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Outlander Season 5 Premieres!

Vogue-Roger-Brianna-wedding-peekSo—premieres are upon us! We all had a wonderful time at the New York Season 5 premiere on February 11th, and will doubtless have a great time tonight in Los Angeles!! [Both premieres were special events planned by STARZ.]

My husband and I had a great time last night in L.A., celebrating our 43rd/48th anniversary (43 years legal, I mean, but we’ve been together for 48 years.)

Meanwhile, here are a couple of clips from the Good Morning America show this week, the first interview with Caitriona and Sam, and the second with Rik and Sophie. Hope you enjoy them—and I’ll let you know tomorrow (February 14) what-all happens at tonight’s premiere! (Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!)

Above: Interview with Sam and Caitriona on GMA. (Youtube video)

Above: Interview with Ric and Sophie on GMA. (Youtube video)

Outlander Season 5 Debuts On STARZ on February 16!

In Season 5, Jamie Fraser must fight to protect those he loves, as well as the home he has established alongside his wife, Claire Fraser, their family, and the settlers of Fraser’s Ridge.

In the U.S.A., Outlander Season 5 will debut on the STARZ cable network and streaming channel on Sunday, February 16. The first episode is titled, “The Fiery Cross,”, and this season is mostly an adaptation of my book with the same name.

In Canada, Season 5 will also debut on Sunday, February 16, but on the W Network.

Outlander Season 5′s first episode will be available in Australia on Foxtel’s Fox Showcase channel on Monday, February 17th.

In the United Kingdom, the first episode of Season 5 will be available on Monday, February 17th on Amazon Prime (U.K.)

See my Where/How To Watch webpage for more details.

Other providers around the globe will be added when known. Please contact your local cable or streaming provider for more information.

The image above is from episode 1, season 5 of the Outlander TV series. Courtesy of STARZ.

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Thanks again for many years of Outlander joy. While my favorite is still the print version, I enjoy the shows as well. As I’ve recently mentioned to another of my favorite authors, there are a handful of authors whose books are just the best thing ever, miles above all of the other books I read, and your name is at the very top of this short list.

    Considering I read about 3 books a week, I’ve read a lot of books in my life. It’s hard to put into words why yours are so far and above the rest. Maybe I should try and pick my feelings about that apart so that others can understand. But for now, just understand that the kind and quality of pleasure you have added to my life (and my daughter’s) is difficult to describe, but to be treasured.

  2. Have the Starz writers not read your books!?!? I have been absolutely enthralled, enriched, invested, yes, literally invested, in the Fraser Story since I was in High School (I graduated 1997), Starz has taken “creative license” since Season 3 “Voyager”…(I was upset once Claire’s outfit was misunderstood and misidentified to go back to Jamie). Your Novels, stories, lives…have been changed and misinterpreted. I’ve literally read and listened (been an Audible member since 2017 and Outlander was my first Audible series) at least 6 times, yes, 6 times! How could you allow Starz to take creative license with it and make changes? Don’t get me wrong, I love Ronald D. Moore, he brought back BSG and I have always been a huge fan…but c’mon! The changes to Outlander have done You, Claire, Jamie, Bree and Roger a huge disservice!

  3. Olá Diana!
    Fiz uma boneca Claire, com figurino da temporada 1, Episódio 2. Gostaria de lhe mostrar! É a primeira de uma série. Como posso enviar as fotos? Beijo, Ju

  4. Hi, I love Outlander, both the tv series and the books. However, I do have a problem with Roger playing a guitar in the 18th century, since the instrument that we know as a guitar didn’t exist until the 19th century. I didn’t notice that Roger carried a guitar with him (in the tv series) when he went through the stones. I suspect it would have been very difficult for him to find one once he got there. Just my thoughts.

  5. The intro music was exactly right. After last seasons intro music being wonderful from the correct area, this seasons music spoke to my heart. I am a lover of history, live very close to Frazier’s Ridge (Boone), and love historical music. Thank you for giving me a smiling heart.

  6. I am deeply disappointed by the grotesque butchering of the early part of “The Fiery Cross” done by the writers and producers of season 5 episode 1. Because it was set on Fraser’s Ridge instead at the Gathering, many of the Gathering scenes did not translate properly, i.e., Jamie yelling “The Frasers of the Ridge are here!” just before escorting Brianna to her wedding. A few of the other things that “ticked” me off include the “hair-ticks” scene, the drinking game scene (just stupid — why insert something not in the book when there is such a wealth in the book to draw upon?), and probably the most-stupid of all was the “oath-taking” and Josiah Beardsley suddenly shucking his shyness and performing the oath (even though he could not have ever seen such and would not know the oath to recite!).

