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And…We Have a New Cover!


OK. This is the new Starz TV tie-in cover for OUTLANDER—for the U.S. (The foreign markets may get slightly different covers; I don’t know for sure yet.)

No, the book itself hasn’t changed in the slightest; it just has a new cover to advertise the upcoming show (which as previously noted, airs on August 9th–in the US. If you’re not in the U.S.A., please check this page on global publishing or read my blog from November 15, 2013, where you will find out about international sales of the series.

This tie-in edition will be printed both as trade paperbacks (the large size) and mass-market paperbacks (the smaller size).

(Those who like the original cover(s) needn’t fret—those covers will all remain in print. This is an addition, not a replacement.)

Cool, huh? <g>

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  1. Just finished MOBY and I can’t wait for no 9. When will it be available ? Soon, I hope.

    Keep it going, just love Jamie and Claire and the family.

  2. I pre-ordered Moby from Amazon, so got it Wed. after publication. We, your readers, must be a vary patient lot. Echo in the Bone ended with such a cliffhanger and we have had to wait 4 1/2 YEARS to have everything resolved. Thanks so much for ending MOBY on a much calmer note. I have learned so much about American history from your books. Thanks too for bring the American Revolution to life by helping us to see these historical figures as real people; I refer esp. to Benedict Arnold in this regard. I have also enjoyed seeing Claire practice mid-20th cent. medicine within 18th cent. limitations. in all of the books. I, like everyone else am patiently waiting for v. 9, but could you make it a bit faster than 41/2 yrs.? Thanks again for 8 marvelous reads. May you never develop writer’s cramp.

  3. Diana!
    I like everyone else hqve read, re read and listened to all 8 books plus the in-betweens a number of times. Now with the series out! Can’t wait for the DVDs! :) I too have turned a lot of people on to the books…all of them; and I have discovered 1 thing. We have learned the back storys of the major characters, but 1 I think we need to hear from is Frank. What/hiw was he searching when Claire disappeared? When she came back, why and how did he keep searching for Jamie? Especially when Brea was growing up. In MOBY Brea finds a letter from Frank….how did he know and accept?

    Something to ponder!
    Cheers! Kim

  4. Dear Diana, Hello again! We met at the Winston-Salem Bookmarks festival a few years ago. My friend Lora and I are loyal readers of all your work and have been exploring NC Revolutionary War sites as well as those in SC. May we humbly recommend The Road to Goldie’s Courthouse by John Buchanan go on your resource shelf? We eagerly anticipated the Fraser clan’s return to the Carolina’s and all that is to come! Sincerely, Sue

  5. Should read The Road to Guilford Courthouse by John Buchanan

  6. Hi!
    I simply love the tv-series and can’t hardly wait for the next episode in April. In the meantime I’m going to read the books. Is this cover for the book “Otlander” or “Cross Stitch”? And which one is the tv-series based on?
    I apologize for my poor English.
    Best regards Julia.

  7. Dear Diana
    I have rarely found a books series that has so totally captivated me. After seeing the first few episodes of The Outlander on television, I proceeded to acquire the book and realized it was not one but 8 books of 1140 plus pages!!!!! But how’s counting . I have found the stories so captivating I hardly slept I am truly exhausted after so many of long night turning into morning , reading those books, I could not put them down . The historic facts, medical trivia’s, the noble behaviors and personality of the characters the fantasy of the story . I was a truly an adventure and delight and I must Thank you . your writing was most enjoyable and look forward to process to your other books

  8. J’aimerais savoir à quand la traduction française de votre dernier roman de jamie et claire. J’attend avec impatience votre réponse . Je réside au Québec Canada .

  9. Did you have an area in the NC mountains in mind for Fraser’s Ridge? Is Mueller’s Creek and Millers Creek the same place?

    Just had to ask.

  10. I read the Outlander series years ago. I was very excited to watch the series & for the most part have enjoyed it. Love the cast, costumes, scenery etc. Very put off unfortunately with so much violence & so graphic. Considering the demographics, I would prefer more romance & less whipping, stabbing… The scene where Randall whips Jaimie was played over & over again. I fast forward everytime as it makes me sick, literally. I understand that you want to be true to the story, however, it’s just too much. I will try to watch season 2, however, if the violence continues to be over the top, I fear I won’t be able to take it anymore. This would make me sad as I truly enjoy watching Sam as Jaimie.

  11. I am loving the TV series and want to get the first book only my local WHSmiths has the first book with 2 different covers, I would have assumed they were the same but one was rather thicker than the other! Help! Which should I get? Thanks in advance.

    • Paula,

      There are different editions of each of my books: hardcover, paperback, trade paperback formats. Editions may be different sizes due to different book dimensions for each format, as well as factors such as the typefaces used.

      Usually my books are released in hardcover editions first. Then later, a trade paperback or paperback version is released.

      For example, each copy of my books with “OUTLANDER” as the title has the same book within, the same words. It has been reissued multiple times since first released in 1991. Hardcover editions are generally sturdier, cost more, and are preferred by collectors. Regular paperbacks are much smaller in size than hardcovers and less expensive. Pick the edition you like the best! In my Outlander series, start with the first book, OUTLANDER.

      If you have a tablet or computer, there are also digital editions of my books you can buy.

      Foreign editions (those published outside the U.S.A.), especially those translated into other languages, may vary a lot in size and have different covers, which makes sense. My books have been translated into at least 23 different languages.


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