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  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

From The Front Lines

GoFundMe Campaign for Paxton Gate PDX Employees

Laura-in-gear-cropHere is a small, offbeat request from the front lines.

At right, this is Eldest Daughter, Laura Watkins, OR Nurse—whom you may know better as the author of TALES FOR GULLIBLE CHILDREN on my Methadone List, who said:

“Hey Mom, you’re probably being deluged with requests to donate to laid-off workers’ funds right now, but if you could maybe tweet this one, it would really help the furloughed crew at Paxton Gate PDX, which is that super cool natural history shop we went to the last time you were in town:


“It’s a small thing, but it’s important because it’s a magic place, and we need to know there still is magic in the world right now, and keep a place for it to happen.”

So here it is. Laura’s right that there are a LOT of very worthwhile donation requests (and I answer the ones I can), so I thought I’d put up her request.

If you’d like to learn more about Paxton Gate PDX, the store, here is their home page:


Floral Print Road Warrior

Heck-On-Wheels-cropMy daughter Laura also asked me to send a big Thank You for all of the kind comments of support for her and the other healthcare professionals dealing with the ongoing crisis.

And thank you for the kind efforts of so many of you who are making non-surgical masks for people who need to go out in public. In Laura’s words, “One of my friends hooked me up with one, resulting in a grocery-getting look that I’m calling “Floral Print Road Warrior.” Image at left.

Fashion rules!

Making Masks!

If you sew and would like to make masks, Dr. Jeanne Schneider (a friend of my Webmistress) shared this website below which has free patterns you can use to make masks for yourself and your family, and/or to share with health professionals and others who need them:


Happy Sewing!

More Masks


At right, this is actually a contemporary piece—it’s a bronze by an artist named Hib Sabin, and is called “Raven Mask (Large).”

We’ve always called it the Plague Doctor, though, for obvious reasons…

Information in this post also appeared on my official social media accounts.

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  1. Hi Diana
    This is the first time I write you. I read all your books and love them . Now in Brazil as the rest of the world we are dealing with covid-19 crises. I have been in quarentine for almost a month and reading gives me sanity.
    God bless you.
    Brazilian fan , Daniela

    • Dear Daniela,

      Thank you! Glad to hear my books are helpful in this crisis.

      Stay safe and well in Brazil…

      Blessings to you, too.


      • Dear Ms. Diana,
        I have so enjoyed your books over the years and am looking forward to the newest one… I was wondering if you could let me know about the herbal guides you use for the references that Claire makes to her medicines? I am starting an herb garden this year and would like to grow and know how to make them into useful medicines. Thank you again!

  2. Diana, so glad to see that you and yours are safe and healthy in these distressing times. Here in Pennsylvania we’ve been sheltering at home for a month, with no end in sight. Binging on Outlander, both books and tv, helps. Whenever I see the pictures of empty grocery shelves, devoid of toilet paper, I remember the scene early in Dragonfly where Roger and Briana are discussing toilet paper, and Clair blurts our that mullein leaves are soft. Well, I have mullein in my garden, I guess I’m ok, come what may. I’m also singing the Skye Boat Song when I wash my hands.
    As Rachel Hunter would, I’ll be holding you in the Light ( and may I add here how very much I appreciate the care and accuracy with which you have portrayed Quakers.)

  3. When my family lived in the Piney Woods section of East Texas, about the years 1955 to 1960, and I was in elementary school, there were children in my class that spoke with “t” instead of “d” for past tense of a word.

    This was a very rural area, the nearest neighbor to our house was a mile away down a dirt road and it took over an hour to get to school on the bus. There was a rental house across the road but there were seldom any renters in it as it did not have an indoor bathroom, and the only running water was a hand pump in the kitchen.

    I remember teachers correcting these children about the use of “t” for past tense and the kids always seemed confused by that.

    It was a surprise to me to hear that used in the Scot’s idiom and know that it came from 200 years in our past, yet it was still in use in the 1950′s. However, my older sister told me that she recalled it being said in Alabama and Mississippi during the early 1970′s.

