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Chronology of the Lord John Novels: When to Read What?

The Lord John novellas and novels* are sequential, but are built to stand alone; you don’t need to read them in order.

In terms of their relationship to the larger Outlander novels: These books are part of the overall series, but are focused for the most part on those times in Lord John’s life when he’s not “onstage” in the main novels. This particular book (THE SCOTTISH PRISONER) focuses also on a part of Jamie Fraser’s life not covered in the main novels.
All of the Lord John novels take place between 1756 and 1766—SCOTTISH PRISONER is set in 1760—and in terms of the overall Outlander novels/timeline, they thus occur more or less in the middle of VOYAGER. So you can read any of them, in any order, once you’ve read VOYAGER, without getting lost.

*There are also a couple of short stories—and will eventually be more—dealing with minor events, minor characters, and/or lacunae in the main books. These are presently published in various anthologies, but will eventually be collected in book form.

“A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” appears in the anthology SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH (edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. This is a short story set in WWII that tells the story of what really happened to Roger MacKenzie’s parents, Jerry and Dolly.

“The Space Between” is a novella that will appear in an anthology titled THE MAD SCIENTIST’S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION, (edited by John Joseph Adams) which will likely appear sometime in 2012. This story is set mostly in Paris, and involves Joan McKimmie (Marsali’s younger sister), Michael Murray (Young Ian’s older brother), the Comte St. Germain (no, of course he’s not dead, don’t be silly), and Mother Hildegarde.

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  1. Fabulous; I love how all these stories entertwine. Please don’t forget giving us some Master Raymond stories!

    • Agreed! On Master Raymond: PLEASE don’t forget his stories!

      I find him to be the MOST intriguing character and am fiercely clutching the hope that one day we will get more about him.

    • Definitely need to hear more about Master Raymond! (But first, much more Jamie and Claire!)

      • Yes! I would love to know if it definitely WAS Master Raymond who sent the band of Indians into the past. He must have gone back and forth into many different times and periods. There’s got to be a good story there!

    • When is the 8th book in the outlander series going to be available?

  2. Diana writes:

    “the Comte St. Germain (no, of course he’s not dead, don’t be silly)”

    This does not suprise me one bit … but you did wait a long time to bring him back around didn’t you?

    Can’t wait to see how Fergus’ story unfolds in WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD ?!? (Maybe?)

    Love your ‘little stories’ :) lol


    • Interesting– I rather thought that Fergus’ son might assume the title of Comte de St Germain, since Fergus doesn’t seem intent on pursuing his birthright. Claire at one point remarked on the boy’s remarkably
      fertile brain…
      It could open a whole new subset of stories, right into the French Revolution!

      • Fergus is my favorite character next to Jamie. I would love it if she did make another set of stories up to the French Revolution. I also think it will be interesting to see how this works out and can’t wait for the next book. I wasn’t aware the Lord John stories intertwined with the Outlander series, but now that I am I will be reading them next. I wonder if Fergus is mentioned in them, does anyone know?

      • nice suggestion !!! we could grow into old age with all the off shoots :) Sorry Diana…. do hope you dont plan on retiring and no longer writing any time soon :)

  3. What was the comment your hubby made about no one actually being dead until they went “ack!” on the page? I remember you relating that once and I about peed my pants laughing over it.

    • Ha, ha, ha, I do recall that fabulous “ack” line…..

      At least we know that the dreaded —- ‘you know who’ —- is going to stay dead, shot to the head, and bits of him falling off as crocodiles, sun, and tide ebb away his remains.


      Antipodean Janet

  4. Wow…this Outlander worls is never ending…gives fans who have been wondering about the lives of all the minor characters something to look forward to!…I’ve already pre-ordered TSP for my nook and am counting the days!…Thanks DG for all your hard work.

  5. Ok, so two things: First and most important. You are awesome. Literally. I’m in awe of your talent and your time juggling. I have no earthly clue how you manage to do all this traveling, the keeping in touch with your rabid fans, etc… and still manage to write the best books ever. Maybe you time travel as well? {VBG} Second, I’m thrilled to hear Mother Hildegarde is still among the quick and not the dead. Though I’m starting to wonder if any one is EVER really dead. Thanks for all you do! (Oh! and the facebook page is great too!)

  6. *and* Mother Hildegarde! Wonderful news. ; )

  7. LOL! The only woman that can raise the dead! So………who else may pop up?

  8. Is there any chance the novellas will ever be released individually in e-book format?

    • Dear Barbie–

      Well, yes, there is. I’ve been contemplating that–in the rare moments I have, between finishing SCOTTISH PRISONER and revving up MOBY. {g} My agent and I are certainly thinking about that, though.


      • Thank you, Diana, for your response. I’m sure I’m not the only fan who would be thrilled to find those novellas as separate entities. You can bet I’ll load my kindle when (not if) they become available!

  9. I thought The Scottish Prisoner would be the last of the Lord John series, but if it takes place in 1760 and the series covers 1756 to 1766, does this mean there will be more books in the Lord John series?

    • Dear GatorPerson–

      Well, SCOTTISH PRISONER is the last Lord John novel under the present contract, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never write another one. {g}


  10. Mother Hildegarde. When I read that, I smiled. I loved her character, maybe because she reminded me a good deal of one of the Sisters of our parish.

