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Why, Yes, We Had a Very Nice Christmas

Hope y’all had a happy holiday, too!

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  1. A shark in the dining room must have a story! Christmas was wonderful my husband and I were able to celebrate with our kids…parents…and our very first grandchild…that was the BEST gift ever!

    • I am nit sure how to post to a blog as this is my first one and I just got a new iPad so please forgive any spelling errors! Just finished reading The Scottish Prisoner! My soul had been aching for a new good read! Well done Dianna!

    • Diana,
      Greetings and Salutations for the new year of 2012 to you and yours. Congratulations on the Outlander Series. In stumbling about, searching for something interesting to read, I came across the Outlander. Next came Dragonfly in Amber, which I am presently 3/4 of the way to finish.
      How beautiful you write. Are you English, perhaps? I am a poet of many years (stuck in the 18th Century of rhyme and Meter). I am presently writing my first novel which is defined as Crime/Fiction with a sub-plot of Mystery. I’m about 85,000 words to date and should be finished by the end of 2012, hence time to began pre-publish marketing. I am sending this note along just to say how much I enjoy your writing and have no doubt I shall read the entire series, then move into your other works. I am delighted with the down to earth characters and feel right at home with them. Clair being the favorite, of course.

      Be well Diana, you have a new fan in me, as I am gobbling up your words with gusto and relish.


    • Have a Wonderful Holiday Gabaldon Clan!!!

    • Hi, I was wondering if there was a list of where/ what books to find the short stories you have written about characters in Outlander? I would like to read them, but I don’t know where to look or what books to buy?
      Thank you so much!

      Happy New Year!


      • Dear Rhonda–

        Many of them are listed under the “WRITING” tab on the home page, but the ones in progress or that haven’t yet come out aren’t. I’ll do up a little blogpost on them soon, with a list.


      • Diana,

        Thank you! I look forward to it!

  2. Oh, is that the shark from last years Doctor Who Christmas special?
    I loved that one but this years was great too.
    Hope you had some lovely days with your family. :)

  3. So, either you have a live crow/raven or several stuffed ones at your house (which looks very interesting in and of itself.) There has GOT to be a story here.

  4. Is that a real crow? A pet? I had a friend years ago who had one. They are very smart and loyal friends.

    • Dear Julie–

      {g} No, it’s a) a raven, and b) a bronze sculpture (one of four in that room) by Jim Eppler, who does wonderful wildlife bronzes, based on extensive behavioral observations.


  5. Does the shark have special meaning to you? & Christmas?

  6. Oh, lovely family celebration.
    The shark looks like wonderful fun.
    Just curious, what is the painting showing on the lower left of the bottom picture? Looks like it might be a portrait.

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! It looks like your daughter gets the same magazines/catalogs that I get. I thought the shark was pretty cool when I first saw it but I wasn’t sure how well it would work and judging by your pictures, it appears to work really well! And he’s a lot bigger than I expected. How excellent and thank your daughter for me because now I’m definitely going to pick that up for my neice (well…and maybe one for myself too).

    • I saw a news segment about the fish/sharks that follow a person around in a house, etc. I think it would be a really cool gift. Where on earth do you find them? Thanks!

  8. All the best to you and your family in 2012, Diana! :)


  9. A shark for Christmas entertainment…hmmm. Very interesting:) Glad you had fun and Happy New Year! Alana

  10. Diana:
    Wishing you a wonderful 2012. With a wedding to plan, books to write, appearances all over the place I’m sure it will be eventful.

    Health, Wealth and Happiness to you and yours!


  11. I have a couple of friends who gave their children the shark for Christmas and they really enjoy them :) However, one friend had to purchase another for her daughter. Apparently they are not meant for outside use and it “swam” away LOL

    Many blessings to you and yours for 2012.

  12. Blessing to you and your family in 2012 Diana.

    What a wonderfully bright room your Dining Room is, it looks like a perfect place to have ravens and sharks swimming around in. :)

  13. Would like to know when your next book in the series (following Echo) is to be published. Anticipation is at times overwhelming.

    Happy New Year


    • Dear Peter–

      The next book is called WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD. I’m working on it–have been for awhile {g}–and am hoping to finish it by the end of 2012. (That doesn’t mean it’ll be _published_ then, but probably pretty soon after I finish writing it.)


      • Diana,

        I just finished reading “The Scottish Prisoner”, I loved it and am anxiously awaiting the 8th book in the Outlander series. I got the first book from the series in a “well” package that someone gave me before I had surgery. I fell in love with it and have since re read them all. I am constantly looking for books to tide me over until your next comes out. I must confess that I’ve read a few that I like very much, but none compare to Claire and Jamie’s adventures. I feel as though you’ve spoiled me and I am unable to find anything that quite measures up.

        I love the way you add real life events and actual locations. The way you’ve also incorpated the way the people really would have sounded only adds to the realistic feel of the story. I apologize for rambling, I just wanted to Wish you a Happy New Year for you and yours and let you know how much joy your books have brought to mine!

  14. Dear Diana,

    on the last day of the year I want to say a heartfelt “Thank you!!!” from a mother of three from Germany who had a nice family-epidemy in december… your books lifted up my spirit every free minute.

    For you and your family the best wishes for 2012 and many happy readings, too!


    Irina Wistoff

  15. Have A wonderful NYE, Diana!
    Thank U for yrs of reading enjoyment!

  16. Re the shark: Someone shops at ThinkGeek! A family after my own heart! : )

  17. Thank you Diana for sharing your life with us who so love your writing and stories….
    Here is hoping that you have a wonderful year to come…
    by the way…
    I have been listening to Loreena McKennitt alot lately and I was wondering if you had ever thought of her music as a background to Claire and Jamie’s story? So much of it fits so well…maybe someday it might be in the soundtrack?
    Just a thought….
    Happy New Year!!

  18. My son got the Air Swimmer shark too! Been loads of fun. He pretends its the shark from Doctor Who. That’s his fab show !!!

  19. I had a wonderful Christmas thanks in part to the signed bookplates that I received for a present! I happened to mention to my aunt that I’d always wanted some from you for all of my Outlander books, but I had never sent away for them for myself. It was great to find them waiting for me. Thanks so much for being a part of my Christmas!

  20. Diana,
    Happy New Year!
    All the best,

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