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Outlander Season 5 Premieres!

Vogue-Roger-Brianna-wedding-peekSo—premieres are upon us! We all had a wonderful time at the New York Season 5 premiere on February 11th, and will doubtless have a great time tonight in Los Angeles!! [Both premieres were special events planned by STARZ.]

My husband and I had a great time last night in L.A., celebrating our 43rd/48th anniversary (43 years legal, I mean, but we’ve been together for 48 years.)

Meanwhile, here are a couple of clips from the Good Morning America show this week, the first interview with Caitriona and Sam, and the second with Rik and Sophie. Hope you enjoy them—and I’ll let you know tomorrow (February 14) what-all happens at tonight’s premiere! (Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!)

Above: Interview with Sam and Caitriona on GMA. (Youtube video)

Above: Interview with Ric and Sophie on GMA. (Youtube video)

Outlander Season 5 Debuts On STARZ on February 16!

In Season 5, Jamie Fraser must fight to protect those he loves, as well as the home he has established alongside his wife, Claire Fraser, their family, and the settlers of Fraser’s Ridge.

In the U.S.A., Outlander Season 5 will debut on the STARZ cable network and streaming channel on Sunday, February 16. The first episode is titled, “The Fiery Cross,”, and this season is mostly an adaptation of my book with the same name.

In Canada, Season 5 will also debut on Sunday, February 16, but on the W Network.

Outlander Season 5′s first episode will be available in Australia on Foxtel’s Fox Showcase channel on Monday, February 17th.

In the United Kingdom, the first episode of Season 5 will be available on Monday, February 17th on Amazon Prime (U.K.)

See my Where/How To Watch webpage for more details.

Other providers around the globe will be added when known. Please contact your local cable or streaming provider for more information.

The image above is from episode 1, season 5 of the Outlander TV series. Courtesy of STARZ.

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  1. I have read over and over again how Diana Galbaldon likes the body of Sam On the Outlander series, that nice because he can’t act. The best actresses on the series is Caitirona Balfe. Thanking the series for bringing her to the attention of the not only TV. But also Movies. The movies that Sam recently have been on are not worth seeing unless for the young.

  2. I meant the 9th book, I’m aware fully that bees isnt the 10th, I guess the waiting has addled my brain. Ha, I’m also aware that it takes a long time, I’ve purchased and read each one in the series it just feels that this one is taking longer than the others have in the past. I love watching the books come to life but part of me feels as if the show is a reason this next release is taking longer. 2020 is almost up :-( and let’s face it, it’s been a horrid year, it would be a great end to it if we got to read the next book before the clock strikes 2021…. DG is amazing, it’s her fault entirely that I’m hooked on her work and am impatient to see where claire and jamie will go next…

  3. I haven’t read books but are watching the seasons on tv. When will the next season start?

    • Hi, Janet,

      Season Six is a definite “go,” but no premiere date has been announced. There are some delays due to the pandemic in filming the season.

      Stay tuned!

      And IMHO, you really should read the books while you’re waiting. They are marvelous.

      Diana’s Webmistress

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