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Chronology of the Lord John Novels: When to Read What?

The Lord John novellas and novels* are sequential, but are built to stand alone; you don’t need to read them in order.

In terms of their relationship to the larger Outlander novels: These books are part of the overall series, but are focused for the most part on those times in Lord John’s life when he’s not “onstage” in the main novels. This particular book (THE SCOTTISH PRISONER) focuses also on a part of Jamie Fraser’s life not covered in the main novels.
All of the Lord John novels take place between 1756 and 1766—SCOTTISH PRISONER is set in 1760—and in terms of the overall Outlander novels/timeline, they thus occur more or less in the middle of VOYAGER. So you can read any of them, in any order, once you’ve read VOYAGER, without getting lost.

*There are also a couple of short stories—and will eventually be more—dealing with minor events, minor characters, and/or lacunae in the main books. These are presently published in various anthologies, but will eventually be collected in book form.

“A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” appears in the anthology SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH (edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. This is a short story set in WWII that tells the story of what really happened to Roger MacKenzie’s parents, Jerry and Dolly.

“The Space Between” is a novella that will appear in an anthology titled THE MAD SCIENTIST’S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION, (edited by John Joseph Adams) which will likely appear sometime in 2012. This story is set mostly in Paris, and involves Joan McKimmie (Marsali’s younger sister), Michael Murray (Young Ian’s older brother), the Comte St. Germain (no, of course he’s not dead, don’t be silly), and Mother Hildegarde.

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  1. Diana (The best author ever)

    So the eighth book will be called (My Own Hearts Blood)? I just don’t want to miss the title of the new book! As I will be at my favorite book store the day it is released to pickup where I left off :)

    Your BIGGEST fan

    • LOL Jennifer… I think there are many of us whom claim to be ‘the biggest fan’ :))
      isnt it wonderul that one person can link so many people from so many countries and walks of life :)))

      Cheers Jo ( Australia’s biggest fan :) ! )

      • Jo-Anne,

        I thought that I was Diana’s biggest Australian fan…….. : )

        Antipodean Janet
        : ) : ) : ) : )
        Brisbane, Australia

    • Hi Jennifer – book Eight will be called “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood”. We’ll probably get it around the end of 2012 or early 2013.


  2. Ian is dead! How did I miss that?

    • Korinna, That comment caught me by surprise, too— but I think they’re referring to Ian, Sr. Jenny’s husband who was so sick when Jamie and Claire returned to Scotland.

  3. You know it’s funny, but I just discovered this amazing series a couple of months ago and have the incredible pleasure of reading all 7 books one after the other. I can’t believe how intense these stories are. Now that I have to wait for Book 8, I feel bereft!! Truly! Well, I just went and picked up the first of the Lord John books….Thank you Diana!!

  4. I have read all of the main novels several times and am now going to reread everything but would like to integrate the short stories and novellas. Can you give a recommended order for this to help keep the time line straight in my mind while rereading them. Or if there is already one, point me in the right direction.

    Thank you,

    • The Lord John series is inserted in the middle of Voyager [as I'm sure you know :o) ]. I don’t know if this is written anywhere else, so I’ll do my best and hope its not too confusing. Some of the novellas are contained only in anthologies, but will someday be avalible all together. So here they are in order (I think!) so far;

      Lord John and:
      The Hellfire Club (Hand of Devils)
      The Private Matter
      The Succubus (Hand of Devils)
      The Brotherhood of the Blade
      The Haunted Soldier (Hand of Devils)
      The Custom of the Army (Warriors, edited by George R.R. Martin)
      The Plague of Zombies (Down These Strange Streets, edited by George R.R. Martin)
      The Scottish Prisoner

      Hope this is helpful!

      P.S. Warriors and DTSS are probably in the Sci-Fi section of your bookstore or library

  5. It would be interesting indeed to read more about Master Raymond; apparently he had traveled to the future, rather than the past, when he met Claire in France. The stones need not be one way…
    Where did he go, after the trial in Louis XV’s chamber?
    And if the Comte de St Germain is not dead,perhaps Master Raymond is due to reappear as well.

