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Denver Comic Con Fun

2017-Comic-Con-1Had a fabulous weekend at the Denver Comic Con (and got to zip up to Ft. Collins and visit daughter, son-in-law, and incipient grandchild, which was lovely)!

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2017-DenverComicCon-4I did a panel (so to speak) with the delightful Andrew Gower (or, as he modestly styled himself, “Shortbread-biscuit Man”—i.e., Bonnie Prince Charlie in the Outlander TV show), and had a great time. Did a few other panels on things like complex villains, the process of adapting a book to the screen, integrating love and sex into fantasy and sf (didn’t quite understand that one—I mean, either it’s there or it’s not; what integration?—etc.—and signed zillions of books, first for Del Rey (an arm of Penguin Random House, who are my publishers), and then twice for The Tattered Cover—the largest (I think) independent bookstore in the country (certainly in Colorado…), and a lovely establishment (they have two—or possibly three—stores in the Denver area, where I’ve done signings on many occasions). I signed all their leftover copies of SEVEN STONES as well, so there are at least a hundred signed copies of that book in stock—if you’re still looking for an autographed copy, I mean.

Many thanks to the Denver Comic Con for a great weekend, and to all the wonderful writers, artists, and Tyrannosauri I met there!

(The new [Facebook] profile picture [below] is of me getting ready to leave my hotel room for the first day of the con.)


This blog was posted on my official Facebook page on July 4, 2017. Also, my Webmistress adjusted the lighting in my Denver Comic Con selfie pic. The original may be found here.

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  1. Thank you soooo much for coming to Comic Con! I was so excited for you to sign my book and Glenfiddich canister that I just stood there like an idiot with a HUGE grin on my face.

  2. am rereading and re-viewing the books and TV series periodical. can’t get enough. many thanks!

  3. Diana: I, for one of many, am grateful for the compilation of the novellas in Seven Stones. It’s been a while since I’ve read some of them (from the public library), and since I don’t usually purchase the anthologies for my own library, I like the notion of having them brought together in single volume. Thank you, too, for the additional new stories. Working my way through the first story, I got a kick out of visualizing the scene with John Gray, talking to his brother Hal, with Dottie’s little fist up his nose…truly appreciate the down-to-earth, realistic “slice of life” episodes! Can’t tell you how many times, laughing out loud (or feeling the pain, in some cases), I’ve caught these (big or small) “otherwise taken for granted” insights of every day life. Brilliant. Your incredible sense of humor and compassion is ever present and is what makes Outlander so real to us.

    I just read your December 3, 2016 explanation of Master Raymond’s past and significance, which was timely, as I was wondering if he and the Comte St. Germain would be included in Go Tell the Bees. If, by any chance, either or both of them do return to the TV series, please have Stanley Weber and Dominique Pinon reprise their roles. The embodiment of their characters in season 2 was (as always) “spot on” and enables me to “see” them while reading The Space Between. That’s the joy of having a series of beloved books portrayed by so many fabulous actors! As with the Harry Potter movies, the characters have come to life, and we have “real people” in our minds while reading or re-reading the books.

    Thank you for all you do…you do it so well!! Looking forward to Book 9. Will the drawing of the beehive be on the cover? Best wishes always — Lucy

  4. By the way, have you ever been to the (infamous) Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, Oregon? http://www.powells.com

    • Hi, Lucy

      I can answer this one… Diana has visited Powell’s and done at least one talk and book signing for them in Portland a few years ago at a downtown venue. I was there! And I took photos which I am embarrassed to say I haven’t posted yet on Diana’s website. She’s a big supporter of independent bookstores like Powell’s.

      Diana’s Webmistress

  5. Girlfriend, you look awesome! You make it hard for the rest of us 50 plusers. You look like you are enjoying yourself. You deserve it with all the jobs you create. Can’t wait to read your new short story collection (although I’ve read all the previously published!).

  6. Dear Diana,
    I’ve been your fan for years. I love the Outlander series dearly. I’ve read all of the books many times. It’s my parallel Universe I jump in frequently. I just finished reading the short story written by you and Steve Berry-
    It’s great, as expected, and fills in the Outlander’s web of plots superbly! I’m about to start reading the stories in
    Seven Stones that hasn’t been published yet.
    I wrote the introduction to show you Diana that I’m not a mean spirited critic of your writing.
    I’ve just finished reading the newest excerpt from the book 9, where Rogers talks to Clair about the hanging that almost killed him and destroyed his voice. Clair is surprised and shocked to learn that the person responsible for
    it was William McKenzie B. She shouldn’t be because in book 5 as soon as Roger could communicate with her,
    Jamie and Brianna, he let them know who the perpetrator was. Jamie was actively searching for him and there
    was a moral dillema what would he do if he did, because William McKenzie B. was Dougals’s son by Geilies Duncan. I don’t believe Clair would forget that.
    Thanks again, Diana, for your amazing books that are enhancing lives of so many people!!
    Best Wishes,
    Iwona H.

  7. I am in the process of reading Seven Stones. Don’t usually read short stories but these remind me of why I love to read your books. The concept of “the space between” was brilliant. And I laughed so hard reading about the debacle between John, Tom & Rodrigo with the spider and cock roach that I couldn’t see the page. Can’t imagine what conversing with you would be like. Entertaining I am sure. Your acquaintances are lucky! Thanks for the hilarity. I turned on another reader to your books today.

  8. Dear Diana,

    My congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your grandson!!
    All the best!


    P.S. I’ve just finished reading Seven Stones. As I expected, it is another jewel added to the collection of your works.
    You really know how to stir readers’ emotions, impress us on many levels and leave a lasting mental link to your
    Thank you Diana for another of your gifts to us, readers.

  9. Hi, Diana! Loved getting a chance to meet you at DCC, and we’ll see you again soon at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference. Looking forward to it! Best to you and the new grandbaby. :)

  10. i love your outlander series; i dont have STARZ, so i have to wait until the until the dvd is for sale; i wish you could take two book at a time and and make the series; i dont think i live long enough to see it all on dvd. i am reading the 8 books the third time.

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