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New Book Recommendation

Survivors-coverI’m pleased and proud to recommend a new book to you: THE SURVIVORS, my brother-in-law’s debut novel in a new series starring psychologist Cal Henderson.

When Cal Henderson was a child, his mother waved to him from the backyard one summer day, then shot herself. Cal, reasonably enough, went and hid under the bed. When he’s eventually rescued, he finds that before shooting herself, his mother had killed his father and his two older brothers, and seriously wounded Scottie, the friend who had been visiting Cal. What happened? And why did it not happen to Cal? Paralyzed by survivor’s guilt, the boy tries to forget and go on with what’s left of his life.

Twenty-five years later, Cal’s life looks solid. He’s a successful psychologist, practicing in Washington, DC, and skilled at working with people who lie for a living. Following the traumatic events of his childhood, he was adopted, took his adoptive family’s name, and has mostly moved on from his own family’s tragedy—suffering only the occasional blackout when something triggers a suppressed memory of that summer day.

But one day his childhood friend Scottie appears suddenly in Cal’s office, insisting that there must be answers to Cal’s family mystery, and that he and Cal must find them. The FBI wants a few answers, too—from Scottie. It’s an intriguing mystery/thriller that works out on three levels: what happened…and why. And what has it done to the two survivors? And of course, there’s a final question to be answered: will either of them survive—this?

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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  1. Oh, dear … as if I didn’t have enough in my TBR pile! This one sounds as if it need to go right to the top.

    Thanks, Diana!


  2. Read it and loved it!!! Another “must read” author for my list! Thanks for recommending it!

  3. I bought a few days ago and read it in one sitting. I could not put it down. Excellent book. I can’t believe it’s his first.

  4. I found an historical romance book that you recommend, at a book store, I went back to get it but couldn’t find it. I can’t remember what the name of the book is.. is there anyway you could send me a copy of some of your book recommends . Outlander has spoiled me, I can’t find another book to read that is as good. Thank you, I love you work

    • Dear Anita–

      Most of my book recommendations are in The Methadone List, which is a feature you’ll find under the “RESOURCES” tab on this website. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

      Best wishes,


  5. I just finished reading book 1, and at the end was a preview for book 2. It was very good! But when I picked up book 2 it did not start with the preview I had been reading at the end of book 1… So I got confused. I purchased the set from Amazon and thought perhaps something went awry. Can you confirm that book 2 starts off in a completely different place than the preview at the end of book 1 left off?

    • Dear Eli–

      “Preview” just means an excerpt from the next book–not necessarily the beginning of the next book. [g] We deliberately chose an excerpt from the middle part of DRAGONFLY (rather than the beginning), _because_ it begins in an unexpected way, and we didn’t want people to read that, mistakenly assume that the book had nothing to do with Jamie and Claire (and thus not buy it). But yes, DRAGONFLY doesn’t begin where you expect it to, and it doesn’t end how you expect it to. Just read it–everything will be fine, I promise.



  6. Dear Diana,
    Not having a Facebook account I have to restore to writing on your website which you probably don’t visit
    as often as I do.
    While reading ( or listening while driving) your books for the umpteenth time, I often think of how certain
    situation or bits of information can come back in your next book ( or books?), and reveal their unsuspected

    It happened while I was listening to amazing Davina Porter reading the fragment of Drums of Autumn
    when Brianna asks her father if the knowledge of Jack Randall’s death help him heal.
    Jamie’s answer was that it didn’t, and not because he couldn’t or wouldn’t remember how it came to Jack
    Randall’s dead body lying across his own when he regained consciousness after being gravely wounded
    during the battle at Culloden. Would it be a twist if Jamie eventually remembered what happened and
    it would be that Jack Randall died protecting wounded Jamie from being slaughtered as an act of ultimate
    rfedemption? Just a thought.

    I’ve always been an avid reader and still follow my wide range of interests, but your books cast a spell on me
    from the moment I read the first words of Outlander ( the Prologue; “People disappear all the time…..”).
    It doesn’t matter how hectic my life may be and what books I am reading at any given moment, there’s
    always one of your books within my reach to enchant me over and over again.
    Thanks the powers of the Universe for gifting us with who and what you are!
    Thank you Diana,

    Best Regards,

    P.S.We’ve met twice at Fergus, Ontario ( Highland Games ), and I have books signed by you ( precious!)

  7. Dear Diana Gabaldon,

    All your of work has been a blessing in my life whether the books or blogs. Like many of your fans, I keep my favorites handy for an relaxing read at any time (especially Voyager). Your background seems to have proved useful in many ways including the lovely symmetry of the players through the series.

    In mid life, both Jamie and Claire “heal with a knife” in their own way based on their experiences. Age, medical school and the vicissitudes of life bring out their skills and abilities. The symmetry includes The Outlandish Companion. When I received volume II it was like getting the companion to the complete works of William Shakespeare. It was a delight to see Davina Porter on the genealogical chart inside the cover. I have avidly read every definition in Volume One having a Linguistics background.

    All of the novels have an exciting climax. That combined with your generous explanation of how you started writing fiction have been a catalyst for me to start writing a semi-fictional review of my own experiences! Loved all your hilarious stories of how you find time to write. You often make me laugh.

    Any writing advice that you have for me would be welcome. My writing starts with the Netherlands and moves to other locations in Europe and Asia.

    In gratitude, Karen Otazo

  8. Diana,

    Just finished MOBY and will be waiting with great anticipation for book 9. Thanks so much for giving me 4 months of entertainment. I read all 8 books in that time period and can’t remember reading a series and enjoying it that much. Please don’t tell John Sanders (Prey series) or Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum), before I was invited to read the Outlander books by my sister, John and Janet were my favorite literary bff’s. You’ve been moved to the number 1 slot. Your stories, ripe with incredible characters and historical settings, are the very reason I learned to love reading as a child.

    Thanks so much!


  9. Diana,

    Thank you so much for giving me the gift of your wonderful books. I have now read all eight 4 times. Each time they are more wonderful. The first time I was so worried about what would happen to Claire and Jamie, I could hardly enjoy all the fine nuances of dialog that you are so good at writing. I am a retired Registered Nurse and find Claire’s medical exploits both entertaining and informative. My husband is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and he loves for me to read the books to him. He was a civil war re-enactor and is a great history lover, so your books speak to him as well. I can get him to let me watch the TV show over and over again. (If you ever need civil war or WW II research, I have almost every book ever written on the subject in our personal library). We have been married 36 years now and he is my ” Jamie”.

    We can’t wait to see how you end this story, or maybe not. I don’t think I want it to end at all.

    Thank you again for creating a body of work that has enriched my and my husbands lives so much.


    PS The Starz show should have won an Emmy and Sam Heughan deserved a Golden Globe as much as Catriona Balfe did.

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