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Well, it’s like this. Over the last few years, I’ve written several novellas for various anthologies. (An anthology is a set of stories on a common theme, written by a number of different authors.) The thing is, anthologies don’t usually stay in print for a long time, so the stories will revert to the writer after some period of time—and then the writer can sell them again through other publishers or publishing venues.

My old stories are starting to come back to me (that sounds mildly sinister, doesn’t it? Like ghosts…), so I’m figuring out how to make them freshly available, since some anthologies are less easy to find now, and some readers don’t want to buy an anthology for the sake of one story by a favorite author.

Now, because publishing rights are Just Plain Weird, I have back the rights to publish some stories in some territories, but not (yet) in others. Basically, I have back the rights to four stories that can now be published in the UK (and Australia and New Zealand), but not all of these can yet be published in the US and Canada.

However, the US/Canada rights _are_ coming back, one at a time. So what I’ve done is to arrange to publish these four stories together IN BOOK FORM in the UK/Commonwealth this fall, and to publish each story separately as a stand-alone (i.e., “cheap” ) e-novella in the US/Canada, as each one becomes available. When I’ve got back _all_ the rights to the US/Canada, then the book-form with all four stories will be published in the US/Canada, too. [NB: When I say “Kindle” or “Ebook” below, I really mean _any_ e-reader: Kobo, Nook, Sony, whatever. You’d just have to consult your usual ebook source to see what the specific price is for anthologies—but the price for the standalone e-books is always $1.99, regardless.]

So below, I’ve listed each story, and with it, the various forms in which you may be able to get it. If you’re interested in any of these, pick the easiest/most interesting/most economical option—and have fun!

The novellas are:

“The Custom of the Army”

[This is a Lord John novella, set in 1759, involving an electric eel party, an ill-fated duel, and the Battle of Quebec. Originally published in the anthology WARRIORS, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. (Later this anthology was published in _three_ paperback volumes; “The Custom of the Army” is in WARRIORS 3. Evidently, people didn’t care for that approach, though; I see a new single paperback is being released in early 2013.)]

OK. You can get “The Custom of the Army”

1) as a stand-alone e-book (in the US/Canada, but _not_ in the UK/Commonwealth) for $1.99 through Amazon.com:

2) As part of the original anthology—hardcover, paperback, and Kindle edition—at Amazon prices ranging from $18.47 to $11.55 (you can likely find it used for less, as well).

3) Or (in the UK/Commonwealth, but _not_ (yet) the US/Canada) as part of A TRAIL OF FIRE—this is the book-length collection of “Four Outlander Tales,” as they put it.

Now, you _can_ order this book from Amazon.co.uk (or the Book Depository), even if you live in the US/Canada—but you can’t get the Kindle version of it unless you live in the UK/Commonwealth territory.

So these are your choices:

Stand-alone e-book ——– Original anthology ————- A TRAIL OF FIRE

$1.99 ————————- $18.47-$11.55 (later) ————— £10.44 – £7.99 (later)

US/Canada only ————- Anywhere (plus s/h) ————– Anywhere (plus s/h)

—————————–(Kindle only in US/C) ———— (Kindle UK/Com. Only)

“A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”
[This one is the story of Roger MacKenzie’s parents, Jerry and Marjorie (aka Dolly) during WWII. Events in this story tie in (briefly) to AN ECHO IN THE BONE. Originally published in SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH, edited by George R.R. Martin and Garder Dozois.]

This will be released as a stand-alone e-book in October (we hope), and will be included in A TRAIL OF FIRE. Your choices are:

Stand-alone e-book———-Original anthology———-A TRAIL OF FIRE

$1.99————————-$10.40 – $8.99—————£10.44 – £7.99

US/Canada only————–Anywhere (plus s/h)———–Anywhere (plus s/h)

————————— Ebook only in US/Can.———-Ebook only in UK/Com.