    The only scene that I appreciated (because it more-closely followed the book than the rest) was when Jocasta was telling Roger about changing her will. As far as I’m concerned, that was the best part of the episode.

    Before viewing the episode I had anticipated a scene with Archie Hayes recounting his Culodden experience as Claire removed the bullet from his back. Also, I wanted to see the shenanigans that resulting in Jamie’s grandchildren being christened. Although I know that Adso will appear in a subsequent episode, his becoming a member of the Fraser family began with being picked up on the road back from the Gathering.

    Please don’t let the producers and writers continue to make a mess of the rest of the season!

    • No need to respond — I am cancelling my Starz subscription.

    • Hi,

      Diana is very busy right now, working on BEES, so I am responding once in a while.

      Everyone has to remember that the TV show is an adaptation of Diana’s Outlander series of novels.

      Diana discussed this in her 2014 blog:

      “Adaptation Logistics and Testicles.”


      Diana’s Webmistress

      • I just finished Season 5 last night, and I am still very disturbed by it. I don’t mean to say that anything in that last episode should be left out, but I feel that the balance is wrong in that episode. Most of the time, the horrific happenings are balanced by uplifting parts of Claire and Jamie’s character and close family, some small positive somewhere, but in that last episode, there was no balance. The events of the ending are too much for many people to bear. Certainly the major theme of Outlander may be the treatment of women in the past, but in this episode that theme was relentless: women forced into marriages, women killed in burned out cabins, plus the abuse of all the main characters. It was just too much. Surely there must have been a woman somewhere in 1774 who wasn’t abused.

      • Surely.

        As a survivor myself, I can attest to the fact that abuse is still rampant today. I am glad the topic is explored both in Diana’s books and the TV series.

  7. Dear Diana,

    What do you feel about the drastic changes between your book and what has made it to television?

    Personally, I am uncomfortable with the discrepancies. All your hard work, the in-depth research, well written characters, whose very characteristics become integral to the plot and ongoing storyline, seem to have become irrelevant to the storytelling in the television series. This loss in the translation does not bode well for future editions. That is my sorry opinion.

    I’ve been reading, and rereading, and repurchasing in different media, since 1997.


    Jennifer Nagel Vazquez

  8. Dear Diana, I was hoping you could clear something up for me. In the first
    book chapter 12 page 170 Claire says that BJR has Frank’s face. To me that says
    outward appearance the look identical. I am bring told no they only look similar. Now the definition of same is identical. So am I incorrect thinking
    that Frank and BJR looked identical? Thank you for your reply it is greatly appreciated.

  9. Hello Diana, I read all the volumes in the Outlander series. When will volume 10 be published in France?

    • Hi,

      Uh… book ten will logically come out a few years after I finish Book Nine, GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, which I am still writing. <g>

      I hope to finish BEES soon. But the U.S.A. release date will be up to my publishers, and international editions will be after that date.

      It will take me at least several years to write Book Ten (as yet untitled), once BEES is done and has a release date.

      Translations into other languages for both books can add an additional year to each. And the publisher for each country internationally sets their own publication dates for my books, so it can vary a lot.

      Once an international edition’s publication date is set, that publisher typically publicizes the release date with press releases and sending word to bookstores in that country or area. My books are translated into more than 23 languages.


    • So, I’m a die hard outlander fan but seriously, I’m tired of the waiting for t hff e 10th book. I get it takes awhile but it’s been too many years between releases this time. I’m getting quite discouraged!!!!

      • Uh, the ninth book (GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE) is the next to be finished by Diana and published.

        Not the tenth! It does not have a title yet, and she will write it once BEES is done. The tenth book will be the final book featuring the central story of Jamie and Claire.

        These are huge books, and take years to do all the historical research for them and write them. They are not formulaic fiction that can be generated quickly. Quality takes time.

        You’ll make it! BEES will be worth the wait.