    Did you know that it was used as late as this?

  4. Bless you, Laura, & all the other medical workers and essential workers who are so dedicated to helping those in need, despite the dangers to themselves.
    You all are appreciated more than you can imagine, and I hope you remain safe and well.

    Sue from NC

  5. Long time no hear…..waiting on next book, killing me. I have one comment, which I make to all those people I meet and tell them to read the Outlander books: She has created the “perfect” man in Jaime. That alone is enough to read the books, but you are my all time fav author and I am 70 and read lots. Looking forward to “Bees”, hopefully soon! Thanks

  6. I just got a chance to listen to the YouTube recording from Jan 27, 2019 at The Queen’s Creek Library, Maricopa County, AZ. You had mentioned you were getting close to working on the Bee’s book, once you could find the time to devote to writing. I saw your posting here (on your website) that you haven’t yet set a release date. As I was listening to you talk about how busy you were traveling to different engagements…. I couldn’t help thinking of how this COVID-19 Pandemic may have effected that schedule. I live in Tucson, AZ, and know that Maricopa County was hit harder than Pima County by the virus. I imagine you all had similar business closures and ‘quarantine at home’ orders in place.
    My question is… has this time helped you to focus on finalizing your manuscript? Since any travel planned, will have been cancelled. I know for so many people, their lives came to a halt, and any plans made, had to be canceled. To re-frame this crisis, it can be viewed as a unique opportunity to focus on things we may not usually get an opportunity to spend time on. When other, more pressing obligations are canceled, we are left with perhaps the activities we’d prefer focusing on. And I believe you’ve said, writing is your preferred focus. I hope you and your family have stayed safe during this ‘surreal experience’.
    I look forward to reading the Bee’s…. one day. Being that I am a latecomer to your series, I’ve only gotten as far as Books 1-4 and the Lord John Grey series. Do you ever plan to write any more novellas or short stories about Lord John Grey? I love his character, he is definitely one of my favorites!
    Also, since the STARZ series came out on Netflix, I have 3 family members and 2 close friends, who have fallen in love with your story and characters. They may not have had discovered Outlander otherwise. Though, I have been promoting that they watch it. I’ve told them if they like the series, they’ll enjoy your books even more! Thank you again for sharing your gift with us all.

  7. Hi,

    I have read all the book’s in the series, more then once! So, we know how Roger gets to be a time traveler, but where does Claire get her travel DNA from?

    Do you know & will it be brought out in the current book you are writing?

    Thank you-

  8. I just want to know when Book #9 is going to be published and on sale? I’m dying to read it! I love Outlander, both the books & the Starz series. And Sam Heughan is the only man to ever be Jamie. ❤️

  9. Hallo Diana,
    I hope your shoulder is healing well and faster than expected. I discovered your books several years ago through a friend talking about the show. I always enjoy books more than shows/movies based on them. I was hooked at your prologue! I’m sure you’ve heard that before. I’ve read the series 4 times and still enjoy each reading. Working on my 5th reading as I wait for #9.
    One aspect (of many) of your writing I really enjoy are the more unusual and colloquial words used in your books. My ancestors came to America through the Carolina’s from Scotland, Ireland, and England. I wanted to share some of my Mama Nem’s, maternal grandmother, words/sayings with you to see if you’ve heard any of them in your writing research. Her name came in to being when a grand child said she wanted to go see “mama an nem” (mama and them).
    I’m not sure about the spelling on most of them so I’m just going phonetically and giving a definition based on how my Mama Nem used the word.
    Muxin’ n a gummin’- just making a mess (often heard when my g-dad was looking for something).
    Pusselgut- full of self/self important, usually portly too.
    Croddlement- a very poorly put together thing/gerry-rig.
    Siferin’ along- ambling along aimlessly.
    Caflamick- a loud racket with actions to match.
    Right smart- a good bit of what ever you’re using/measuring.
    Crack-brained- not all there up top.
    Grinnin’ like a jackass eatin’ briars- huge toothy grin.
    Guinea-squat- a ring around the Rosie like game she taught us. Guinea chickens squatted.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us through Outlander.