“Lord John and the Plague of Zombies”

[This deals with Lord John’s first journey to Jamaica, in charge of a battalion of soldiers meant to put down a slave rebellion. If only rampaging slaves were all he had to deal with… Originally published in DOWN THESE STRANGE STREETS, ed. George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. I won’t have the publication rights to this one back until April of 2013, so that’s when the standalone ebook will be available.]

Your choices:

Standalone E-book Original anthology A TRAIL OF FIRE

$1.99 $17.79 – $13.98 £10.44 – £7.99

US/Canada only Anywhere (plus s/h) Anywhere (plus s/h)

(Available 4/13) Kindle in US/Can. only Kindle UK/Com. Only

“The Space Between”

[This is a long—40,000 words—novella that takes place in 1778 (right after the events in AN ECHO IN THE BONE) and deals with Michael Murray (Young Ian’s older brother), Joan (Marsali’s younger sister), the Comte St. Germain, Mother Hildegarde, and a few others. This one was also written for an anthology—THE MAD SCIENTIST’S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION—but the anthology is not due for publication until Jan/Feb of 2013. That being so, I won’t get back the reprint rights for a year, so won’t be able to offer it as a standalone ebook before January of 2014.]

Your choices:

Original anthology (US _or_ UK)—————– A TRAIL OF FIRE

$15.25 – $10.98————————————£10.44 – £7.99

(No ebook listed yet)

OK. So—

IF you’re only interested in these stories, and not in anthologies, then you want the standalone ebooks if you’re in the US, and A TRAIL OF FIRE if you’re in the UK (though you can order the book in the US).

Price for all four as standalone ebooks is about eight bucks—but you’d have to wait a bit for the last two stories. If you’re not in a hurry, want to sample one before buying all of them, or are buying these to fill out your collection, probably your best bet if you live in the US.

If you’re interested in sampling other authors, the anthologies are the way to go.

And if you only want these stories, but you WANT THEM ALL _NOW_!!! –and don’t mind whether it’s a print book or ebook, then you probably want to order A TRAIL OF FIRE.

I know it’s confusing—I hope this helps!

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  1. Dear Diana, thank you for the news, I love your novellas as much as I love the long Outlander Series books. Will this book be avaiable on Audible to us in Europe? I am still very disappointed that I cannot purchase the audiobook of The Scottish Prisoner! Do you have any say in this matter, I would realy be obliged if you could help us European fans out.

  2. Bonjour!

    Well thank you to all who’ve responded. I had no idea the books could be downloaded to a regular home computer. I thought one needed an iphone, ipad, kindle…

    This truly shows the goodwill and appreciation of booklovers, a good book, and Diana Gabaldon fans!

    Merci beaucoup mes amies!


  3. I just inhaled The Scottish Prisoner. It was very compelling to read from Jamie’s persipective. I loved it, plain and simple! Thanks for the great reads! I just downloaded The Custom of The Army, still a little bleary eyed from marathon reading, but hungry for more. So happy to have finally logged onto your site
    It’s a great source of info. Your books make me laugh, cuss and cry out loud.

  4. Cannot wait for MOBY next year…thanks so much , Diana, for stories of Jamie and Claire. Am rereading
    An Echo In The Bone while recovering from very painful rotator cuff surgery…it is wonderful to lose myself in
    their lives for awhile each day. Thanks again, Carol

  5. Oh Okay I am confused, I guess that means buy a book.

    Thanks for the information.

    Have a nice day & Be Safe !!!!

    Susie O.

  6. I would LOVE to have a complete list of all your works! Including your stories for Mothers & Daughters, etc. I don’t think that Wikipedia even has a full list. It would be great if you could put this list here on your website.

    I have completion issues, and this list would make my OCD very happy! :-)

    Thank You!

    Karen Diaz

  7. I just pre-ordered from Amazon-UK, the Trail of Fire, and saw as recommended another pre-order, Red Ant’s Head…. tried to look it up, Diana could you elaborate?

    Thanks, a dachshund lover too…..

