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A Nice Gesture From Audible.com!


In honor of my fans’ obvious enthusiasm , Audible.com told me they would put ALL of the OUTLANDER audiobooks (the main books of the series) on sale for $7.49 each, until May 1st! (If you have or create an audible.com account–if you don’t have one, it doesn’t cost anything to make one, and you don’t need to sign up for their monthly membership credits unless you want to–then you’ll see the sale price on the books when you go to the page.)

Here’s their message, with link to the sale:

Here’s the link to the Outlander sale page:

Anyone who is logged into an Audible account will see the $7.95 sale price; If you’re looking at the page and not logged into an account, you’ll see options to buy the audiobooks at full price or for $7.49 as part of signing up for Audible membership. (So it’s best to log in to an existing account or create a new one to take advantage of the sale!)”

Thanks to Audible.com!

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  1. Diana,
    It is so great that Audible has all of your audiobooks on sale and I hope many people take advantage of this. I have them all and listened to them as well as read the series many times. The audiobooks just add to the enjoyment and have helped me with the Gaelic. I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed the Outlander Series as well as the Lord John books. Thanks for creating these special characters!

  2. Diana, Karen Henry was very prompt to get this information out to her readers (your fans) several days ago. (Many thanks, Karen!) I got an Audible subscription for the primary reason of collecting your books, and this sale has allowed me to complete the Outlander set and save the monthly credits for your Lord John series. Davina Porter does an excellent job of imbuing the story with all the emotion your words inspire. Although I’ve read the books multiple times, I’ve found that listening to them adds a whole new dimension to the experience. Thank you, Audible, and THANK YOU, Diana, for creating such a wonderful, rich tale.

  3. I am very excited that these are on here, I have been using my credits to get them one at a time but at this price, I went ahead and got them all! I have read these book numerous time but really wanted to listen to them this time around. Great way to pass my drive!

    Thanks for letting us know they were out there!


  4. I was going to be finishing The Fiery Cross this week and be forced to wait until next month for my next “freebie.” Now I didn’t have to wait. I got the last two in the series — thus far — and I can get my J&C fix. I’m with Barbie — starting next month, Lord John! Thanks, Audible!

  5. Thanks for the heads up, Diana.

    I just bought all 7 Outlander books at Audible. I can now listen to them on my iPad 2 – just tried one – it’s SOOOOOO awesome!

    Once I have all the Kindle versions I’ll be set. No more sore arms – hahahahahaha.

    I LOVE how Audible has broken them into about 6 downloads per book. That is awesome. No excuses not to have a re-read now. :)



  6. Glorious! Ordered all 7 and am hearing important nuances my eyes never read. Thank you, Diana, and Davina and Audible for an experience beyond the words.

    • i have a list of D. Gabaldon books someone gave me late 90′s and would like to have them in audio but cannot figure out how to order. will audible.com or someone help me? Luci Garvin

  7. What a deal! I paid full price for all the Outlander novels and thought the normal price was reasonable. I encourage one and all to listen to some of the books. The narrator will become an important part of your Outlander experience. I first read all the books several times before downloading the audible.com books and will never regret it!

  8. BTW I tried the link you provided and it automatically logged me into my account and listed all seven books!

  9. I’m twenty years late, but here I am! I’ve discovered the Outlander series and I’m enthralled with the storyline of Claire and Jamie. I’m currently reading Dragonfly in Amber and have all the books on my iPad. Now I’ve joined Audible.com and bought the series at this awesome price. I started listening to Outlander and I enjoy the richness of Davina Porter’s voice; truly a connected experience to hear Outlander read to me after reading it first. Thank you so much for the heads-up!!

  10. Fantastic! I am a new Outlander fan – just halfway thru the first book. I just bought the whole series on this sale at Audible.

  11. That is great news. What I love about audible.com is that you always own the book. In other words, I can download a book I bought five years ago because it’s still in my library.

    Has anyone else had the experience with Amazon (I buy music through them) that your purchases seem to disappear after a couple of weeks? One time I messed up on a download and tried to download the music again, and it wouldn’t let me—told me I had already downloaded.

