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JOIN US! STARZ TV premiere of OUTLANDER – August 9th, 9 PM (all time zones)


Are you wondering what to do, now that you’ve finished MOBY? (aka WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD)? Well, most people just go back to the beginning and start re-reading OUTLANDER. [g]

As an alternative/addition to this tried and true strategy, though, you might want to watch the brand-new (and looooooong-awaited) tv show of the series, which is about to debut on the STARZ premium-cable channel in the US. AUGUST 9th! 9PM! (It airs at 9 PM in each time zone, so it’s always on Saturdays at nine o’clock, at least in the US.*)

I think Ron D. Moore and Starz have done a wonderful job of adapting OUTLANDER into a 16-episode first season (they’ll be doing one season per book, assuming the first one is a success–and that’s up to you. I think it’s amazing, and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

*(It will be launching on Showcase in Canada, August 24th, on SoHo Foxtel in Australia on August 14th, and on various dates–not yet announced–in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Japan, China, Germany, and a number of other places that I can’t mention yet as their licensing contracts are still being negotiated with SONY. (SONY owns the international rights to the show; it’s _their_ business to arrange licensing deals world-wide, not mine.)

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  1. Ms. Gabaldon must be getting pretty tired of the various opinions concerning the casting of Jamie and Claire The battle has been going on since the idea of a series was first floated. BUT she must realize that we are getting our visual impressions from her written descriptions of her much loved characters. Sam/Jamie grew on me as the series progressed. If anyone needed to ‘bulk up’ it was Caitriona, she couldn’t have survived the conditions she endures in the books. Perhaps because we have all been waiting so long for this series, we fail to realize that no matter how well casted the series may be, we still cling to our conceptions of Diana’s characters. I am enjoying the series and have to chuckle that my news junkie husband is so willing to view it with me. I continue to be a grateful fan. PS Does Gary Lewis really have Toulouse Lautrec syndrome?

    • Dear Diane–

      No, Gary Lewis is entirely normal. [g] (He played Billy Elliott’s father in the movie of that name; you may have seen him with his real legs there.) The deformed legs are done with CGI.



  2. I am new to discovering your work, but I’m totally enthralled. I am a member of a ‘stitchenach’ group on FB and have linked a blog post (to be published in December) back to your blog. Congratulations and good wishes to you always.

  3. Absolutely adore the cast of Outlander! Yes, as soon as Sam started to speak, he was Jamie! One of my daughters has also read all of the books, and the other is just getting started and ALL of us want to thank you Diana, for bringing these characters to our lives. I hope and pray that by trying to put an entire book into only 16 episodes, that there aren’t alot of things left out. Please continue the story of Jamie and Claire. As I told my girls, “Every woman should find a Jamie in her life.” (They are out there you know!) Thank you again for Outlander! the waiting for the next books and now the second half of the first series will be worth the wait.

  4. The “Outlander” tv series should have a subtitle: “Between Claire’s Legs”.
    A wonderful set of books has been degraded to the level of soft-core porn.

    I will NOT be back to watch when this mess returns to the airwaves.

  5. Hello Diana,

    I was beside myself when I learned that “Outlander” would be aired on Starz. I have each of the “Outlander” series volumes, Lord John Grey’s volumes, and the “Outlandish Companion”. I have read each over and over again over the years.

    The series was beautifully adapted from “Outlander”, I especially loved the scenery but was totally mezmerized by the soundtrack. Do you think a soundtrack from the series might be in the works at some time in the future?

    I cannot see anyone else portraying Jamie or Claire other than Sam H. and Caitriona B. As the series progresses I hope that you and powers that be age Sam and Caitriona instead of bringing in other actors to portray the older couple. The rest of the main characters now have faces, which in my case, have proven to be perfect for their roles and I now know what Gaidhlig sounds like.

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful series of novels, thanks to Ron D. Moore for the adaption of “Outlander”, thanks to Starz for having the foresight to air such a adaptation, and thanks to Sam H., Caitriona B., Tobias M., Graham Mc., Lotte V., Gary L. and the rest of the cast and crew for jobs superbly done.

  6. I agree with Hannah above regarding the changes to the story which are completely unnecessary. Guess I’m just prejudiced but it always amazes me why screen writers have to justify their jobs by changing something that was already pretty much perfect. I can understand making changes where it would be difficult to translate a written scene to a visual TV scene but making changes just to be changing something doesn’t make sense. Obviously, based on how many of the Outlander books have sold over 20 years, somebody thinks the books are well written (I’m one of those). And per someone else’s remarks they seem to omit the most interesting dialogue which reveals key elements of Jamie and Claire’s personalities. (Also, what’s up with the front and center role for Dougal? He’s very much present/dominant in so many scenes.) All that said, the show is still interesting and I’ll continue to watch. If I had to choose between the two though, the movie wouldn’t stand a chance.

