• “The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting 'Scrooge McDuck' comics.”—Salon.com
  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

Quick Bits

I’m _just_ about to take off for the Historical Novel Society conference in San Diego, but wanted to remind everyone that I’ll be doing a signing at the Book Rack in Mesa on June 22nd, from 1-3 PM.

The Book Rack
1752 Signal Butte Rd.Suite 108
Mesa, AZ 85209

Our major crossroads are Signal Butte and the US60 and we are located in the Walmart Parking lot next to Cold Stone Creamery and Panda Express.

Our phone number is 480-380-0044.

And yes, to those who’ve been asking, I _will_ be at Bubonicon in late August.

I have a load of free Stuff described as “downloadables” (wallpapers, screen savers and the like) by Random House, which I’ll put up here  as soon as I get a chance–way up past mid-eyeball in finishing SCOTTISH PRISONER, which will likely be done wiithin a week! {crossing fingers}

And then…I have an informal poll question for y’all, which I’ll try to put up tomorrow night, i I’m not too wiped from a six-hour drive, a dinner cruise, and a dress {ahem} rehearsal in the bar for the Late-Night Sex-Scene readings. (I normally do these in my nightwear, but Chris Humphreys, who is doing a literary three-way with me and Gillian Bagwell, tells me he requires a sword, one of which I have borrowed from my son.)    SCOTTISH PRISONER is a two-man book–the men in question being Jamie and Lord John.  At the moment, it begins with Jamie’s story, with a scene that caused my husband to write, “Can you even _print_ this?” in the margin when he read it.   Now, I’ll definitely use that scene {g]–but not sure if I should lead off with it.  It might cause new readers either to slam the book shut and throw it back on the table–or rush to the cash register with it.   But I _could_ begin with Lord John’s part of the story, which is also very good, but a lot less…er…{cough}.  But I’ll show you both beginnings and you can give me your opinions, if you’d be so kind!

Manana!  (You’ll have to imagine the tilde over the first “n” there.  I stink at putting in diacritical marks.)

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  1. Speaking as one who would run to the “register with it”, I look forward to reading the Lord John portion. I love the fact that you trust your fans and readers and give us the ability to express our opinions…its generous and open minded…I expect nothing less from my favorite author. :)

    • I too would run to the register! As a reader who spends A LOT if time spreading the “word” on my monthly trips to Edinburgh. Giving passengers the 411 on the places in the city to go that Jamie and Claire have been, I am shaking in my skin waiting to see the next in line… Each time a new book comes out, I start all over again read them cover to cover and then and only then read the newest arrival. I have friends who know just how crazy this seems from me but oh well, weaving through the memories of privious books is like revisiting a dearly loved friend. I enjoy them all the more. Thank you for respecting your readers with an important and tantilizing task…we are all in! (I am speaking for everyone I know of course). Can’t wait! Thank you for letting the story continue and grow.

    • Diana

      I have Enjoyed all of your books and like the history that is a part of

      Have you ever heard of the Culper Spy Ring?
      they are the ones responsible for discovering Benedict Arnold’s treason.
      They were stationed in New York and Long Island and sent messages back and forth to Washington.
      There was an elaborate code book and each person had a code number. No one new more than 1 or 2 people except for the few who had the full code listing. I think 3- 4 copies. Number 355 is a woman but it is unknown who she is or if the code is for any “Lady”.

      I can see Claire getting involved in this and not wanting anyone to write down who she is to not give it away to the future historians.

      I am not a writer but this sound like could be a great story line.

      didn’t know where else to put this info

      Looking forward to the next book!

      Mary H

      • Dear Mary–

        I do know about the Culper spy ring and Lady 355. {g} Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work for the Lady to be Claire.


  2. Oooh! I can’t wait to help you decide. ; ) This sounds like good, old fashioned fun.

  3. Looking forward to the finished book and I am sure it will be fantastic no matter what beginning you choose. Must say, I am very interested to see what your husband thinks may not be printable, as you have written some quite memorable (g) scenes in the previous stories.

  4. YAY!
    I can’t wait for Scottish Prisoner!

    Have fun on the dinner cruise!

  5. I know you write the Outlander books so each one can be read as a stand alone, but anyone who has not read this series (Lord John included) could not possibly understand the connection between Jamie and Claire and Lord John. I totally understood (and loved) the excerpt your husband questioned. Can’t wait for Scottish Prisoner and bood 8. Love your work.