  10. HI! Now that we are all confined to stay at home people, I was shopping for jigsaw puzzles. They are getting very scarce. Many online stores have low inventory. At one store, I was reading about the history of jigsaw puzzles. They were invented in 1760 in England as an educational toy. That got me to thinking that Brianna could use them for her kids in modern and historical times. I do not think that our author has ever included a jigsaw puzzle anywhere in the saga.

  11. Diana,
    The notes in my Nook have comments I’ve made during various readings, and I noticed I’ve read only your books (all 8, all novellas, every single piece of writing you’ve published) for over 2 years straight. Books 1-8 are at least 4 times now. The nuances continually grow. Thank you for created a tapestry of magic and depth that only deepens with the patina of time.

    Bless you and your contributions to the world!

    Sincerely, a fellow Arizonan

  12. Hi Diana,
    Thank you for being an author. Your work is fabulous storytelling. I know book 9 will come out when its ready. What I’d like to know is will it be a fabulous long book that will keep me enthralled for hours? Hoping for something like The Fiery Cross.

  13. Hi Diana! I have read all the outlander books. Loved them and can’t wait for the next one. I was wondering what you think about the TV show? I have to say, after reading the books I have been very disappointed in the shows. It deviates so far from the books. I know how often this happens, but I am disappointed in this one the most. Just wanted to know your take on it?
    Thank you and keep writing wonderful books.

  14. Thank you for the wonderful story you have created. I love all the characters. As my background is Scottish and I was born in Canada your story stirs my ancestral being. It’s crazy but if all the things your story brings I am so looking forward to finding out what Bri brought in her backpack. I can imagine all sorts of items that could help her create things but bring a roll or two of toilet paper and tooth paste and brushes stands out as a got to have. Take care in these crazy times and look forward to all your future books especially the bees.

  15. Hello Diana,
    I am in the middle of Book 7–re reading your series after a trip to Scotland for my son’s wedding on the Isle of Skye in 2018. My other son (Ian) and I stayed in Inverness and visited the Culloden battlefield. I also did a lot of visiting of other Stuart sites like Glenfinnan, Ft. William, Stirling, Edinburgh to name a few.

    Your writing has me laughing, crying, scared, anxious–all the emotions. You are truly gifted, girl. I love historical fiction and you are at the top of my list of authors. I look forward to Book #9 and will be so lonely when this series comes to an end.

    In these horrific times, I can truly escape with Jamie, Claire, Breanna, Roger, Ian et al., although some of their trials and tribulations are just as horrific. Love will out.

    Take care and stay safe. And thank you,

  16. For the love of Christ woman, what are ye doing? Stop traveling and sit down at your machine and WRITE. I’ve been waiting on ye for 240 years and I need Himself. Not the tv version. And as much as Sam is a perfect physical specimen of Jamie, the real Jamie has gotten lost there in that tv world. I canna visit there. I need the REAL Jamie. You no following in the footsteps of that lazy fat fu…err person who goes by the name of…well..ye know to whom I refer, Devil take him and Kings Landing too. I have re read the entire series 6 times and the Lord John ones 3 times. A devoted follower am I, despite the harsh language. So don’t fash yerself , ‘tis only the sign of desperation clawing out my vitals with a spoon. Prayers that you and family stay well and healthy, and that you finish soon…like yesterday.

    Kathryn MacClannaugh Moray Grant

  17. Hi Diana. I’ve been reading your Outlander series since the first one was published. I even got my mother into reading the series. She made it through the eighth book and was patiently waiting for the ninth when she died in her sleep at the age of 88 in 2017. I want to personally thank you for all the joy your books gave my mom and me for the last almost 30 years. With each new book release I read the entire series through and each time it seems I pick up on something I missed the last time through. I was born the same year as you and I beg you to please finish the series in time for me to read it before my time on this blessed earth is through.
    Take care and God bless.

