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Unexpurgated Artwork

Right, unexpurgated art. Well, here’s the deal: There is a section at the end of THE EXILE (the new graphic novel), titled “The Making of THE EXILE,” which is a behind-the-scenes look at the collaboration between me and Hoang Nguyen, who did the artwork for the book. It includes a mention of one panel, showing part of Jamie and Claire’s wedding night, where the publishing people (reluctantly [g]) decided that the art was a little _too_ graphic, and opted to have Hoang draw a blanket over part of the view. However, Betsy Mitchell, the editor, told me that I could put the original panel up on my website and blog, once the book was out–and I mentioned that while writing my part of the “Making Of” section.

Well, next thing I know, someone tells me that Random House Canada (who are also publishing the book) have uploaded the “Making Of” section to scribd–the link is
here–and all kinds of people are going nuts looking for the dirty art. [g]

I hadn’t expected the “Making Of” section to be available prior to publication, so the art wasn’t up yet. (And it’s not _that_ explicit, anyway) But I was away from home when all this hit over the weekend, so just now having time to get it up. There you are–enjoy!

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  1. Dear Canadian anonymous [g]–

    No, no Toronto this time. The Canadians–mindful of having nearly killed me on the last tour–asked for only a couple of extra cities, added on to the ends of the Surrey International Writers Conference (near Vancouver) that I do every October. I'll be going to Edmonton and Victoria, as well as doing a couple of events (one solo, one multi-author) in the Vancouver/Surrey/Langley area. (And doing my usual prison visit! [g])

    Next summer is our tri-ennial normal visit to the Fergus Highland Games, though–so we'll be _close_ to Toronto in August–see you then!



  2. So I never thought I would be interested in a graphic novel, but that illustration certainly changed my mind ;)
    Ordered it right away and can't wait for it to arrive. Will you be in DC at the book festival?

  3. Frank never had a chance. I can't wait for the book!!!!!!!!!

  4. I like the original picture! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

  5. I am wanting to see the original picture as well! In the book it states the original can be viewed on your website Diana. Help!! Give me a hint as to where to look. Love the books and the new GN is the best! Jamie is just as I pictured him!!! YUM!

  6. Dear Diana,

    I, for one, am so thankful that you and Hoang spent so much time emailing back and forth, "tweaking" Jamie's body until it was just right! EsPECially his butt! Delicious…in a word. :)


  7. Those readers of graphic novels aren't THAT young. I would hope a look at the "unexpurgated" art would inspire them to hitch up their pants, put down the video game controller, get out of the garage and find a real girl! As for Claire's hands, those hands aren't arthritic nor those of a hag. Claire is having great sex and is holding on for dear life!!!!!!!


  8. Dear Donnie–

    The original picture is at the top of this blog post.

  9. Great site. Thank a lot for posting that. I will return to your site to see what’s new and tell my people about your writing.

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