    Love your writing and have turned many a friend on to the series.

  11. Forgive me if you have answered this elsewhere. What is the short story that will be released soon in the anthology titled “Down these Strange Streets?”

  12. I vaguely thought Raymond told Claire, at one of their sittings at his shop, that a foaming concoction was safe to drink while foaming but deadly when consumed after it stopped. Was Raymond in cahoots with the Comte? What became of Hugh Munro’s children, or the purse of winnings from the watch the newly weds recieved? Since Mr. Willoughby isn’t “confirmed dead,” where will he pop-up? Perhaps in Lord John’s journals of his Jamaican governship? Will we ever find out who assulted Claire at Jocasta’s wedding on the floor in the women’s sleeping quaters? Oh, by the way I love the title of the 8th book and got the reference to the Gaelic phrase at once, and was baffled by all those outraged doom and glume references to death, blood , and gore. Stick a fork in me, it’s late and I’m done. Time to re-read and search for the missing possible pieces.

  13. MOBY? I’ve obviously missed something.

    Looking forward to TSP.

    • Dear Karen–

      WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD = MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD = MOHB = MOH-B = Moby. Geddit? {g} (Somebody just asked me recently what my own shorthand way of referring to the new book was, and I…er…told them.)


  14. I love all the characters in your books, (even the ones I love to hate). My curiosity is most raised about Jamie’s sister, Jenny and her story. Think about it, Jaimie in prison, her father dead and no male heirs waiting in the wings. In those times-how did she hang onto the family holdings? Any hints in the new book…………

  15. I always said it takes a woman to create the near perfect man…and you have accomplished that over and over. No wonder I love Jamie so. Even your gay characters are irresistible in their own right. Thanks for giving me so many heartfelt and mind expanding stories Diana. You are one heck of a woman and your husband must be quite a tall inspiration.

  16. I KNOW your characters can’t live forever, BUT, I am still heartbroken over the death of Ian. I loved his character, and the relationship that him and Jamie had. I still laugh when I reread thier worry over the potato crop, and also how Ian handled Jamie & Jenny. :-)

  17. hello!
    I have just finished reading The echo of the bones and i think it it was to much from the war and to much loose ends mybe because it shall come a new book,but over 1000 sides! I love the story and the books before but this i didnt get any sense .Hope next is better.

  18. Hey, Diana,

    Like everyone here, I’m excited about the new John G book and the occasional novellas/shorties. As for “ack”, the joy of intermediate stories are that they allow you to easily “raise the dead” by writing episodes from earlier in the characters’ lives.

    A question you might be able to answer: why are e-versions relatively so expensive? According to Amazon, the publishers are dictating prices at this point. Do the publishers truly expect we’ll pay more for an e-book than paperback version? Please help me make sense of this.

    Thank you!

    • Dear Maria–

      Man, I couldn’t _begin_ to tell you what publishers are thinking. It’s possible, though, that they feel the ebook is being bought instead of the hardcover–and that’s _much_ less expensive.


      • I buy the hardcover, the paperback, and the e-book. I’m thinking of going to just the hardback and the e=book which I use mostly when traveling as I do a lot of traveling now that I’m retired. The e book is lighter in weight than the paperback to hold and less space to pack also.

  19. Dear Diana,
    There is a moment from Outlander that I am waiting for you to revisit in a future story, when Frank sees the ghost of who I assume is Jamie…what a wonderfully eerie scene! That one’s tied with another for my favorite: the landlady’s industrious hoovering outside the bedroom door…priceless ;)


    • I wondered about that scene too! I don’t think it was ever commented on again and I felt sure it would come up at some point in Outlander, but I don’t think Claire ever told Jamie about it.

      • Yes, It came up later but I can’t remember which book. Jamie is describing to Claire about looking through a window seeing her sitting at a desk writing with this bright light around her which couldn’t come from a candle.

      • Thanks! I am rereading the books now and will make sure to look for that.

      • Hi Charity and Carol – there are actually two scenes where Jamie sees Claire in the future. The first one is in Outlander when Claire and Frank are on their second honeymoon and he looks up at her from the street. Diana has said that all will be revealed about this in the last scene of the last book. Definately a “wait and see” moment. The second one is when Jamie recalls a dream he had when he sees Claire sitting at a desk writing something (we presume it is her goodbye letter to Brianna). This Jamie recalls and tells Claire about. The first scene is never discussed between Jamie and Claire because it happens (apparently) when Jamie is a ghost.

        So much more to look forward too! :)

      • Thanks for clarifying that Elaine. I was thinking of the scene where Frank saw him as a ghost. I will hate to see this series end, but now I am curious to see what will come of that scene!

    • OMG!! Me too! I just started re-reading Outlander series. From the first time I read it, I never forgot that scene and have been looking for clues. Everything seems to point to Jamie being unable to time-travel so unless that changes later, who knows?? I often wondered if its not a later character like Roger ……can’t wait to find out!

  20. Ah yes, but as for the Comte, I feel (given the broad hints in Echo) we’ll be delving into that character’s life and times quite a bit more–Especially in relation to Fergus!

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