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Diana the Actor (SPOILER)

Written by Diana’s Webmistress; September 1, 2014

(Before proceeding, note that this page contains SPOILERS for those who haven’t seen the episodes from the Outlander TV series yet…)

In the episode of the Starz Outlander TV series titled "The Gathering," Diana Gabaldon plays Iona MacTavish, a wealthy merchant’s wife in a scene with Mrs. Fitzgibbons.

The part was written especially for Diana, and the costume department of the series designed and made her a gorgeous dress. Read Diana’s Cameo, part one, for more details on her trip to the set in Scotland and what is was like for her to do the cameo.

Actors in the series raved about Diana’s cameo in the episode. "She was perfect," Graham McTavish, the actor who plays the imposing Dougal MacKenzie, told AccessHollywood.com. "She just stood there, did the line, knocked it out out of the park. It was very, very, very well done."

Watch Diana’s Cameo Scene!

On August 30, 2014, Starz posted the scene with Diana on Youtube. The video also includes a commentary with Diana, still in the beautiful 1700s dress.

Diana’s Lines In The Cameo

The scene opens on the balcony in the great hall of Castle Leoch at the Gathering. Iona MacTavish is approached by Mrs. (Linna) Fitzgibbons.

Iona MacTavish (Diana Gabaldon): "Linna!"

Mrs. Fitzgibbons: "Iona!"

Iona MacTavish: "I see you have the place looking bright as a new pin!"

Mrs. Fitzgibbons surveys Iona, then says: "Oh! That lovely dress again!"

A slight pause.

Mrs. Fitzgibbons: "You wore it so well to the last gathering!"

And Mrs. Fitzgibbons strides away, grinning wide.

Then look closely… In another scene Iona "shushes" a prominent male character at the Gathering!

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