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MOBY official US cover

I’m pleased to announce that WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (aka MOBY) will be published by Random House (US) on June 10th, 2014.

To answer a few questions that I _know_ the answer to:

Canada always publishes on the same date as the US.

UK Cover

UK Cover

The UK (and its territories, Australia and New Zealand) usually publishes very near the US date, but not invariably on the _same_ day. It might be, it might be a few days earlier, it might be later, I don’t know. Will tell you as soon as I do.

Germany will likely publish quite close to the same date as the US, perhaps a little sooner. I don’t know about that yet.

Almost all other non-English publishers will publish about a year after the US/English edition, because they have to allow time for translation, and a Big Book takes a long time to translate. (Germany gets much faster translation because I have a close personal relationship with the German translator, and she works with me while I write.)

The book-tour for MOBY is being rescheduled as we speak. The launch party will be held in Scottsdale, AZ, by the Poisoned Pen bookstore, at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, 6-10 PM, June 10th.

That’s ALL I know for now. As soon as the dates are re-set (spoke to the Random House publicist this morning and she says she thinks most of the dates and events previously scheduled will be the same), I’ll post the list everywhere.

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  1. Hello,

    does anyone know when the new book will be published in french in canada ?????

    thank you

  2. Dear Diana,

    Something brought me back to your post where you are describing the rather frenzied last days of finishing MOBY. I gues the run-up to the ending has been sitting like an itch in the back of my mind. Not the last few pages, but the part where Claire sees the “ugly fat lumpkin” and this tangent goes on until the closing pages.

    At the time of Claire’s being taken hostage and all she endures, it did not seem to be (in the grand scheme of things) something that would become important several books down the line. It still puzzles me why this incident so long ago would take precedence over other characters and incidents that could possibly be fitted in at the end of the book.

    I do not mind either cliff- or shelf-hangers, and welcome them. Just felt a disjointed overall end to MOBY. (Except that I was pretty sure Roger and Bree would end up back at the Ridge once I knew Jamie and Claire were headed that direction.)

    This will probably all be cleared up in Book 9, but in the meantime I don’t like to feel that Claire is suffering flashbacks or PTSD in her effort to forgive, which have not been alluded to (or I did not catch/recall them) until she caught sight of the lumpkin.

    Now let me say that up to the visit to Beardsley’s Trading Post you had me all the way, and the story mostly moved smoothly. I have ancestors who fought on both sides of the Revolution, and in fact a branch that went on to establish a new community on the Ontario St. Lawrence, who were not reunited with the American branch until the end of the 18th century! (Another possible story line?)

    Thanks a heap for giving us so much to think and talk about!

    • Dear Steph–

      She hasn’t been suffering frequent flashbacks (there are a few in ECHO), because she thought the man was dead. It’s her sudden sight of him at Beardsley’s trading post that’s causing her difficulty. And certainly there’s a reason for that incident and what follows; among other things, it’s a test/reassurance of Jamie and Claire’s marriage–that even confronted with something so morally difficult, they stand together. It’s a parallel to their physical return to the Ridge; an affirmation of their marriage. (Though you’re quite correct; it does have something to do with the next book, though probably nothing you expect. [g])



  3. Diana
    I found your books just before the series on Starz! My SIL read them several years ago. Needless to say I was none to HAPPY with her holding out on me.

  4. I love your Outlander series of books. The mixture of romance, history, adventure and fantasy make for excellent reading. Hard to put them down. All absorbing. I am waiting on the ninth one!! Can hardly wait to see what happens next. I wish William and Jamie could mend their relationship and they could all live on the Ridge together. I know Claire and Jamie are getting old and will pass on one day, but their children and grandchildren will go on. More books????? Hope so.

  5. Dear Diana,
    I love the Outlander series. I would like to know when WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD will be available in French. I live in Quebec and the French version s better for me.

    Thank you for this marvellous serie.


  6. Dear Diana
    I’m from Belgium and i’ve just finnished Moby (Part I andII)
    My English is not zo good, but I just would like to thank you for the ‘Outlander’ books! Whitout those books ik could not survivr!
    Four years ago, my younger sister died of cancer. She was just like me, a big fan of the Outlander books. She died October 14th. the week before she finished book 7. All those years we could talk and argue about the plots eand other stuff, marvelous!
    I was affead to read Moby, because I was alone! I was affread to die when Moby was finished. Ik took heir picture as pageturner, so Now I think she had the pleasure to readthe same time.
    Now Moby is finnished.
    I know the story isn’t finnished.
    My sister Annick told me!
    Big hugs

    • Dear Myriam–

      I’m so sorry about your sister. [hug] I’m glad that the books can bring the sense of your sister back to you, and I hope you’ll both enjoy the next one.

