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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


I’m delighted to announce that we now have a German-language version of the Diana Gabaldon official website!

Thanks to Jeremy Tolbert for the design, and to Barbara Schnell, who is the German translator for the Outlander novels, for not only translating the relevant information from this site, but adding a lot of special bits, such as the many photographs she’s taken of German book-tours, fans, and readings (Barbara is also a wonderful photo-journalist; be sure to check out her own website at www.bschnell.de for her gorgeous horse photography!).

Even those of you who don’t speak German may want to visit the new site to check out the great visuals. {g} And for those who do speak German—Willkommen!

Oh–there’s upposed to be  a German flag on the home page that will take you to the German site.  If it’s not there yet, though, here’s the URL:


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  1. Hello Diana,
    Might you be kind enough to post a link to the German Language website. I am experiencing difficulties locating it. I have a couple of German friends that I am certain would enjoy your blog.
    With thanks and kindest regards
    Brisbane Australia

  2. Fantastic! Congratulation, Jaime will now have German woman falling in love with him like we did here.

    • German speaking wonen have been falling in love with Jamie for years, the german translation is really good, now we can read the homepage also in german, that’s all.

  3. Vielen Dank! :-) What nice news!

    Bests Regards

  4. Sorry…this is not about the German website, but I didn’t happen on a comment section for “Songs of Love and Death”. I got the book yesterday and immediately turned to page 427 and read “A Leaf…” last night. I must say, it is the sweetest story and does answer some of my questions from the end of “Echo in the Bone”. To say that it is poignant is an understatement. I tear up just thinking about it.

  5. Cool! Both sites look great. Beautiful photos.
    I’ve been running into a lot of horse photos on Flickr lately. Between reading your books and seeing pretty photos, I’m wanting a farm with horses, lol

  6. Hi,

    the German site is still a work in progress, but Diana and I thought that we had enough material to “go live” anyway. In the future, you’ll be able to get to it via a German flag on Diana’s original site, but for now, you can find it here:


    We’ll also create a guestbook for it so that the German-speaking fans will have a chance to get in touch with Diana, too … tomorrow, I hope.

    Until then — enjoy!


    • Barbara – you are the Queen! What an amazing job and such a huge undertaking. My high school German is pretty rusty so I hope I get this right….

      Ausgezeichnete Arbeit!

      (I’m trying to say excellent job!)

    • There are so many wonderful candid shots of Diana and places of inspiration for the books (loved the 4-in-hand for Stephen V) including some for Master Raymond but one of the most inspirational wasn’t there. Would you consider posting a photo of the “real” Lucas, or one of your own beautiful Freisians? I’m still waiting for Lucas to make another appearance somewhere in Book Eight. :-)

      • I’ll try and find one — this was before I started taking pictures digitally, and Lucas is hiding in the cardboard boxed to be moved into my new office. I’ll keep it in mind, though. Thanks for remembering him.

      • Susan,

        Not sure if you’re still reading this, but Lucas is now in the gallery under “Diana”.

        You know, I _knew_ that horse and I still swallow at the memory … so I’m really touched that you asked for this, just based on Diana’s description.


  7. That’s great! It would also be great if the site have a Filipino-language for all those people not that educated/well taught on the English-language or other international language.

    • Dear exotic–

      Well, it would, but I don’t at present have the ability to do a site in Filipino (or is it Tagalog?). {g} In the fullness of time, maybe we can add more language sites, but that depends on my finding people to build and maintain them.


  8. Hi Diana, I love Barbaras website (I visited her website often) and I think it is a wonderful idea for the german readers to find the informations and the blog now translated.
    Thank you for that (and thank you very much to Barbara). I like to read your blog in english – because I like to polish up my english, you write very understandable, it is easier to read and understand an article in a blog than one of your books (I need so much time, that during reading the english one Barbara translated the book and I can switch to the german version :-)…) Wish you a wonderful weekend! Wendy

  9. I’ve never done this before but here I am! Two things: I’d like to recommend Bridget Moynahan as Claire for the movie. Although she is 5’9″ and not English, she has everything else required for the part – eyes, hair, beauty, figure AND most of all talent! 2. Like Susan H.E. above, I too have been waiting for Lucas to return in the books. I’ve only gotten to A Breath of Snow and Ashes (currently reading) but friends have told me that he does not reappear which greatly surprises me. Jamie is a horsemen and he needs one of those beautiful Freisians!

    • Dear Terri–

      You really wouldn’t want to ride a beautiful horse onto the battlefield at Saratoga. {smile} As for movie casting, I have nothing whatever to say about it; that’s up to the movie folk.


  10. Congratulations, Diana!
    And great job Barbara!

    I hope to see the day when Diana’s site is copied the world over in many many languages (including Tagalog for Filipino fans).

  11. What fun sites to visit. Very nicely done and you’re right about her horse photography it’s quite good.

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