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Signed Books in Time for Christmas!

Thank you VERY much! Thanks to all of you who’ve bought and been enjoying THE SCOTTISH PRISONER—I’ve just been told that the book has hit the New York Times Bestseller List, after only one week on sale! We’ll be #8 on the list (not the Dec. 8th list, but the one that appears on Dec. 15th; they compile the lists a week ahead), and I couldn’t be more pleased. Moran Taing! means “Thank You!” in Gaelic, and so Moran Taing to all of you!

Speaking of Gaelic, one of the Author’s Notes in THE SCOTTISH PRISONER tells you that there are sound files of the Gaelic bits from the book on this website, so you can hear what it really sounds like, spoken by native speakers. Those Gaelic bits _will_ be up here very shortly, but the wonderful Cathy MacGregor, who did the recording and is doing the phonetic pronunciation guide to go along with them, discovered several more bits in the book that hadn’t been recorded yet. She’s doing those with the aid of Catherine-Ann MacPhee and Kevin Dooley (the native speakers who helped with all the translations), and the whole thing will be up within just a few days. Thanks for your patience, too!

Now—if I may—a few administrative details, for those of you who might want signed books (THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Edition, THE EXILE, or any of the other books) for Christmas:

CHANGING HANDS Event – December 12th, 7 PM

For those of you in the Phoenix area–I’ll be doing the last “live” signing event of 2011 at The Changing Hands Bookstore, an independent bookseller in Tempe, AZ.

Here is their link to the event, with directions.

For Those of You NOT in the Area:

The Poisoned Pen is my local independent bookstore, who kindly handle autographed sales for me all year (I don’t have any financial stake in the bookstore; I just approve of independent bookstores {g}). They’ll ship any of my books, any format (hardcover, trade paperback, mass-market paperback, audiobook CDs) anywhere in the world. It does, however, take some _time_ to ship books places, especially at this time of year.

So the people at the Pen would like me to tell you that December 16th is their cutoff date for ordering autographed books to be delivered in time for Christmas (in the US; the situation may be different for foreign shipments, but it depends where the shipment is going). If you order books after that, you’ll certainly still get them signed or inscribed (I go by the Pen every week to sign orders and stock), but they may not arrive by Dec. 25th.

Here is the link for autographed SCOTTISH PRISONER books,

And here is the link for the backlist,

And here is the link for the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Edition!

The Poisoned Pen wanted me also to include this request: “When placing the online order, please write your desired inscription in the Instructions field.” That will make it easier for them to track your book and make sure you get the right inscription.

Nollaig Chridheil! (That’s Gaelic for Merry Christmas!)

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  1. Ciamar a ha sibh?
    Still waiting for the Gaelic recordings. I also use the Scot’s Gaelic in my novels and have the opportunity to have Gaelic speakers on the Isle of Barra (where I visit friends every year) help me. I once spent over two hours in the Historical Museum on Barra while the clerk (a Gaelic speaker) went through countless dictionaries to find a particular phrase I wanted to use. Interesting about your friend from Harris. The Outer Hebrides is my favorite destination in Scotland. The folk are so hardy, friendly, and tied to the land, that it humbles me. I agree with them when they say that there is no finer place to live than in the Western Isles surrounded by the ocean, with an endless sky above.

    Tapadh leat,

  2. I’ve been trying for ages to find a link to the spoken (recorded) Gaelic promised in 2011. Was it ever done and posted? How can I find it? I’m eager to hear what all the words and phrases from the books sound like. I am on the verge of purchasing one of the audio books recorded by Davina, if there is no other way, but they are sooooo expensive! We do have the one lesson in Sassenach from Sam/Jamie, and for that I am grateful, but we need more, please…

    • Dear Marli–

      No, alas. I’m afraid our Gaelic sources encountered technical problems in trying to produce adequate sound files, and we haven’t yet managed. I have hopes that we may eventually get Gaelic sound files for _all_ the bits in _all_ the books, but for now, the best I can do is refer you to this: http://tinyurl.com/SpeakOutlander

      • Ten years later, I guess this is permanently scrapped. So disappointing! If it IS available, please send a link!

        If no other method works, is it still possible to produce it as an “audiobook”?

      • Hi,

        Everything online is old after ten years! I don’t think the hardcover edition of THE SCOTTISH PRISONER is available any more. However, the paperback and digital audiobook are (see below) in the U.S.A. (and likely other countries too).

        If you want a new book signed by Diana, you can always go to the Poisoned Pen’s online store and search for any title at:


        I am assuming you want a copy of THE SCOTTISH PRISONER or the 20th Anniversary Edition of OUTLANDER, since that is what the blog above mentions?

        The Poisoned Pen still has new copies of the paperback edition of THE SCOTTISH PRISONER for purchase at $18 plus mailing cost. The ones in stock today are not signed. If you’d like to get one signed by Diana, send the Pen an email at sales@poisonedpen.com and tell them you’d like to buy a copy of THE SCOTTISH PRISONER and you want Diana to sign it before sending it to you, if possible. There is no charge for her signature. It will likely take a few weeks or more to get it signed, depending on when Diana is able to go sign orders.

        To order a new UNSIGNED copy directly ($18 plus shipping), go to:


        Call the Pen toll free at (888) 560-9919
 during business hours if you want to talk to a human.

        THE SCOTTISH PRISONER is still available as a digital audiobook from Audible, if you use that service, at:


        Even Barnes & Noble sells both the digital audiobook and the paperback:


        No doubt itunes still has it too.

        As to buying it on CD, you’d have to check around.

        If you were wanting a copy of the 20th anniversary edition of OUTLANDER, those look to be out of stock. Ask the Pen about it if you email them.

        Send me an email if you have other questions.

        Good luck!

        Diana’s Webmistress

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