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EASTER EGG! “A Battle’s Not A War”

2024-04-01-SpringCitrus-DG-cropA Happy and Blessed Easter (or other spring festival/contemplative occasion or feast involving eggs…) to you all!


[Excerpt from (Untitled) BOOK TEN, Copyright © 2024 Diana Gabaldon]

They stopped for the night near a small creek, having passed the afternoon in silence, and made camp and ate, with no more than the occasional grunt of inquiry and acknowledgement while sharing out the last of the cheese, hard-cooked eggs, and soaking the last of the rock-hard journeycake in the last of the cider.

Finally, William cleared his throat, and Fraser looked at him, one bushy brow cocked.

“We’re following them, aren’t we?”

“There’s only the one road,” Fraser pointed out. “I’d prefer they not be following us. And they’ve at least a day’s head start, thank God.”

“True. But still.”


2024-04-01-Spring-citrus-DGabaldon“That prayer,” William blurted. “To Saint Michael. ‘Defend us in battle.’ That wasn’t for the—the dead man and his sons; you said a prayer in Gaelic when we buried them.”

“Aye. It’s called “Soul Leading”— ye say it for a person who’s killed unexpectedly and maybe didna have time to consider his soul and set his mind for the journey onward.”

“Oh.” William found that oddly… not reassuring; there was nothing reassuring in the events of the day—but perhaps… consoling? The notion that one might actually be able to do something for a dead person, other than merely disposing of their remains, was novel, but somewhat comforting. Still…

“So the prayer to St. Michael. Was that for the family, too?”

Fraser made one of his subterranean noises, with what William thought was a tinge of humor.

“No, that one was for us, a bhalaich.

It was nearly dark, and Fraser picked up one of the sticks they’d gathered, broke it in pieces and added them carefully to the fire. The flames swarmed the dry wood and flared high, throwing the man’s face into planes of light and shadow, tinted red.

“I ken ye’re a bonny fighter,” Fraser said casually. “Saw ye on the battlefield, aye? And I’ve seen the way ye move, and handle your sword.” He shoved the last piece of wood into its place and straightened up, turning to William.

“A battle’s not a war, ken?” he said quietly. He turned his head and lifted his chin, indicating the silent ruin in the darkness high above. “That’s war.”

[end section]

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Photo above and its cropped version are mine, of bees working in my citrus trees. You can see the tiny oranges already forming at the base of the flowers’ pistils. (Click on either version to enlarge and see the details.)

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  1. I first want to thank you for creating something wonderful. I read Outlander when it was first released. I was a young mother and a voracious reader. Your books have been a constant companion to me. They gave me a place to escape to when life became overwhelming. I am curious about the mini series over-taking the books. I remember reading, I forget what and where, that the author of Game of Thrones was mad, upset that the series continued past his last published book. I recall a comment by you that that would never happen with Outlander. I remember this because I thought to myself “oh good. It won’t be as many years between “Bees” and book 10 as it was between “Moby” and “Bees”. But I think I saw something that stated the Outlander series was about to go beyond Bees. I don’t watch the series so I don’t know where it is in relation to your books, but I do know it takes a lot less time to produce the show than it takes to produce one of your books. Is this accurate? Is the show overtaking book 10? I am a huge fan, and I do not say that lightly. I intensely dislike the idea of it.
    Regards, Erin.

    • Hi, Erin,

      The Outlander tv series is inspired by Diana’s books, not the other way around.

      As you can see from the many excerpts from Book Ten, it’s going to be fabulous like the first nine.