  6. Would it be possible to gather all/any OUTLANDER related short stories in one book???
    We would thus have all the material on Roger, Michael, Lord John, possible prequels (?)
    in one delicious book…

    • Dear Cornelia–

      That’s certainly my intent. {g} Or books. I need to write one more Lord John novella, and will then have three to hand, which would make another decent book, ala HAND OF DEVILS. Meanwhile, I have one non-John short story (“A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”), am finishing a non-John novella (about Joan, Michael, and the Comte St. Germain), and have another short story (about Jamie and Ian as very young men) under contract for an anthology. Might need another one or two to make a reasonably-sized book–but yes, that’s what I’m thinking.


      • Oooh do we find out about the French girl/girl in france that Jamie can’t quite remember in the Jamie/Ian book?? That really tweaked my curiosity…

      • What a delightful prospect! Its alchemy, how you turn words to gold.
        Thank you for the years of pleasure– and anticipation!

  7. The benefit to discovering your Outlander books after you’d already written SEVEN of them was that I didn’t have to wait for the next one to come out. This is the first time I’ve ever had to wait for one! I’m looking forward to MOBY. :o)
    The funny part is that I randomly picked up Outlander at Schuler Books several years ago because I didn’t have anything else to read at the time. Thank goodness for random-ness. ;o)

  8. So glad to hear that all these other short stories published as part of an anthology will be published at some stage in their own book. Can’t wait.

  9. Where on earth (?or elsewhere??) Did Jamie & Claire get married. Even though I’m enjoying those I’ve read so far, I’m afraid I’m totally confused.

  10. Love,love,love the Outlander series!!!! J&C becomes almost alive right in front of me when I read about them :) I’ve read the series 3 times,but,as so many of you reading people out there,I have unanswerd questions :) 1) How did black Jack Randall end up dead on top of Jamie at Culloden? Did they just happend to meet during the fight or did Randall search for J at the battlefield? And who killed Randall? Was it J that killed him in the end,wanting to do that for so long? 2) Will William ever get to know that Jamie is his biological father ? 3) Claire,Brianna and Roger can travel back and forth in time assumingly because they put all theire thougts on someone they love in the time they want to travel to.What about Mandy,who’s so little when they go back to the 19th century that she probably can’t focus on anything?
    love to hear from you :)

    Ann Kristin,Norway

  11. I am confused. Is The Scottish Prisoner the “follow- up” to An Echo in the Bone”? I am on my 3rd time through the series and need to find out what happens to Jemmy!

    • Dear Laurie–

      No, THE SCOTTISH PRISONER is set in 1760–it’s about what happened to Jamie while he was separated from Claire, when Lord John’s brother forces him to go to Ireland to help Lord John.


      • Its extraordinary, Scottish Prisoner! Its rich in detail and portrays the nobility of Lord John’s character in interesting ways. You begin to understand Jamie and John’s special friendship; in a curious way, they are very similar, honorable men striving to behave honorably in hostile circumstances.
        I loved the book, bravo et chapeau, Dr Gabaldon! You’ve woven more gold into your fabulous tapestry…

  12. Dear Diana,
    Love your Lord John series! I think he is one of your most interesting and fascinating characters. I’m so looking forward to buy Scottish Prisoner which will finally be realeased in June 25th here in Germany. Waited so long :)
    I would really love to read more about Lord John’s youth and his friendship with Hector. Will there be a novel about them someday maybe?
    My comment on this blog may come a bit late, but I just felt I have to express my appreciation for your great work.
    Keep it up!

    Best Wishes from Germany

  13. Not sure if you’ve already answered this question, but I just finished reading the Scottish prisoner ( trying to fill the void between the next book and the series returning in April) and I’m curious why Fergus is never mentioned. When Jamie names all the stones in his bag there isn’t one for Fergus why?

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