    Since Audible is owned by Amazon I can’t figure out why they have such different policy.

  12. I would have loved to have been able to buy the whole 8 audiobooks from Audible.com but unfortunately I live in Australia and am not eligible to join. When is the same offer going to apply to Australian readers and account holders at Amazon.
    Can you tell me where I could purchase the 8 audiobooks in Australia?

    • Hello Janet,
      As a fellow Australian I am similarly devastated by the fact that we are precluded from purchasing many of Diana’s mediums; e-books, audible etc. Please email me and I will give you a few tips on how to get some of the audiobooks. Cheers Janet

    • I live in Australia and was able to buy books 1-5 and 7 in the sale, only book 6 was region restricted for some reason. Sale is over but you still might be able buy books or try Audible’s UK site

  13. Note to all: All seven of the Outlander books are now in their unabridged format and read by Davina Porter… and normally cost 2 credits on Audible. Take advantage of this sale now and buy all of them! I used credits to purchase all seven and love re-listening to them :-)

  14. I have been listening to the Fraser books for over a decade.! First rented from recorded books ( cassette tapes) then getting the DVDs from the library (copying them onto my hard drive) then finally purchased from audible ( have membership). They are my go to books. Davina Porter is such an excellant actor/narrator, you know who is talking without having to be told( ie:young Ian said). I listen to the complete series( avaiable) at least once a year. When I need comfort, calming, I Will stop what I am listening too and start the series. I cannot sit still so when ever I am doing anything which does not take true brain power , gardening, cleaning, painting, about most everything, I have my friends from the Fraser books in my ear( via IPod). I recommend everyone buying the books at such a great price. Believe me,even paying full price as I have over the years, they are a true bargin! Not just because I am also a Fraser,, born today( may 1st) as Jamie . They are truly a treasure!

  15. Absolutely love the audiobooks- am very happy they were able to get Davina Porter as narrarator for the entire series so far. Very enjoyable, great for commutes and working around the house and when you simply want to listen and not physically read!

  16. Just grabbed all 7 Outlander books – Such a Deal! I have them on CD, but fear that format will degrade or disappear sooner than I would like.

    Davina Porter is such a terrific reader. And she has such terrific material to read, thanks to you!

  17. I wonder if you know when the UK Audible will have ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes’ (unabridged) available? I’m quite a long way through ‘The Fiery Cross’ and am starting to panic that soon I will not have anything to listen to whilst I do the housework! They have book 7 (which I have already downloaded just in case it disappeared again!), just not book 6. I only discovered these books a couple of years ago (to be honest, I chose the first one because it was the longest thing I could get for one credit on Audible, so therefore good value!) and am absolutely hooked. They are fantastic and I have so enjoyed listening to them – thank you for writing them!

  18. I am thoroughly enjoying the Outlander series in audiobook form, but unfortunately my husband cannot find the Spanish audiobooks anywhere. Could you let us know where they can be purchased? Here in Chile where we live there could be a great demand for these Spanish audiobooks. They are wonderful in English!

    • Dear Laura–

      Alas, I don’t believe there _are_ any Spanish audiobooks of the series. You might write to the Spanish publisher and see if they’re interested in the audio rights; I don’t think there was any market at all for audiobooks when those contracts were originally done.


  19. This was such a great offer!! I had listened to the audio via library loan and wanted own them. Now I have them all!!! Happy Mother’s Day to me!!

    Thanks for sharing about this Diana! I travel internationally with my job and now I can take your lovely books where ever I go.

  20. I’ve been listening to the audio books (bought them all during the Audible sale!).

    Even though I’ve read your series at least a dozen times, hearing them makes *such* a difference. I’m currently listening to Dragonfly in Amber and am just past the point where Rupert has died. I cried. I knew it was coming, I’ve read it before, but when I listened to it, the spoken words turned me into a puddle of goo…

    I cannot recommend the audio books enough! Davina Porter is truly a gem!

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