  18. Hello!
    Well, when the virus came and made things way more crazy than they already were, I decided I had to hangout with Jamie and Claire. I had been missing them. I’ve now read your series 3 times, well this time I stop at book 5 so I could indulge a bit more before the election. I am looking forward to The Bees, like so many people.

    Thank you Diana for creating such wonderful characters and such meaningful happenings inside the stories. I am an urban gardener and the tales of J and C often fill my mind as I pull weeds and clip shrubs.

    Blessings to you and your family,

  19. Thank you, Diana, for Outlander. And thanks to the fine actors, especially Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, for the excellent series that brought me to the books.

    This is to express hope that you will grant Jamie and Claire each long lives so that they may grow old together, to enjoy their later years in health and peace.
    Jamie and Claire embrace and embody courage, kindness, and tender strength. Their physical beauty would be meaningless without these qualities.
    While the average life expectancy was barely 40 by 1800, it was also realistic for people to live into their 90’s even then, if they survived the treacherous teens and lived healthfully.
    You, Sam and Caitriona bring Jamie and Claire to life as complete, real, multifaceted people who are beloved around the world.
    In light of all that and more, I submit my plea here, for Jamie and Claire to become Elders. It seems that they would have yet more to share, as Elders, in the arc of life.
    Premature deaths add to the world’s well of sadness – which has been especially deep these days. There have been so many more such deaths lately.
    Thank you for your consideration, as Jamie and Claire’s story approaches conclusion.

    • Hi, Diana,

      Guess you’ll have to wait and see! Obviously, I’m not going to reveal any details here. :-)

      All Will Be Answered in Book Ten, including details about the Highlander ghost that Frank saw in the beginning of OUTLANDER!



  20. Dear Diana,

    I’m writing to you with a very special request. My very dear friend, Victoria [last name withheld], is one of your number one fans! She has purchased your book, Outlander, several times to give to people to read. Of course, she also had this book. Sadly, her entire family home and every stitch of belongings they had was demolished in a recent fire. August 18, 2020, Northern California area near Lake Berryessa was overcome by one of the largest fires in California history. Among Victoria‘s most precious belongings was an autographed copy of your book, Outlander. Victoria does not know that I have reached out to you, and frankly she would be the first one to say that there are many other people who need so much more than she does. Victoria is an amazing friend and is constantly giving to others. My hope and prayer is that there would be someway that you could send her an autographed copy of your book, Outlander, to replace the one she lost in the fire. I would be more than happy to pay for the book, as you see, the most special part of the copy she had, it was autographed by you.

    Thank you, in advance, for your kind consideration.

    Respectfully, Carla

    • Hi, Carla,

      Nice to hear from you! This is Diana’s Webmistress, the computer nerd who keeps her busy website running and updated behind the scenes. I forwarded your comment to Diana’s public email address (dgabaldon@aol.com), but Diana does not sell books to readers.

      You may buy a new copy online right now of OUTLANDER (current editions) or her other titles for your friend,signed by Diana, from the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ. Diana has a special arrangement with this wonderful independent bookstore.

      You pay the list price for the book plus shipping, and they have copies of many books signed by Diana and in stock; there is no additional charge for Diana’s signature.

      The main store website for the Pen is:


      Enter Diana’s name or Outlander in the search box.

      If you have any questions, contact the Pen’s friendly staff at


      More information about the Poisoned Pen and books signed by Diana, including the phone number for the Pen, is also posted under the Resources menu on this website.

      About your friend, I am so sorry to hear about her home. I lived in El Sobrante, CA, for three years until April 1 of this year, and the 2018 fires were awful too.

      Victoria is very lucky to have a caring friend like you. Give her a big hug from me.

      Diana’s Webmistress

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