        Diana’s BEES official webpage:


        Diana’s Webmistress

  10. So lovely to see and hear the interview with the stars of this amazing Outlander series! Thank you very much, and many kudos to the directors and production staff, they have done an excellent job!

    blessings to all,
    Heidi Nichols <3

  11. I don’t normally do this kind of thing, but I found a perfect gift for Diana for the publication of Bees. Is there a PO Box or should I send to Poison Pen. I’ve received hours and hours of entertainment enjoyment from the Outland and Lord John Gray novel series and from the Outland DVD’s (I don’t do cable). So, I would like to do this. Let me know. All I can say is I think its pretty cool and fitting.

  12. I love your books I’ve read everyone of them more than once, I find the common theme it’s just about a bunch of women and that’s not what your books are about! Did the writers of outlander really think women are watching this to find out about themselves, in your books Jamie is the star and I don’t understand why it’s becoming more of a women’s Lib series??? I can’t wait to read your next book you will make me forget, although I have to watch each episode to find JAMIE, Murta, Roger, Gov Tryon, and John Gray? Reminds me of Game of Thrones, totally spun off center I guess it’s about to end.

    Thank you for the original story line, I cannot tell you the joy it has brought me. In the first episode ‘Jamie didn’t show up a lot. It was impacted. Now it’s just Claire Claire Claire, don’t get me wrong I think the actors fabulous, But really I don’t want to watch surgery. We get it she’s a genius.


  13. I’ve been reading your books from the very beginning and have gotten so many others hooked on the Outlander series. Now that I’m nearing 70 years old, I’m getting anxious that book 10, the final book will get published while I’m still alive.
    No pressure from me, but please research and write as quickly as possible. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and I dearly hope that mine will still be cognitive enough to remember all the characters and plot twists.
    Thank you for adding something so special to so many people’s lives!

    • Hi, Bonnie,

      Diana is “nearing 70 years old,” as well. She turned 68 years old in January, 2020, and has no intention of slowing down!

      Think positively, my dear…

      Diana’s Webmistress

  14. Diana,

    Outlander TV Ep 505.

    I have been trying to trace back to which novel/ chapter Claire describes her solace and reflection at her access to 24 hour adoration of the Blessed Sacrament….in Boston. I have not found in The Fiery Cross.or Drums of Autumn. I remember reading it so vividly.

    Would you point me back to this ?

    Thank you so much,

    Kathy in Texas near DFW

    • You may have already found this, but Claire first “discovers” adoration in the first book (chapter 38). The scene where she seeks solace at adoration after a horrible day, and then explains it to Frank is in Book 3 (chapter 3). I always found those descriptions vivid as well, and very comforting at the idea of finding such peace.

  15. From the Fiery Cross and season 5 episode 11 was mention of the oil Claire put on.
    Where did these scents come to mind for Diana? I was just curious if this is something Diana used herself?
    If so, I may need to get some of it. :-)
    Thank you…

  16. Just finished season5 of Outlander. Fabulous, but none are as good as your books. Only one comment…Where were the drums!? When Jamie comes for Claire he plays ultimate head game with drums! That was so important. Okay done venting. Another great season bummer to wait another year. Looking forward to Bees.

    Keep safe and best wishes and health to you and your family,

  17. Dear Diana. My English is not super, but your books, your stories about Claire is beautiful, super, welldone. I love it. And I wait for next stories about this family. Super. Thank you. Jitka from Czech republic

  18. I’m sorry to be negative. Your fan base came from your books yet now, the tv series and all of the events, etc. associated with it seem to have “taken over”. This is disappointing.

  19. I absolutely adore the Outlander books and was thrilled beyond belief when the powers that be announced they would translate them into a tv series. But I am thoroughly frustrated and disgusted by the season 5 rewrite. I understand it is impossible to include every little detail from the books into the show, but the show writers basically rewrote your original words, and, I believe, changed the intent, situations and characters. They are destroying literary perfection; there is nothing you write in the books that doesn’t play out eventually. Every word is intentional. Not sure I can sit through season 6…..

  20. I’m very curious about Master Raymond, from Claire’s & Jaimie’s time in France – Diana’s 2nd book from this series. I’ve read them ALL, but it’s been awhile. Was Master Raymond a fellow time traveler? Will we ever know More about him? He knew so much More than he Should have, for his time. Especially what was needed to save Claire’s life, when a he gave birth to Faith.

    • Yes, Diana has said Master Raymond is a time traveler, also.

      And she is planning to write a book about him in the future, after Book Ten of the Outlander series!

      Diana’s Webmistress

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