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From The Front Lines

GoFundMe Campaign for Paxton Gate PDX Employees

Laura-in-gear-cropHere is a small, offbeat request from the front lines.

At right, this is Eldest Daughter, Laura Watkins, OR Nurse—whom you may know better as the author of TALES FOR GULLIBLE CHILDREN on my Methadone List, who said:

“Hey Mom, you’re probably being deluged with requests to donate to laid-off workers’ funds right now, but if you could maybe tweet this one, it would really help the furloughed crew at Paxton Gate PDX, which is that super cool natural history shop we went to the last time you were in town:


“It’s a small thing, but it’s important because it’s a magic place, and we need to know there still is magic in the world right now, and keep a place for it to happen.”

So here it is. Laura’s right that there are a LOT of very worthwhile donation requests (and I answer the ones I can), so I thought I’d put up her request.

If you’d like to learn more about Paxton Gate PDX, the store, here is their home page:


Floral Print Road Warrior

Heck-On-Wheels-cropMy daughter Laura also asked me to send a big Thank You for all of the kind comments of support for her and the other healthcare professionals dealing with the ongoing crisis.

And thank you for the kind efforts of so many of you who are making non-surgical masks for people who need to go out in public. In Laura’s words, “One of my friends hooked me up with one, resulting in a grocery-getting look that I’m calling “Floral Print Road Warrior.” Image at left.

Fashion rules!

Making Masks!

If you sew and would like to make masks, Dr. Jeanne Schneider (a friend of my Webmistress) shared this website below which has free patterns you can use to make masks for yourself and your family, and/or to share with health professionals and others who need them:


Happy Sewing!

More Masks


At right, this is actually a contemporary piece—it’s a bronze by an artist named Hib Sabin, and is called “Raven Mask (Large).”

We’ve always called it the Plague Doctor, though, for obvious reasons…

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  1. Four months without even one daily line! Help!

    • Rene,

      Glad you are looking forward to the BEES excerpts (“Daily Lines”)!

      Ye olde Webmistress (me), was busy with urgent behind-the-scenes web work for several months. I’m the nerd who does the programming and computer stuff behind the scenes for Diana’s busy and internationally popular website, as well as helping out with posting new excerpts when I have time.

      Plus I moved cross country, about 1,200 miles. :-) So sometimes me gets behind…

      Look for a new batch beginning tonight!

      Diana’s Webmistress

  2. I am so disappointed it has been six years in June and still no publication date for Bees. If I am still alive when it is finally printed it saddens me that I probably won’t make it to read the final book because of the length of time it has taken for Bees. Though the Outlander TV series has been entertaining, I would rather have had the next book as your focus but then you know the story line. So, thank you for the wonderful books I have been able to read and truly enjoyed. You have done a wonderful job of writing these books, weaving your story and researching for them.

    Genealogy is my personal passion and the history through which my ancestors lived has been brought to life in your books in many ways. I have learned much and have been inspired to learn even more in detail because of the descriptions and facts presented. I have an ancestor named James Frazier who migrated to early Virginia and, though my father’s family were born and reared there, I grew up in NC in the mountains – so Frazier’s Ridge looks like “home”. Thank you again.

  3. Greetings and salutations, Mrs. Gabaldon. What’s a roundabout count for the number of pages in your next Outlander book. Just wondering how many days I should call in sick for-pages < 630 = 1 day.

    Thank you, a typical taciturn male

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