  7. Well, fudge, someone beat me to thank everyone who has been involved in putting the show together. It doesn’t bother me that the writers or whoever alter whatever…………th overall story is there……….who cares. Herself is a Consultant…………I came here to offer My Congratulations, because Even Though I belong to the FB group, those people are picking Everything about the show apart. I am Not going to cancel Starz………..I still need to get the 8th book, I’ve lent Outlander to a friend of mine. I have many copies of the first book………….I love the song for the series…………..so damn Pretty and eerie at the same time………….I shiver and start to cry. My husband has watched it with me, and hasn’t read a word, but loves the show just the same. Thank you to Mr. Moore cast crew Sony Starz and last to Ms. Gabaldon for allowing Mr. Moore to do an amazing job interpreting the novel, and Congratulations on having Starz renew the show for a second season to bring us Dragonfly in Amber

  8. Dear Diana,

    Now that you have seen Outlander brought to life, is it influencing your work on book nine? Do you find yourself wondering how it will adapt to television and what changes might be made? The series WILL stay on the air through your final book – I have no doubt!.

    Thank you for writng my favorite novels.


  9. Diana, your books are AMAZING, read them all more than once and now that the first part of the TV series has stopped will have to re-read. My husband is not a reader, he buys the books for me, he was blown away by the series and can’t wait for the rest of series 1 and 2. Keep writing, keep filming and you will make half the world really happy – who cares about the other picky half , we luv Claire & Jamie on paper or film.
    My grateful thanks for many hours of truly being able to escape into their world.

  10. Watched “Sassenach” and “Castle Leoch2 yesterday – with my husband! :-) (Amazon now streaming the series in Germany)

    We enjoyed both episodes a lot, partly coming up with different reactions: while I realized I liked the episodes more than I thought I would and may have to stop reading the recaps by lucky American viewers to get my own viewing experience, my husband (non-reader of the books) soon realized Claire’s initial troubles are only the beginning. “I guess she’ll go through more of that and even worse in the times to come, right?”, was his worried comment. At least I could console him many books later she and Jamie have a house of their own, though the level of stress remains :-)

    I am very much looking forward to watching the rest of “Season One Part One” with my husband, at our own pace (= slowly) and I feel happy he wants to watch with me. :-)

  11. Twelve years ago, shortly before I retired from my 35 years as an elementary school secretary, one of the staff members hung on our staff-room refrigerator a large sign-up sheet: PLEASE LIST A BOOK YOU HAVE READ, AND MAKE COMMENTS OR RECOMMENDATIONS. My co-secretary wrote OUTLANDER, and praised it. I read avidly, but had never heard of it.

    It took me awhile, but I avidly read the first six books of the series. Life intervened, and I was recently given AN ECHO IN THE BONE. I couldn’t read it – until I refreshed my memory with its predecessors!!! I am now partway through VOYAGER, and am shocked that I have forgotten much of the story (but thrilled to be reading all that “new” material). Thank you, simply for writing it.

    Meanwhile, my eyes feel like two burnt holes in a blanket. My left eyelid has begun twitching. I haven’t finished a painting project, pulling up the dead plants in my flower garden, proofreading a friend’s Medieval novel for young readers, nor organized the two boxes of writing for my second published book BECAUSE of the brilliant STARZ series based on your books. Nice of them to repeat each episode about twelve times throughout the ensuing week, and I’ve watched most of them. I can recite (like millions) much of each, word for word.

    I love theater and movies, and I believe that the best actors are those that don’t “act”, but have the ability to seem as though they aren’t acting. That is what stands out in the series. The expression, a slight move or shift in position, a glint or a tiny move – all seem normal and unrehearsed, and true to the spirit of your writing.

    I’m 74 now, and have yet another reason to live much longer – let’s hope I get to see every season! That’s if I don’t die of an aching heart while waiting for the DVDs or April 4, 2015, whichever comes first.

    Joan Chandler :-)
    Sunapee, New Hampshire

  12. I have ready all of the books and now going back to re-read them as I await the second half of the first season on STARZ. I have watched every episode at least 4 times and find something new to watch in each viewing. It is going to be so hard to wait until April for the next episode. The production of the series is the best, and it is so nice to visualize Claire and Jamie now in each STARZ episode. Beautifully cast.

  13. LOVED THE FIRST 8 episodes…Why do we have to wait until April??? What happened to the original plan for January? Did I miss some tidbit of news about this?

