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Congratulations, Caitriona!

C-Balfe-2021-08-babyHUGE congratulations to Caitriona and her husband Tony on the birth of their lovely little boy! (Said little boy, along with Covid, is one of the reasons why Season Six of OUTLANDER has eight episodes, rather than the originally planned twelve—don’t worry, though, the last four episodes are not lost; they’ll just be pushed forward into Season Seven (which–God willing and everybody’s not down with the Zeta variant or something–will start filming early in 2022) which will end up with sixteen episodes!)

Caitriona posted the image at right on her official Instagram account after the baby’s birth, according to an online article in Parade magazine in August, 2021.

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  1. Congratulations. Babies are one of the best and most rewarding accomplishments. Enjoy him while he is little they grow so fast. My oldest baby will be 19 this year and the time flew.

  2. I just finished “Go Tell The Bees” and I enjoyed it as much as the previous 8 books. I grew up about two miles from John Sevier’s home (historic place) in Knox County Tennessee. Sevier County, named for John Sevier, a few miles away I afraid will be remembered for Dolly Parton who was born and raised in Sevier County and not John Sevier.

  3. How wonderful to learn of the birth of your baby boy. Your character, Claire, has delivered many babies in the Outlander series, but I bet the real biirthing experience was a lot different. Congratulations to the three of you, and blessings, Judi

    • Hi, Judi,

      I was extending congratulations to Caitriona on my webpages, so web comments come to me, not her.

      I passed your comment on to her. If you’d like to connect with her directly, she is active on Twitter.



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