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7-Book E-book Bundle!

Random House announces a Halloween Treat! They’re offering all seven of the extant OUTLANDER novels AS E-BOOKS, in a 7-book bundle for $49.99. Which is pretty good, I think.

Here’s the link for the Nook version at barnesandnoble.com and


Here’s the link for the Kindle version at amazon.com:


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  1. Bundles are all too late for me. I bought some on my own for my kindle – paycheck by paycheck and then my boss gave me an amazon gift card for my birthday and I used that to buy the rest.

    • Dear Kathy–

      Well, I certainly appreciate that–and I hope you’ve enjoyed them all over the past years!


      • Diana,

        Oh yes I have enjoyed the journeys your books take me on.
        And they were worthy every penny.
        I met you briefy when you did a signing of “The Exile” at Vrooms in Pasadena, CA.
        I was with my daughter’s friend, also named Diana.
        Another secretary @ my work and I are planning to come to AZ for the Poison Pen’s event for MOBY.
        And I have bought Sam’s books but my son has hoarded them – so I have not had a chance to read them. Some got left in Afghanstan when his tour there ended. – he said they were so good he had to share.

        Kathy S.

      • I am on my third journey with the series and so wanted to buy the ebook version but UK seems to be excluded from getting them. Tried everything for the bundle but no avail.
        Keep up the great work, never thought I would like like a historical romance again, since having read every one of the Angelique series to find out the last one was in french and not being translated.

        Your story makes you want to know what the next generation will be like and understanding the parents you can understand the children. Many thanks.

  2. Is this offer open to Canadian ereaders?

  3. Love bundles but just like Kathy S. Ive bought them all along the way. Pray for your safety & health all the time, would be tragic if we never got the end of the series. Not that we want anything to happen to you after the series either. Im sure you’ll come up with another great one for us all to follow.

  4. Rats! I just bought #7 for my Nook. I don’t have the others on there though, so I might have to do it anyway! It’s a great offer! And I can carry them ALL everywhere and not break a sweat :)

  5. Does anyone know whether the books would come as separate entities or as one big bundle? My daughter is interested but has bought a bundled package before where all the books were in one big file and it makes searching for something within an individual book difficult because of the sheer size.


  6. I already have my copies (not obsessed or anything but I think the only format I don’t have is paperback because I gave them to a friend), so I won’t be getting the package deal. But, considering that I got them hooked, the least I could do was pass that information on to the folks here at work. I think you just sold another half dozen in my office alone. ;-)

  7. Why does this offer not extend to your avid UK readers on amazon.co.uk? Pretty please!

    • Dear Paula–

      Because the books are published by different companies in the US, Canada, and the UK/Australia/NewZealand. This bundle is a marketing scheme thought up by the American publisher, so it applies only to the US market, I’m afraid. Perhaps the others will be inspired by its example! [g]


      • Well, here’s hoping……. We are downsizing and whilst I love the real thing (hard copy!) books on Kindle take up much less room!

  8. I too have bought most of the books on Kindle already but I sent the link to many new readers & got them hooked! *evil laugh* I love getting new people to read about Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger, Jem Fergus and all the rest of the fantastic characters.

  9. Dear Diana,

    I’m just now reading Outlander and am loving it! It was recommended to me by a friend who is a book blogger (Darlene of Peeking Between the Pages.) As I read, I visualize Gerry Butler as Jamie. He is perfect for the character.

    I’m looking forward to continuing the series! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!


    P.S. I’m hoping someday my writing will be as good as yours.

  10. Since my 17 yr old daughter and I share our NookColor, I will have to clear my purchase with her too. But maybe this will encourage her to read your books. I have been trying to get her to start reading Outlander, but she has resisted because of the size. She says she doesn’t want to “get sucked in” with such long books while she is finishing high school and starting college. But if she does start reading them on the Nook, I may never get my hands on it again!! It would be worth it to recruit another Diana fan! (Oh well….Christmas is coming soon and I had planned on asking for my own Nook anyway!)

    Keep writing, Ms. Diana!!

  11. I’ll have to tell my book club. I recommended Outlander in September which everyone really seemed to enjoy. In fact, several of them asked about the rest of the titles in the series since then. (I knew they would.)

  12. This offer is making it very tempting to buy a Kindle or a Nook! I’ve so far avoided ereaders but am certain that if I ultimately get one the very first books on it will be yours.

  13. Diana,

    I have loved reading your books about Jamie & Claire. They become a part of your life very easily. I can hardly wait until the next book comes out. I hope it’s not the last book but when it does come to an end I hope we will find the whole family, Jamie, Claire, Ian, Roger, Bree & their children & Fergus & his family, all together on the Ridge alive!

  14. I just purchased the hard copies of the first 7 books. I’m giving them as a gift and I need to tell my friend what order to read them in. I have it written down at home but need it today if possible! I know she will LOVE the Outlander series as much as I do. I’ve given the set of 7 books to about 8 people so far. It’s a great gift for serious readers! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPLY!!! JAN DAVIS

  15. Any idea why the kindle versions of all of your books are not on amazon currently? They all say pricing is not available for kindle edition, And the title is not available for US customers…


    • Dear Wendy–

      What on earth are you looking at? I’m looking at Amazon.com, and I see Allllllll the books, including the 7-book bundle, every single one with a price. And since it is Amazon.com, I’d be wildly surprised if they wouldn’t sell them to US customers.


      • Aha. They fixed it! Last night several of us were trying to purchase a book in the Outlander series and it wasn’t available, so we checked them all. None had any kindle pricing and had that message. We really aren’t crazy! Glad to see it is corrected :)

  16. Diana,
    Do you know if the bundle is still available through the amazon US store? I am trying to buy this for myMom for her birthday. Maybe if I know the country I can switch to that one to get the bundle.

  17. The bundle would have been great, except I have the series in Paperback and now on my Kindle as separate books as they were the very first books I downloaded when I received it. I am currently re-reading the 7th book for about the 3rd time :-)

  18. Dear Diana,

    I hope your books of Claire and Brianna will be a movie. They are amazing


  19. I love the Outlander series. I have listened to the first three books twice and have just begun The Drums of Autum. I am curious though, what happened to Furgus’ wife (Jamie’s step-daughter)? Did he leave her in Kingston?

  20. I treated myself with the 7-Book E-book Bundle last weekend. I read and reread the Dutch translation several times, but wanted the original version too. Maybe just to appreciate the language even more. I’m looking forward to part 8 WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD!


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