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JOIN US! STARZ TV premiere of OUTLANDER – August 9th, 9 PM (all time zones)


Are you wondering what to do, now that you’ve finished MOBY? (aka WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD)? Well, most people just go back to the beginning and start re-reading OUTLANDER. [g]

As an alternative/addition to this tried and true strategy, though, you might want to watch the brand-new (and looooooong-awaited) tv show of the series, which is about to debut on the STARZ premium-cable channel in the US. AUGUST 9th! 9PM! (It airs at 9 PM in each time zone, so it’s always on Saturdays at nine o’clock, at least in the US.*)

I think Ron D. Moore and Starz have done a wonderful job of adapting OUTLANDER into a 16-episode first season (they’ll be doing one season per book, assuming the first one is a success–and that’s up to you. I think it’s amazing, and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

*(It will be launching on Showcase in Canada, August 24th, on SoHo Foxtel in Australia on August 14th, and on various dates–not yet announced–in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Japan, China, Germany, and a number of other places that I can’t mention yet as their licensing contracts are still being negotiated with SONY. (SONY owns the international rights to the show; it’s _their_ business to arrange licensing deals world-wide, not mine.)

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  1. Diana,

    I read the full Outlander series and concluded a long time ago that they are my favorite books and I am an avid reader. You offer intrigue, love, complete entertainment while teaching us about history and the world in general. The television series is absolutely spot on! The acting is brilliant, even better than imagined. Like the books I don’t want them to end. Kudos to all who contribute to this story which must be visually told. Thank you, thank you.

    Keep them coming.

  2. Very sad to see the need for such graphic scenes between men and being raped by a man. Loved everything about your book and the movie but this was disgusting and unecessory filth in the last episode. We had to change the channel so sad!

    • Dear Lorraine–

      Tastes differ. I thought those episodes were riveting and beautiful, myself. So fortunate that television sets are equipped with an on/off switch, isn’t it? [g]



    • Dear Lorraine,

      I agree with you entirely. This is not just a matter of taste; it is a matter of morals. What would a priest or minister say if he/she saw this? Doesn’t the Bible have a lot to say about such behavior? And to require actors to do these things is putting them in moral danger. The soul and body are connected; what you do in the flesh is imprinted in the soul. Also, the viewers are marked by what they see. Once you see such a thing, is it entirely possible to forget it? It matters not how good this series is (in many ways), the crux of the matter is gratuitous sex and violence.

      I am saying these things in love as a Christian. I have an obligation to speak out. Not only for the well-being of the producer, crew and cast members (author) but also for those viewing this material. It is injurious! The Bible advises us to flee from immorality as it corrupts the soul. Surely soft pornography, brutality and sadism (simulated sex and perversion).

      Please speak out! Don’t follow the herd blindly over the cliff of acquiescence or slavish adulation. There is only one GOD, and He wishes for our best by giving us firm boundaries over which we step to our peril. As He said, what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his immortal soul?

  3. Why do I love your books? Ha! Well, my name is Clare, I’m a doctor, I went to university and lived 10 years in Scotland, I’m married to an (Irish) gaelic-speaker and have a family full of stubborn redheads…it doesn’t take too much imagination to become completely immersed, though at times this story seems quite uncanny! Maybe I’m just living in the wrong century. Thank you Diana!

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