  6. The more un-printable the better!!!

  7. I’m through the Outlander series and can’t bring myself to read the Lord John Books. I just don’t like Lord John’s character as much as others and I’m thinking they won’t appeal to me. Someone change my mind. Any comments about being hesitant to here about Lord Johns view as apposed to other characters like Jamie and Claire?

    • I just bought a Lord John book (Lord John and the Private Matter) and you may be anticipating something that is not even there. It’s not Lord John’s perspective of things that have happened with Jamie. It’s a book about Lord John and a “mystery” that he’s solving. It has nothing to do with Jamie. So if that’s what you’re worried about, don’t be. I would say that I find the L.J. book to be COMPLETELY different reading than the Outlander books. First it’s “short.” Second, it’s a straight forward mystery… not an epic tale. I can’t say whether you’ll like it or not. :) Books are tricky to recommend.

    • As much as I love Jamie and Clair, I loath Lord John beyound the original series. Don’t read them. I was given the first by a family member as a gift. I didn’t have the heart to tell that I hated it. Stay strong and pure…. :) sandy

      • I’m with you, girl. The Lord John books are boring and awful, but if they get the gunk out so Diana can really focus on the Outlander series, then I guess they’re a necessary evil. I just can’t read them. Can’t even believe the same author wrote them.

    • The Lord John books are essential reading, imo. They provide insight into just who LJ is,(he has a very dry, very funny sense of humor. ) and they add another dimension to the Outlander series. Jamie does make the occasional appearance, too. They take place during the time frame of post Ardsmuir, during Jamie’s time at Helwater. John’s character is wonderful…and you may end up liking him enough to be able to deal with the “Big Event” at the end of Echo! Also, the newest to be released book, “Scottish Prisoner” is due out in November? And it is entirely from Jamie and John’s POV. I think it will help us understand just how Jamie and John became friends after the incident at Ardsmuir Prison. Besides, it’s Diana Gabaldon…she could write the phone book and make it something you couldn’t put down! Trust me…or at the very least, trust Diana.

      • It does not sound like poor Jem’s fate will be covered in the Scottish prisoner….surely we can not be left to wonder until book 10 comes out four years from now???

      • Dear Lori–

        No, SCOTTISH PRISONER is set in 1760, and is not the sequel to ECHO. You’ll hear about Jem in Book EIGHT, though , and it won’t be four years, I assure you; that’s the next book to be published after SP (I’ve been working on both; PRISONER is shorter, thus finished first).


    • Robin, I HATED LJG before I read the series. I felt the same way about him as would some skank that was after my best friend’s husband. BUT, I figured that since I love DG so much, there would probably be some redeemable quality to the books. I’m so glad I read them! They provided a lot of insight into LJG’s character and changed my opinion of him.

      • Holly,
        I agree 100% re the phone book comment. :) DG could write on toilet paper and I would buy it to read the print LOL :)

        As to the LJ books, I took a few pages to settle in to the books, but as I wanted to know more about the relationships I was already prepared to read the LJ books for insight if nothing else.

        I then fell in love with Lord John.. his sense of humour cracks me up all the time ! LJ is a very complex character that DG has developed far beyond what most authors would. LJ is also a very loyal person .. I like that.

        Robin, I suggest you open your mind and try. If after reading a book you still struggle then fine but you have to try so you know. And Sandra’s response is not wrong, its right for Sandra…

        best of luck Robin :)

        Cheers Jo-Anne

    • I have been avoiding the Lord John books for the exact same reason. Glad I’m not the only one that not too keen on Lord John. Lol..
      I think I need my mind changing too. Especially if The Scottish Prisoner is going to give this Jamie Junkie a fix from the withdrawal =]

    • Try Brotherhood of the Blade. Give it a chance. It’s not that long relatively speaking. It’s a great story, and has great character development. You may not like John Grey even after reading it, but you will really appreciate him. Personally, I didn’t care too much for him in the Outlander books, and grudgingly read the Lord John books because I had run out of Outlander books and needed a fix. I knew Jamie was in there a little so I figured why not. I am very happy I did read them, and I am now a huge fan of Lord John. They really do help give insight into John and make reading Echo a different, deeper experience once you know some “backstory.”

