leoch, where they’ve sneaked in to take part in the funeral festivities for the recently deceased Chief, Red Jacob MacKenzie. Brian would be worse than unwelcome, if anyone recognizes him as the Old Fox’s son, illegitimate or not, and the two young men are keeping out of the way while they figure things out. There are several doves sitting in the sun on the wall near them, and Brian very slowly inches close to them. He’s just inveigled one into sitting on his hand (he’s done this trick before), when a tall young woman comes striding out of a doorway at the end of the battlement near them, but comes to an abrupt stop when she sees what’s up.

dove-bird-in-the-handBrian saw her from the corner of his eye—a braw lass, tall—very tall—square-shouldered and looking well able to mind herself should things come to blows. From the corner of one eye, he caught sight of fluttering red hair, loosened for mourning, he supposed. She’d stopped when she saw them, but now came toward them, stepping slow and careful.

He could feel the dove’s heart, beating in his palm, soft and rapid. His own blood pulsed in his ears, not much slower. The young woman came to a halt, three paces from him; he didn’t look at her, but heard the rustle of her petticoats and felt his heart speed up to match the dove’s.

Read more of this excerpt from my Prequel novel.

Many thanks to Paul Fenwick and the Macauley Library for the use of their copyright image of a collared dove.

Blood of My Blood TV Show

outlander-blood-of-my-bloodWednesday, February 7, 2024

Well, I’m happy to see that people are excited about the new Prequel [tv] show (aka “Blood of my Blood”), though I gather a number of people feel uneasy about the inclusion of a storyline about Claire’s parents, not written by me.

So, this is how I see it:

In essence, the Prequel show is a collaboration, rather than a straight adaptation.

I truly don’t have either time or interest in writing about Claire’s parents (there’s a reason why they die early in the books), but fans have been (…looking for a better term than “yammering”, which seems impolite…), um, politely but urgently requesting more story about Claire’s parents.

I’m not going to write it, and Matt wants to. So—given the rather odd admixture of this show already, I thought why not? Matt’s a good writer and he plainly loves these characters—and whatever he writes for the show is not likely to affect anything in the book (not saying I might not borrow a good line, if I hear one…<g>…with permission, of course…), so I see no real problem to his doing that storyline. (Not to say that it might not become more complex, later, but we’ll be discussing things throughout the production and melding ideas as we go.)

Blood of My Blood Prequel TV Series

Monday, February 5, 2024


The Outlander Prequel, “Blood of My Blood” (aka “BOB” for short…) is underway!

Filming began on January 22nd (and I’m liking everything I’m seeing!), with Episode 101, and here is a quick look at four main characters:


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