      No reason to worry IMHO, especially since you don’t watch the tv series. :-)

  2. I have, through events too boring to waste space on here, been lent one of your ENORMOUS collections books to get my brain back into gear , after a prolonged hospital stay. Today, I carefully typed a letter to Diana, only to discover that since I retired, and took up portraits and things, email s and stuff have become the norm. I’m 78, and live in the Australian Bush with my poor long suffering husband, who now has to help me cope with general life….something I have always managed on my own, but to my disgust currently can’t.
    Diana’s book is a collection called “Seven Stones to Stand or Fall”. I can only read a little at a time, which is more frustrating than I can tell you.
    I have absolutely no idea how to send the letter, having no computer skills since being taken ill, and my lovely husband is eight years older than me, and can’t help, as he isn’t that interested in computers now he is retired, so after 18 years is further behind the eight ball than I was, before the last few weeks hit me.

    My question is…..can I send my letter to Ms. Gabaldon by ordinary mail, which would require a land address, like an office, or a Postal Box perhaps?
    Obviously I wouldn’t expect to know her home address, and wouldn’t even look for it. Even we, two old folk living in the bush have all our mail sent to a Post Office Box, not to our home. { am a portraitist, and any requests arrive by my old email, or by actual letter….people know we live away from most of civilisation!
    L am loving the book, and know now that [maybe 20 years ago] I read the early ones, but I have now “lost” those memories, from my illness. Thank God I can still write. Best Wishes Nancy

    • Hi, Nancy,

      Diana loves to hear from her readers and does indeed have a business mailing address for those who prefer to write letters to her on paper:

      Diana Gabaldon
      10810 N. Tatum Blvd.
      Suite No. 102-321
      Phoenix, Arizona 85028

      Her postal mailing address above is listed under the Resources menu of her website. If you decide to send an email to Diana instead, that address (also under Resources > Contact Diana) is:


      I hope your health improves soon and things go better for you and your husband. If you need anything else or have questions, please send me an email. Glad to help.

      Sending a big virtual hug,

      Diana’s Webmistress

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. I spent most of last year reading the whole Outlander series
    We live off grid, I had no clue there was an ongoing TV series, I am glad I read the books because when I have the opportunity to binge watch the series, I am sure it won’t be near as good as the books
    Thank you for writing the series, thank God for your imagination and your publisher to sharing your talent with the world

  5. But it wasn’t “all”, was it?

  6. liebe Diana, muss Sie einfach so anreden,ich habe mit meinem Mann alle Bände Gelen und auch die Serien gesehen.wir waren nicht enttäuscht über diese Produktion.So wie wir in der Fantasie und die Personen vorstellten,genauso warensie.

    From Google Translate:

    Dear Diana, you just have to address her, I saw all the volumes and the series with my husband.

  7. Nun warten wir auf Band 10 in der Hoffnung auch die immer wieder tolle Verfilmung.Die Darsteller sind einzigartig.Wir Leser und Darsteller altern gemeinsam mit den Personen im Roman. ihnen alles Gute und Freude am weiter schreiben.

    From Google Translate:

    Now we are waiting for Volume 10 in the hope of the great filming again and again. The actors are unique. We readers and actors age together with the people in the novel. All the best and joy in writing on.

  8. Thank you.

  9. I have been happily wallowing in the first nine Outlander books and have, sadly, just finished Bees. I read it with bated breath – probably just as Ms Gabaldon intended – thinking it was the last of the series and wondering just who was going to be “gone”, and how. Very naughty of her!

    Not only is/are the story line/s wonderful, but this is some of the best writing I have had the joy of reading in a long while. Ms. Galbaldon’s use of the English (Gaelic, French, Latin, German….) language(s) is wonderful. I don’t know when I last read a novel with a dictionary at my elbow or used it so frequently.

    Thank you for a blissful eight weeks; if you’re quick, I’ll just about catch up on the housework by the time Book 10 comes out! I’m going to the library tomorrow and put a pre-publication hold on it!

    Postscriptum: I wouldn’t dream of watching the TV series! The descriptions have made the images in my mind so vivid that someone else’s rendering could only be a distraction and likely a disappointment.

  10. I am 82 and really hope no 10 will be published soon . Just finished re reading the first 9. I have throughly enjoyed these books. Thank you.

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