    • I love all of DG’s books. TLJ series books are great in their own right. They really do give insight to Lord John’s character, and you might be suprised that you do actually like him. I was so glad that I read them before I read echo. It made it easier to read his sections of the book and the characters that are mentioned in echo from the TLJ series is an unexpected surprise, and maybe there will be more about them in the later books. So for a total understanding of what is going on, I would definetly recommend reading them. It also gives you something to do while waiting on the next Outlander book to come out, since no other book series will ever compare.

    • Dependant on what causes your reservation, I think you’ll like them. There’s nothing graphic or tawdy in the way Johns lifestyle is portrayed. Diana’s writing style in this series is the same insightful honest manner she has in the Outlander books. you also get to see Jaime, although not heavily present, through John’s eyes. and as much as he cares for him, they picture is not always pretty. It presents Jaimie AND Johns feelings for him realistically. Also, you are introduced to Johns friends and family, especially his mother and brother, who figure prominently in the latter Outlander books. The Lord John series will help explain their motivations as well. I disliked the introduction of Bree and Roger into the early books initially, and have to admit I merely skimmed through the chapters dealing with them to get to the “good stuff” of Jamie and Claire. but once I took a chance and jumped in, I grew to enjoy their characters as well. Get the first book from the library. If you don’t like it, all you’ve lost is some time, right?

    • Oh Robin, I wasn’t too sure about Lord John before I read his books either. he was just some character. But after reading his books, I LOVED him. He’s really fun to read. and as you understand him better, it makes his presence in the other books even better. Trust me… he is worth it.

    • I felt the same way at first but dove in anyway. I have come to appreciate the struggle he has with himself, his strength as a man in the world he has to live in as a soldier, where he stands in his family, his honor, and his loyatly to those he loves…yes..including Jaime. As I have read on, I have come to feel that I would be blessed to have this kind of person in my life and on my side. He is just a…well…just individual.

  8. Either way I’ll be running to the cash register with it. And hitting the purchase or download key, too. I’m hoping it will be a Kindle or Nook book right away.

    I look forward to the poll and downloadables. Will there be any wallpapers from the graphic novels? I can think of one in particular that might be very popular ];-)

    You sound busy. Take care.

  9. “manana” then :)

  10. Now I really can’t wait!! I am high on the list of “run to the register” people – no matter what. You have not written one book, or one section of a book, that I have not thoroughly enjoyed, regardless of subject matter. Thank you for that!

  11. I believe you shared the scene in question with us already.. Jamie in the stable? Ooo Ooo, start with that, start with that ! Safe travels, don’t get pulled over while toting a sword.

  12. Enjoy the Late Night Sex Scene readings! Jamie’s scene was amazing. Excited to read John’s! As for mañana, alt 164 should do the trick ^_-

  13. That’s the scene you read in Flagstaff at the highland tea :-D Yay!!!! Can’t wait to read John’s.

  14. Will this book be on a CD? I no longer can read books due to an eye problem but have all your books on CD. Please have that a ailable with our favority narrator.

    • Ah, yes! Davina Porter! A goddess among narrators! I’ve never read a Gabaldon book with my eyeballs and cannot imagine her without Ms. Porter. Long may they be harnessed in artistic tandem!

  15. Ohhhhhh – I can’t wait to read both beginnings! What a special treat :)

  16. Ooh La La this sounds like fun! Either would be good, I’m sure, but I can’t wait to read both sections. If it is anything like your other late night sex scene readings, it should be outstanding! Be careful with that sword :-)

  17. Ehhh cut to the chase…we all know its going to be good, ehrm the story i mean lol….newbies to the series need only read the first couple pages before they are hooked and us dire hard fans will definitly run to the register, just hope no one takes off out of the store BEFORE going to the register to read it!! lol

  18. I feel like a kid watching their mother put the finishing touches on the icing of the best and biggest birthday cake ever! I, like millions of others, am very excited about the prospect of ‘The Scottish Prisoner’ nearing completion. Salivating actually. I loved the Jamie in the barn sequence, and think it the perfect ‘hook’ for your new book. Can’t wait to see what you have to post for us relating to Lord John though…… thank you, thank you, thank you! From Janet in Australia

  19. Oooohweeeee! Cant wait to read THAT! And I love polls. Anything we can do to help ;-D

  20. Bring it on, I say.. :)

    love the barn ( or sheds as we call them ) scene already, so cant wait for the rest !!!!

    I will go via the register with my book, but if the line is long and slow.. expect me to start reading in public and I cannot be held responsible for my actions :)

    Jo-Anne ( also from Australia )

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