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Happy Release Day to the UK!

Theoretically, THE SCOTTISH PRISONER was released in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand today (well…December 1. I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still Dec. 1 for me). I _know_ it was released November 29th in the US, because we had a delightful launch party for it, and people have apparently been enjoying it ever since. Hope y’all enjoy it!

I did hear from several people that they had received emails from Barnes and Noble, informing them that their books hadn’t shipped yet, “because the release date had changed.” {ahem} Far be it from me to say that a respectable large bookstore chain lies like a rug, but I also have a number of photos sent me by readers, proudly showing off their new books–not a few of which sport B&N “20% Off Bestseller” stickers.

Now, they may possibly not have ordered _enough_ copies, and thus be trying to prevent people canceling their orders and buying the book elsewhere while they scramble to get more–I’m sure couldn’t say as to their possible motives–but I _can_ say that the book is out.

Hope you enjoy it whenever and however you get it!

And Many, Many Thanks to Elenna Loughlin, who provided the beautiful author’s photo–which I include here, because the UK readers tell me it isn’t on the trade paperback edition that they mostly get, and they should get to enjoy it, too.

Now, for those of you who’ve already reached the Author’s Notes, there is a note there to the effect that we have sound files of the Gaelic bits, _and_ phonetic pronunciations, and those will be available here. They _will_, but probably not before the end of the weekend–I’m madly finishing a novella (“The Space Between”) and the wonderful Cathy MacGregor is working on the pronunciations in the interstitces of her own work. But they _will_ be up here, as soon as we can manage it!

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  1. I´m sorry if my english is not too good. I would like to know if the scotish prsioner will be translate in spanich lenguage. Only the book A private matter has been traslated… and i would like read all the book about John Grey.

    • Dear Marija–

      I don’t know–though if they translated PRIVATE MATTER, they almost certainly have BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE and SCOTTISH PRISONER under contract as well, and those books will emerge in time!


  2. Hi Donna,

    I got my copy at CostCo, it was waiting there on the 29th! Sadly have not had time to start reading it yet, making dolls clothes for the grand and great-grand kids. Love your beautiful picture, Diana. I also got the anniversary OUTLANDER book (again at Costco) and have decided to re-read the series — yummy reading for me after the holidays! Thanks so much, Diana, for all these fabulous books


  3. Hi Diana,

    Received my Scottish Prisoner on my kindle on the evening of the 1st December Australian time. What a great book u have written, well done again girl !!. Read it in under a week, couldn’t put it down, stayed up till late reading. Sadly i had to go to work during my daytime.

    Merry Christmas to u and ur family also .


  4. Hi Diana,

    Imagine my delight when I was able to pick up a copy of The Scottish Prisoner on the 28th November from a book store in Liverpool, UK….I was happy dancing all the way home !!

    For Jamie Fraser devotees, Scottish Prisoner is like a gift from the Gods –

    With eyes aching from weariness, I stayed up long and late in order to finish, and yet dreaded reaching the end….I’m so grateful that because of your skill as a story teller, I have been allowed a glimpse into the life of this charismatic Scottish prisoner…

    Thank you , Thank you, Thank you !

    Merry Christmas


  5. Due to December-holiday-full-schedule I only got to buy the book a few days ago in my local SF/Fantasy bookstore in Stockholm, Sweden.
    I’m maybe halfway though (again, holiday season and still full time job prevents me from reading all nights…) but I just want to tell you I love it. Deep characters with true feeling and lots of wit, my fellow commuters are looking strangely at me when I laugh on the train to work… Only too bad it’s not as long as some of your other wonderfully heavy pieces, it won’t last me long enough!

    Thank you again for writing books I want to read and re-read over and over again!

  6. Diana,
    I just received The Scottish Prisoner from my daughter for Christmas. I was so looking forward to it since The Echo in the Bone. I have read just a few pages, up to page 50 roughly, and I know I will enjoy the rest of it. I have loved all of the Outlander series. I have come to discover that alas, The Scottish Prisoner is not in the Outlander series. It is more aquainted with The Lord John Grey series. I am just a little disappointed. I was so looking forward to finding out what happens to Bree, Roger, and Jemmy, let alone Claire in her current predicament, that I am having a hard time appreciating The Scottish Prisoner. It does drive me crazy to abandon a book so I know I won’t do that but. I was sure looking forward to finding about the rest of the story after The Echo in the Bone. Do you know when you will be releasing a continutation ( I hope!) for that book?
    I do love your writing style and it is my #1 recommendation to anyone when they are looking for something to read. I am just so curious to find out about the rest of the 20th century clan.
    I have read and re-read your books over and over again and will continue to do so.

    Your eager reader,

  7. Hi Diana

    My 70 year old mother and I are such big fans of yours and we love reading about Jamie and Claires adventures. My mother has read the Outlander series three times already and I’ve just started a second time around. We are both hungry for the next book and try to keep the power of the characters alive by reading the series over and over again.

    PLEASE from us (mainly my mother)… don’t kill off Jamie and Claire. Can Jamie perhaps step through the stones to be with Claire? Or live on through Roger and Briana’s adventures?

    from two Hopeful Romantics

  8. I just wanted to say that i have just finished the first book, “outlander” and i LOVED IT!!!!!!! I have never read a book that effected me so deeply. It is an incredible love story and i have such a deep connection to the characters. I can not wait to begin the book. i was introduced to the series from a co-worker who is on book seven, i think. I have to admit that the beginning was a bit slow but i am so glad i stuck with it. The part that really started to “get me” was when jamie brings Claire back to the rocks after learning who she really is….. i was so upset thinking he would send her back with out a word. What a selfless act of love. Thank god she stayed ad realized she loved him too. Anyway, i really hope you continue to write because from what i have seen so far, this is an amazing series. I also wanted to comment on the prospect of a miniseries or movie. I too feel that either would really bring the characters to life and i hope Essential Entertainment does something with this….soon!!!! My feeling is that a miniseries would be better than a movie given that you would get more of the detail from the book that would be lost with a movie. Finally, i realize you have no say in who would play jamie, but my vote is with Kevin McKidd. He is scottish, redhead, left handed and a burly kind of guy. i also think that he could totally pull off a 22 year old jamie. Back in that time, everyone looked older anyway due to the harder way of life.

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