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Unexpurgated Artwork

Right, unexpurgated art. Well, here’s the deal: There is a section at the end of THE EXILE (the new graphic novel), titled “The Making of THE EXILE,” which is a behind-the-scenes look at the collaboration between me and Hoang Nguyen, who did the artwork for the book. It includes a mention of one panel, showing part of Jamie and Claire’s wedding night, where the publishing people (reluctantly [g]) decided that the art was a little _too_ graphic, and opted to have Hoang draw a blanket over part of the view. However, Betsy Mitchell, the editor, told me that I could put the original panel up on my website and blog, once the book was out–and I mentioned that while writing my part of the “Making Of” section.

Well, next thing I know, someone tells me that Random House Canada (who are also publishing the book) have uploaded the “Making Of” section to scribd–the link is
here–and all kinds of people are going nuts looking for the dirty art. [g]

I hadn’t expected the “Making Of” section to be available prior to publication, so the art wasn’t up yet. (And it’s not _that_ explicit, anyway) But I was away from home when all this hit over the weekend, so just now having time to get it up. There you are–enjoy!

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  1. Dear CW–

    You know…if you approach a work of art in a strictly literal frame of mind, my guess is that you may not quite get all it has to offer. Just a thought.


  2. Mmm mmm mmmm!

    Is it weird that I've always found Jamie's scars on his back to be somewhat attractive?

  3. Dear Diana,
    Your comment, above, is to the point. An artist's work is their vision, their interpretation of a scene. Are Renoir's poppies or Monet's waterlillies less beautiful for their _impression_ of them, rather than a realistic interpretation? Hoang's illustrations are beautiful, continuity errors, marginal deviations, and all. And though this will be the first GN I've purchased, I've had it on order for months! I so enjoy your whole series, but Outlander has remained a particular favorite, so I am really looking forward to this re-interpretation. Don't let me get started on my admiration the series, or I will embarrass myself and possibly, you. I will not admit to how many times I have re-read each tome (something I am want to do with my favorite authors, of which you are number one).
    Please give advance notice of when you will be in the Dallas area….

  4. sorry, wont to do. habit.

  5. As the owner of several graphic novels, I can securely say that I have seen panels MUCH more explicit than this.

    Granted, most of my graphic novels are Alan Moore works, but still. The idea that this is too smutty for the graphic novel set? Psssshhhh. :)

    Lovely artwork, and I can't wait to get my hands on the book itself, redacted artwork be damned.

  6. Love it! I will be at the bookstore next Tuesday as soon as the doors open. Any chance there will be more graphic novels? What I would really love to see is editions of all the novels with illustrations throughout.

  7. Holy Butt Cheeks Batman!! Bloody Hell

  8. Love the fiery mountain on the book cover, sucha great detail.

    Can barely comment on the wedding night scene, it's so beautiful – I have seen it in my imagination since 1991, and this is so spot on! Thank you for this wonderful series, -SS

  9. Christ on a crutch…whoo! *fans self*

  10. Hi Diana!

    During your "Outlander in Graphic Terms" panel at Dragon*Con, you mentioned that you saw a nude painting (or sculpture?) that made you think "that is what Jamie would look like naked." You said you sent a photo to Mr. Nguyen for inspiration when drawing Jamie's behind. I meant to ask you which painting/sculpture you were referring to when I stayed around to get a photo/my book signed, but I was too starstruck and I completely forgot :)
    I would love to see the real-life inspiration for Jamie's naked backside!

    As a side note, you were the reason I decided to attend Dragon*Con and it was really exciting to get to meet you! I actually went to the panel that was scheduled for Monday and the Dragon*Con employees were completely clueless as to why you weren't there. I wish I had checked your blog prior to attending since you announced that you wouldn't be there.


  11. Dear Bri–

    Yes, and I went and told the DragonCon employees (on Friday) that I wouldn't be there Monday, TOO. _And_ asked them to please note that on the signage for the events I wouldn't be at.

    Still, it _was_ awfully busy and chaotic.


  12. P.S. Oh, the naked rear end. It's a postcard of a painting in the National Gallery in London. I don't recall the artist's name at the moment (and I'm not in the office where the postcard is), but it was titled something like, "A study for the Academy." A male nude, seen from behind, standing with one arm over his head and a very tidy bottom.

  13. So I did a little searching based on the info that you gave me, and I'm pretty certain I found the painting! It's in the National Gallery in London, titled An Académie, and fits your description perfectly. Here is the link:
    (I hope it's the right one!)
    You have made us Jamie Fraser fans very happy, indeed :)
    Thank you so much!

  14. I suppose I can print, cut and paste it into my copy of the book. ;)

  15. Cathy, that is an EXCELLENT idea!

  16. Very clever, Cathy! I think you've started something here…

  17. Jeez, I opened it at work too, and got out as fast as I could…some of us don't know those big words like unexpurgated or what you said- :).

  18. Dear Cathy–

    I don't see why not. [g]

  19. Dear bluemoon–

    Yes, that's it! How clever of you! [g]

  20. I can't wait to get my hands on this book! For your upcoming book tour to promote The Exile, will you be hosting one in Toronto?

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