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Dogs are Pure Love

” Dogs are pure love.”

Diana Gabaldon

I recently agreed to become an Ambassador for Bianca Associacao, the Portuguese shelter that annually rescues, cares for and re-homes 600 dogs and cats, many the victims of severe abuse and neglect, which is also supported by Mike Gibb (Outlander the Musical) through his Scottish charity Friends of Bianca.

Mike writes:

You can check this out at and find out more about this remarkable charity, established by and run by volunteers in a country with no Humane Society, RSPCA or the like, on their website at www.bianca.pt/english.

And even if you can’t take a dog why not, for a mere $4/ £2.50/ Euros 3 per month, become a God Parent to one of the many animals who can never be re-homed but who will be cared for for life by Bianca. You can view them all at “Animals For Fostering”; once you have made your choice send details to Mike at info@friendsofbianca.org and he will do the rest.

And when you are visiting the site why not check out the merchandise? Before long you could also be the proud wearer of a Bianca T-shirt!

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  1. Yes, I would agree that dogs are pure love…cats too! My husband and I are the proud parents of 2 shelter dogs, Coco a Min Pin and Indiana a Golden Retriever/Australian Cattle dog mix. And last but not least, our baby, a shelter cat, Seti. I sure will keep Bianca in mind when I make my next donation for animals!

    • You’re absolutely right, Diana, dogs ARE pure love. I recently lost my Cairn Terrier Sasha, who was 11 years old, that I got from a shelter when she was 6 months old. And I can say, that a day goes by that I don’t miss her. She was constant companion all that time. Thanks for letting me vent a little.

    • A great cause. I have two rescue dogs of my own and they have changed my life for the better after both came from abused previous lives they are now happy and trusting souls again.

      Cats are NOT pure love as they kill for sport, play with their victims. Sorry but leave cats out of this.

  2. What a wonderful cause! Thanks for sharing this info!

  3. I am not on Facebook. I would vote for #2. #3 makes me think of “Don’t tread on me.”

  4. Too bad that they don’t have a German version of their site. So many dogs from southern European countries find new homes in Germany …

  5. A great cause. I will pass this along to others who I think will be interested. I had dogs for many years, but I think I burned myself out with the last two dogs. They both grew very old together and all that came with that. Not that any of my previous dogs had not grown old, the just didn’t do it at the same. These two seemed to be in a contest of who could be more fragile and in need of a substantial amount of care. One became so senile she evidently got lost behind the toilet in the bathroom in the middle of the night. Luckily I had to get up to use the facilities and found her. After they were gone, I decided to try cats when a beat up stray showed up in my yard and have been happy with the quirky, strange, yet needy ways of my cat.

    I have seen the posts from The Plague of Zombies (which I have read) and got nostalgic when Tom was mentioned. I would love to see Tom again, is that possible? It would be a hoot to see Mrs. Figg and Tom butting heads about what is the best way to take care of His Lordship.

    • Dear Jane, I have not finished The Plaque of Zombies yet, but you’re right it was nice to “see ” Tom again, and I, too ,would like to see him interact with Mrs. Figg about the care of His Liordship!

  6. Great Cause – Diana. All my dogs are from shelters- well except for the puppy who was on his way to be taken to the shelter by a friend of a friend. Cats from a no kill vet. Only Es’cape” (like in Finding Nemo – Dorie says – Look ESCAPE that word is spelled like escape). the corn snake was not a rescue. And he did sort of escape into a hiding ho log for 3 weeks in his aquariaum – out came the log and the before un-named snake earned his name.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, Diana. Now I’m thinking about taking a vacation to Portugal and volunteering. :)

    The link didn’t work for me but I was able to find their blog in English: http://bianca-pet-rescue-adoption.blogspot.com/.

  8. I love seeing these sorts of things. I am a huge Diana Gabaldon fan, I have been thinking I need to reread them all soon, and I love my family, and not least, my family of dogs. We have 3: Baby, Scooter and Alfie, and we still mourn our forth, Dunkin, who died 2 years ago, and many previous dogs since childhood.

    I still tell everyone I know, that once I make it to the other side, I have a word or two to discuss with the Entity in charge…why do dogs have such a short life span? 2 of our dogs are mine, one is my roommate’s. I have been loving these dogs all their lives, and mourning their short short life span. I can promise you that they have done more to keep me alive than all my friends and family, even my two children, who I adore, but who live on their own now. I am all for any action to save dogs. I thank God every day for my dogs, I mourn the loss of any dog out there, and really all innocent animals.

    Thank you!

  9. So many shelters right here in U.S. in desperate need……

    • Dear Bonnie–

      I doubt that dogs have any particular nationality. [smile]


      • No, dogs don’t have a nationality. I have two rescue dogs (no kids but lots of dogs in my life history so far) currently. The first one, Molly (half golden ret. and half border collie we think?)came from a high volume shelter in Ohio that she went into at 3 months old and got out and to me at 10 months old a little over a year and a half ago. I don’t think she really knows she is in Canada now, nor that her rescued brother Shasta, a golden retriever 5 months ago, is a Canuk too! They are both just happy, happy and they make me happy, happy. I will never be without a dog. When my previous dog died of dreadful lymphoma 2 years ago, I finally listened to my Mother, who said “you will not feel better until you get another dog” and she was so right, and the rescuing rather than getting a puppy was totally rewarding, and actually easier than the 24/7 puppy job. So everyone go out and rescue a dog, no matter what country they are in/from! Connie

  10. Good to see real expertise on display. Your cotriibunton is most welcome.

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