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Books by Sam & Graham from the Pen!

clanlands-coverThe Poisoned Pen, my hometown independent bookstore, asked me to share some special offers on books written by Sam Heughan and Graham MacTavish, two great guys and very talented actors. (And both are quite fetching in kilts. <g>)

For those who are new to the Outlander TV series, Sam Heughan is the actor who plays Jamie Fraser. Graham MacTavish portrays Jamie’s uncle, Dougal MacKenzie. Graham was also cast as Buck MacKenzie, the son of Dougal MacKenzie and Geillis Duncan.



With a new memoir centered on New Zealand coming in November from Sam Heughan and Graham MacTavish, the Poisoned Pen bookstore offers the following:

WAYPOINTS: My Scottish Journey

sam-heughan-waypointsWAYPOINTS: My Scottish Journey by Sam Heughan (Radar, U.K., $60). This is Special Pricing for the U.K. edition signed by Sam in London on the title page and in Scottsdale by Diana on the title page, too. Click to purchase WAYPOINTS from the Pen.

In this journey of self-discovery, Sam Heughan sets out along the West Highland Way to explore his heritage and reflect on the personal waypoints that define him. The result is a love letter to the wild Scottish landscape that means so much to Sam, and a charming, funny, wise and searching insight to the world through his eyes.

Each of the copies of WAYPOINTS from the Pen comes with a charming little book from a Nova Scotia Press called IAIN OF SCOTLAND. Signed by Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the Introduction to the book. It includes a glossary of terms and tells the story of a boy…

 It’s September 1773, and Iain has just arrived in Nova Scotia with his parents and little sister after the long, disastrous, Atlantic voyage of the ship Hector. They wanted a new life in New Scotland — but the land agent lied to them. With no money, no food, no shelter, and winter fast approaching, how will they survive?

CLANLANDS: Whisky, Warfare, And An Adventure Like No Other

clanlands-coverThe Pen has a few remaining copies of CLANLANDS: Whisky, Warfare, And An Adventure Like No Other by Sam Heughan and Graham MacTavish (Mobius publishing, $25). These are signed by Diana Gabaldon on the first page of her foreward to the book. Also includes a book plate with a facsimile of Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish’s signatures. A New York Times Number-One Bestseller! Click to purchase CLANLANDS from the Pen.

A road trip book with a difference. Stars of Outlander—Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish—explore Scotland. From their faithful camper van to boats, kayaks, bicycles, and motorbikes, join these two Scotsmen as they explore a land of raw beauty, poetry, feuding, music, and warfare.

Sam and Graham begin their journey in the heart of Scotland at Glencoe and travel all the way to Inverness and Culloden battlefield; along the way they experience adventure and a cast of interesting highland characters. In this journey of finding themselves, friendship, and whisky, they discover the complexity, rich history and culture of their native country.

CLANLANDS ALMANAC: Seasonal Stories From Scotland

clanlands-almanac-coverAnd still available: CLANLANDS ALMANAC: Seasonal Stories From Scotland by Graham MacTavish and Sam Heughan (Mobius $19.99). This hardcover edition (red cover) is signed by Diana and includes a book plate with a facsimile of signatures of Sam and Graham. Click to purchase the CLANLANDS ALMANAC from the Pen.

A seasonal meander through the wilds of Scotland.

If CLANLANDS was a gentle road trip through Scotland, this almanac is a top-down, pedal-to-the-metal, up-and-down odyssey through the many byways of a Scottish year. An invitation to anyone who picks up the book to join us on a crazy camper van exploration over 12 glorious, whisky-fueled months. Mountains, battles, famous (and infamous) Scots, the alarming competitiveness of ‘Men in Kilts,’ clans, feuds, flora, fauna, with a healthy sprinkling of embarrassing personal reminiscences thrown in. Much is explored, all is shared. It is a camper van cornucopia of all things Alba.

One U.K. first printing of the CLANLANDS ALMANAC: Seasonal Stories From Scotland signed by Sam Heughan in London remains ($100). Contact the Pen’s friendly sales staff for more information on this last copy with Sam’s signature.

Always In Stock: Outlander and Lord John Books Signed By Diana

The Pen sells new signed copies of Diana’s books online, and will ship anywhere in the world. You pay only for the list price of the book plus shipping. There is no charge for Diana’s signature. See the Pen’s dedicated webpage for Diana’s books. Or contact the Pen.

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