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Below is an excerpt from Book Nine of the OUTLANDER novels. Note that there are SPOILERS…

"Who taught ye to cast, Roger Mac?" His father-in-law took the trout as it came ashore, still flapping, and clubbed it neatly on a stone. "That was as pretty a touch as ever I’ve seen."

Roger made a modest gesture of dismissal, but flushed a little with pleasure at the compliment; Jamie didn’t say such things lightly.

"My father," he said.

"Aye?" Jamie looked startled, and Roger hastened to correct himself.

"The Reverend, I mean. He was really my great-uncle, and by marriage at that."

"Still your father," Jamie said, but smiled. He glanced toward the far side of the pool where Germain and Jemmy were squabbling over who’d caught the biggest fish. They had a respectable string, but hadn’t thought to keep their catches separate, so couldn’t tell who’d caught what.

"Ye dinna think it makes a difference, do ye? That Jem’s mine by blood and Germain by love?"

"You know I don’t." Roger smiled himself at sight of the two boys. Germain was two years older than Jem, but slightly built, like both his parents. Jem had the long bones and wide shoulders of his grandfather—and his father, Roger thought, straightening his own shoulders. The two boys were much of a height, and the hair of both glowed red at the moment, the ruddy light of the sinking sun setting fire to Germain’s blond mop. "Where’s Fanny, come to think? She’d settle them."

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This excerpt from Book Nine was posted by Diana Gabaldon on her Facebook page on November 12, 2014.

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