  14. Kia ora from New Zealand,
    I found my first Diana Gabaldon book at a flea market (bootsale) and never took much notice of the book until I realised I had nothing more to read on the train….During the past 6 months I have read from 1-6 and I am now onto book 7 (ooops and I have already purchased MYOB).
    I love the reading, its simplicity, its history, and mostly the love story. My Grandmother was Scottish and my Grandfather was Irish, and I visualise the scenary is similar to New Zealand. My father was born in Newport, Wales. He visited and fell in love with NZ and met my mum and they were married, many a time he would say that NZ reminded him so much of his homeland as he never returned to Wales or Scotland. Your description of their beautiful culture in Scotland with their dead, is spiritually uplifting as this is the same in my culture (tikānga Māori) we too have a 3 day mourning with the deceased (tūpapaku). My dad would talk of Scotland of his mothers homeland and these books have enlightened me of my family across the world.

    Thank you Diana for making such beautiful books.

  15. I ordered all of the books for my Kindle so that I can read them again! It will give me something to focus on while I wait for April.

    I have been very impressed with the show – the cast, the scenery, the costumes and the attention to details, so that we all can feel as if we traveled back to 1743.

    Starz had hyped up the “The White Queen” for months and I was very disappointed with it. You could see the zippers on the costumes, the accessories never looked authentic and the sleeves were sewn like modern garments. The scenery and sets became a bit a of a comedy – in one scene, they left a modern railing on the side of the entry stairs for the building which was supposed to be the “White Castle” within the Tower of London. In another episode, you could see the aluminum drain gutters on the buildings.

    For me, the Outlander series is so perfect historically and with how it feels. I waited for the wedding for many years! I thought that you could see a bit of their personalities coming thru in their roles as Claire & Jamie.

  16. Diana,

    Thank you for posting your article “FILM COMMENTARY” stating your views on the adaptation of Outlander to the TV series on your facebook page today. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you mentioned. I learned with Episode 2 that I should not be trying to read the book along with watching the series. I stopped that and thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode – have watched them all numerous times. If something is a little bit different from the book (I realize that it has to be) I am just giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and trusting that it will all be OK in the end. I’m sorry that you have to try to explain every little detail again and again and again. I understand that everyone has an opinion and they have the right to express that opinion but when they get to be insulting and mean, that is over the top, in my opinion.

    Your cameo was not in the book but I certainly would not have wanted that left out. It was a special addition and very well done. I hope that you got to keep the lovely dress – it was fantastic. Your writing, first of all, the casting, acting, costumes and scenery were all beyond good – they are great and I expect multiple Emmys when that time comes!!

    This whole series is just an addition to the books. We all still have all the books just as they have been for the last 20+ years. I have read them all numerous times also, and I plan to start over again after I read MOBY one more time.

    This is the only blog that I post to occasionally. I do read others but I just want to let you know that all your efforts to keep all of us informed is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!


  17. Devoted fan. Love the book series and actors chosen for tv series. Definitely more than shocked at how thin Catriona is and worry about the message sent since she is the heroine.

  18. Dear Diana,
    Have they cast the lovely Roger yet? I know it’s not up to you but what do you think of Liam Hemsworth? He would only have to dye his hair black, wear green contacts and brush up on a Scots accent :)

    And any news on when/how we can see the series in New Zealand? Not sure if I’ve missed this info in the blogs/comments. Even available on dvd would be super.

    As usual, between other books, I am re-reading the series – up to A Breath of Snow and Ashes – still loving all the books.

    All the best for ongoing writing. Liked someone’s suggestion re a story about Murtagh – maybe in the future (or past) :)

    Very best wishes,
    Linda Dear (from NZ) :)

    • Dear Linda–

      It’s been shown in New Zealand. Something called Lightbox has it.

      Hope you enjoy it!


      • Dear Diana,

        Thank you very much :):) After Christmas & Summer holidays busyness I found and have subscribed to Lightbox and watched my first episode of Outlander – fabulous.

        Can’t wait to see the rest – YAY

        With warmest wishes,
        Linda Dear (NZ)

  19. Hi Diana

    I am so excited… I have tickets to the Oxford literary festival to come and hear, see, meet(?) you in March. Living in Cambridge, I am quite happy to travel over to the ‘other side’ (Oxbridge joke) just to be there! I am still very disappointed that there is no news about a UK channel picking up on the series yet… how very rude of us over here where it all started. I’m travelling around many of the Canyons of South Western USA this May so maybe I will be able to get a taste of the series whilst I’m over.

    Hope you’ll visit the Trout pub just outside of Oxford, Morse was filmed there quite regularly and enjoyed a few pints in there too! I’ve been reading since the beginning and it will be an honour to come and see you. Hope you enjoy it very much.

    best regards


  20. Hi Diana,

    The show is fantastic.

    I watched the first eight episodes before reading the books. This gave faces to a lot of characters which meant as I was reading the books I was able to actually see what was happening as well in my mind.

    I absolutely love your books – I am imspired to read

    Thank you

    Cheers Michelle :)

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