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Film Rumors

Well, evidently there was an article in yesterday’s New York Times, regarding (among other things) the possibility of Katherine Heigl playing Claire in a film version of OUTLANDER. It’s not like there haven’t been all kinds of rumors about everything you could imagine, over the last ten years or so–but this seems to have stirred up a lot of folk, many of whom asked me to post something on the matter.

Had a quick glance at several assorted articles on the subject (to which folk have been sending me links). All of said articles contain the usual amount of careless inaccuracy that you usually see. You really shouldn’t get excited about any details mentioned in that sort of piece–like “Scottish heroine,” for instance.

That said, I haven’t ever seen Ms. Heigl act, but would certainly extend her the courtesy of waiting to see.

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  1. That Chris Hemsworth with long red hair DOES remind me of Jamie. Perfect age I think too.

  2. Kevin Mckidd?? Are these people serious?! No and No again come on people…
    I agree with the people who mentioned Chris Hemsworth.

  3. We should also keep in mind it's the STORY that we love, and should be glad if this hits the t.v or movies screen period.

  4. Even though I presented an opinion earlier on who could play Claire, I think the plain truth is: we all have our own visions in our head of how we have interpreted Diana's descriptions. Personally, I think the graphic novel depictions are *nothing* like what's in my head, but they were drawn by someone not me.

    As long as the story is truly told, and the acting makes me forget they are actors, it's all gold.

    Although I too would love to see a cable series… :)

  5. I've thought for years that Keira Knightley had the poise and cheek to do Claire justice. Now, if she could be talked into a dozen Krispy Kreams a day for a few weeks, she'd have the look of Claire, too. No disrespect to Katherine Heigl, but that would be very unfortunate casting.

  6. Chris Hemsworth would be PERFECT. He is physically how I imagined Jamie to look (just add red hair). He would be a terrific choice!

    I'm on the fence about K. Heigl but only because she is so well known for other things. Regardless, a movie would be fabulous.

  7. Chris Hemsworth would be an amazing choice for Jamie. I guess that he could satisfy most of the Jamie-Fans (at least that's what I think). The responses for Chris=Jamie are 99% positive and overwhelmed.

  8. Dear Lisa, et al–

    Faaaar be it from me to get engaged in endless (and as someone pointed out above) film-casting discussions. [g]

    I know y'all enjoy it, and more power to you. But in all honesty, most of the things people suggest do make me roll my eyes. [g] Still, everyone's entitled to his or her notion of what the characters in _any_ book look like. (Bear in mind that that does include _me_, though. [g])


  9. P.S. Mr. Hemsworth is, if I'm not mistaken, Australian, not Scottish. And he doesn't have slanted eyes, he has squinty ones.

    (I seem to have omitted the word "pointless" in the parenthetical statement above.)

  10. PLEASE REMEMBER LADIES: Jamie is 24 yrs old and Claire is approx. 28 yrs. old.
    Keep it in mind b/c the actors you mention are too old. THINK YOUNG!!!!!

  11. Dear Eileen–

    Thank you. [g] Though in fact, Jamie's 22/23 in OUTLANDER, and Claire 27.


  12. I always see Kate Winslet as Claire in my head when I read the books. She just seems to fit looks and attitude-wise. As for most other characters, they're hybrids of many actors….for Jamie, a little Gabriel Aubrey, and Gerald (but that's mostly the attitude/sense of humor than looks). I think a lot of people are right in thinking that the best bet is casting more unknown actors b/c then there aren't any preconceived notions about them, and they can really be Jamie/Claire, etc. And I also think a mini-series, like True Blood would be an awesome format for these books. Then so much wouldn't have to be cut out!! Anyway it goes, I'll be in line for my ticket, love it or hate it, I'll see it! Thanks again for sharing your amazing story with us all!!

  13. Since the first 3 books span over 20 years and are full of flash backs, I have always felt that there should be two pairs of Jamie and Claire (one young and one older). They will probably make more than one movie…right?

  14. Dear Anonymous–

    Well, if the first movie is successful, then yes. [g]


  15. Is it true there is an official script writer? If so, this is good news. I'm not going to worry myself over who gets what part in the movie. It will be lovely whoever gets the part of Jamie and Claire.

  16. Dear Anonymous–

    Yes, it's official; VARIETY announced it a couple of days ago–Ann Peacock is the scriptwriter.


  17. I will be at the midnight premiere of any Outlander movie, and collecting movie posters :). I am just super nervous, because I know the scriptwriters will botch the story. Condensing "The Books" is not a task I envy, especially because in their current state they are quite near perfection.

  18. Katherine Heigl no please!!!!… if a film will actually be done, you could choose another actress as J. K. Rowling chose for Harry Potter :D after all you "have the power"!

    is very difficult to pick an actress for that role but sometimes I think of Rachel Weiz

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    Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He always kept preaching about this. I am going to send this post to him.
    Fairly certain he’ll have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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