      All the best,


  7. Hi Diana,
    I read Written in my own heart’s blood in English because I couldn’t wait for the French Translation. I am nevertheless anxious to read it in French. I hope it will be translated soon and that the editors won’t split it in 2 books as they did for the last one! It’s too much frustrating. Sorry I missed you in Paris, Diana. Keep on writing, please! All the best.

    • Dear Ghil–

      I had the pleasure of meeting Philippe Safavi, my French translator, when I was in Paris last week. A lovely man! He told me that he’s working feverishly on the translation of the eighth book, but I neglected to ask him whether he had a specific date for finishing it. (For what it’s worth, it normally takes any of the foreign publishers about a year to put a translation into print.) I’m afraid I don’t know whether the new French publisher (J’ai Lu) thinks it’s necessary to split the book or not, but I hope you’ll enjoy it, in whatever circumstances you encounter it.

      Best wishes,


  8. Hello Diana,
    I have just discovered ‘Outlander’ and what can I say!! ?? I have NEVER picked up a story like it. I cannot put it down- no chores or gardening done . Having just bought a Kindle as well I have ALL the novels within easy reach.JOY!!!
    Amazing stories and a hero and heroine to love . Jamie is divine and I am deeply in love with him already.I have to drag myself away from their story and feel every minute away is a waste!
    Now that is the sign of fine story telling!! All those stories yet to come

  9. Oops – pressed the button too soon! Too eager to get back to Jamie &Claire!
    Thank you Diana
    Best Regards,
    Fran Shaw

  10. Oi Diana
    Estou no Brasil, e aqui está sendo relançado a coleção outlander, mas não fizeram a tradução do último.Não consigo encontrar em espanhol tambem, há alguma previsão, já faz 2 anos que espero, amo seus livros, obrigada Juanita

  11. I’m wondering if there is a date for the Mass Market paperback release for MOBY? I, unfortunately, didn’t start collecting the books until all the rest were already in that stage, so I’m trying to stay consistent. Any word? I see the Trade Paperback is available next week.

    • Dear Lisa–

      I don’t have a date, but mass-market editions usually come out 6-9 months after the trade format. Hope you’ll enjoy it when you get it!


  12. Mrs Diana,

    After reading that “Written in my….” was not the the end or the story, I won’t read anymore books. Never ending story is not for every body, that makes me think about “Earth’s children” by Jean M. Auel.

    I thank you for the so very beautiful story. I will ask for how it ends, if it ends…

    Best regards

  13. I am visiting today because my mother and her friends have been reading your books since 1991 when ‘Outlander’ first came out. They are becoming extremely concerned that they may die before the story lines are tied up. Is there any end date in sight? Any response to pass along would be appreciated.

    • Dear Susan–

      Hey, _I_ could die before the story is over. [g] I mean, anybody could be hit by a truck or die of botulism or something. Tell them to take their vitamins and enjoy the books; a book takes its own time and won’t be hurried, I’m afraid.



      • Hi Diana,

        I’ve been reading and rereading and listening on Audible to your books for some time now. I would love to know if there is a publishing date in site for the next book. Jaime and Claire and their extended family have become very personal to me. I love each and every one of these characters!

        After reading your works, most other authors pale in comparison as to style, research and content. Truly amazing work. But please, give your devoted readers a happy ending for Jaime and Claire. They deserve it! :)

      • Dear Guylene (et al)–

        Well, the last book (WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD) came out at just about this time…last year. It takes me 2 1/2-3 years, usually, to write one of the Big Books. Ergo, I have no idea when the next one will be published, but whenever I _do_ know that, I’ll certainly mention it. [g]

        Glad you’re enjoying them!


  14. i m very impatient to read the french version !!!

  15. Hi Diana,

    Any idea on the release date of MOBY in french?

  16. Diana,
    I have just finished the last Outlander book
    And was crying at the end. Your writing has made
    Me so involved with this cast of characters. I didn’t want
    It to end so you can imagine how happy I am to hear
    There will be another one.
    Also I do watch the TV version and love the cast
    You Rock Diana and can’t wait for the next one
    In the meantime I am reading the Lord Grey books.
    Thank you
    Mary Ann

  17. Really enjoyed your talk at Stirling Castle last night, thank you so much for taking the time to engage
    With us fans. I really appreciate the insight into how you go about your writing. I Hope we conveyed
    Our appreciation of your wonderful imagination , so thank you again.


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