    • Dear Kris–

      Just Amazon-UK being idiots. RED ANT’S HEAD is the working title (won’t be the real title) of a contemporary mystery that I’m working on–or will be, once I’ve finished MOBY. [g]


  8. Thank you, Diana, for navigating all that copyright stuff and explaining all of this! I look forward to the hard copy in the U.S.

  9. I’m so so so so curious to know what the Doctor Who book is that you’re contributing to… Please tell me what it is so that I can order it immediately!

  10. Is Trail of Fire available in audio book?

  11. So Diana, I plan to go to the book signing on Oct. 23rd. Will you have books there that we can buy and have signed, or should I order The Trail of Fire through Amazon and bring it with me? Sorry if you have already explained this, I just want to make sure I have a book for you to sign :o)

    • Dear Julie,
      The Poisoned Pen has ordered copies from the UK publisher that Diana will be signing. Contact the Poisoned Pen to see how many copies they will have on-site for sale that evening. Last I heard, they had about 500 books preordered but I forget when the cut-off time is for pre-orders.

      You can reach them toll-free at: (888) 560-9919 or at sales@poisonedpen.com

      Good luck!

      Susan the Elf

    • Okay, got it. We’ll see you next week ;o)

  12. Hi!

    I cant wait to get your next book, just today i bought 8 books just to keep me occupied until the next one will be out :) Ironically its the Finnish reading&writing national-day :D

    But i just wanted everyone to listen a song what gives me the creeps by saying all the right things about J&C( mostly concerning book II) so i hope someone will actually listen:

    Stone sour – Hesitate

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your saga, its just the best!

  13. I am reading Sara Donati’s “Into the Wilderness”, published 1999. There is a segment mentioning Ian Murry, and Jamie and Clare, which I believe Diana didn’t write about until “Echo in the Bone” published 2010. How did you ladies co-ordinate this as early as 1999?

    • Dear Mary–

      To be accurate, there’s a two-paragraph bit where one of Donati’s characters mentions Claire, Jamie and Ian, as though they were read historical people. Sara wrote that way back when, after seeing me mention that at some future point, I meant to write about the Battle of Saratoga. She sent me the bit and asked whether it was all right for her to do that, and I said it was.


  14. Hi Diana,
    Have to say you are amazing. I have never in my life read something like these. I have since gotten many to read them as well. I’m in the US and trying to find these novelles… so far no such luck.. I hope someone has some news for me.. I don’t care if I have to get them from overseas. I just want to know when I can get them.
    Thanks much!

    • Candace
      I have just been notified that A Trail Of Fire has been shipped to me from the U.K. today. Finally, soon. If you have an acccount with Amazon already it is easy—amazon.com.uk. I hope that is helpful. Donna

  15. Diana,
    I am wondering if the Novella “Virgins” has been published yet and the name of the book it is in.


    • Dear Jeanie–

      No, it hasn’t. It was written for an anthology called DANGEROUS WOMEN, edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois, which–I’m told [cough]–is still waiting for a story by Someone Who Shall Be Nameless, but he isn’t known for his speed. [wry g]


  16. Hi – you note that “A Leaf on the Wind…” is available in ebook format in the US and Canada as of December 3rd. I see that it is available for per-order on Amazon.com, but I live in Canada, and I cannot pre-order from Amazon.com – I get a message that due to copyright law it is not available in Canada. When I search on iBooks or Kobo, it doesn’t even come up in my searches. Help! Is it even going to be available to those of us who are “North of the Border”?

    • Dear Debbie–

      I’ll check and see what I can find out!


    • I just purchased a copy of A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows from Kobo (I’m also in Canada). It is available for the Kobo format but if you want the Adobe DRM version, you might want to wait a few days as there is a problem with the download link. I just spent 45 minutes online chat ting with Kobo and they are aware of the issue and will notify the publisher to correct it. HTH.

  17. Since January 2014 will be upon us in no time I’m wondering if there is a release date for the ebook version of The Space Between? That will give me a little something to do while waiting for MOBY. :)

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