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The Poisoned Pen bookstore (bless their independent little hearts {g}) is hosting the launch party for THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, due to be released November 29th. This will be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, AZ (because we haven’t been able to fit the launch-party crowds into the bookstore since THE FIERY CROSS) at 7 PM on (reasonably enough) November 29th. (Party actually starts at 6 – I come on at 7-ish.)

I’ll be talking and signing books, and I believe food and drinks will be available (provided by the hotel on a cash basis). Now, I will have signed a thousand (or so) books before the event, so that people who only want a signed copy don’t have to stand in line. But if you want a personalized or inscribed copy, I’m more than happy to sign one (or two or three, if you’re doing your Christmas shopping…). (And certainly you can take pictures of me or with me, if you’d like to.)

The EVENT IS FREE (!!!)—but one caveat: books to be signed have to be purchased _from_ the Poisoned Pen. (This is only fair; they’re paying for the event, and the Gold Ballroom at the Biltmore don’t come cheap.) You don’t need to buy the book ¬_at_ the event; if you want to buy one earlier in the day (so you can start reading {g}), just keep your receipt when you bring the book to be signed. (But you can’t bring books bought via Amazon or Costco, for instance. Support your independent bookstore!)

If you can’t come to the party (alas!), but would like your book personalized or inscribed, this is no problem. Just email Patrick@poisonedpen.com and let him know what you want; if at all possible, I’ll sign the inscription orders before the party so they can be shipped out right away.

See you there! (And if you’re not there, I hope you’ll enjoy the book and lift a glass to join us in spirit. Slainte mhath!

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  1. I will be there in spirit, here at home drinking my spirits.

  2. All the best to those of you able to make the signing!

    Diana, will The Scottish Prisoner become available through Audible? I didn’t see it listed in their coming soon section…I also noticed it would be released 11/29/11 through Amazon-for those of you interested.

    When you get some time-please advise regarding Audible’s release. I thank you for all of your wonderful books. I began reading them when you first released Outlander here in the states.

    Loretta Remington

  3. Congratulations on so many amazing books..just love reading them and disappear into them when they first come out! Too far from Phoenix to attend (Ontario, Canada), however, have ordered and will anxiously await the arrival! Thank you, again, for such fabulous stories! Will face southwest and raise one here in honour!

    Heather Dahmer

  4. Alas, like many others living north of the 49th I will be unable to attend. Hopefuly audible will be on board and I will be listening to the SP on the 29th along with everyone else who will be reading.
    I did want to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing and unusual generosity towards your fans. Also thank your other half for his patience,and for sharing you with all of us so often. All the best for your launch. I know it will be a success.

  5. My husband has been devastated ever since I picked up Echo in the Bone at our grocery store up north – all my free time has been spent with Jamie Fraser!
    I have since read books 1-5 of the Outlander series, truly an an amazing body of work. I can’t wait to get started on Lord John and this one with Mr. Fraser is sure to entertain (although probably with less romance, given the absence of Claire, no?).
    Thank you,, Diana Gabaldon!
    - A new fan

  6. I will be there!!! My best friend (also an Outlander fan) and my boyfriend conspired together to surprise me with this trip for my birthday! What’s more, explaining my love for the series, and professional respect for its author, they gathered contributions from friends and family to pay for it. I am excited beyond words as I’ve never been to any of your events. I have read the series (and the Lord John books) through twice, and have introduced 6 new readers to Jamie and Claire — one of whom is on tour in Afghanistan! I am very excited – it will be a wonderful experience! :)

  7. Love Jamie and Clair. Am rereading the seven books in the Outlander series. Eagerly waiting for the eighth! Wish I could be there for the book signing.

  8. I convinced my husband to wear a kilt to the Renaissance Faire last weekend and so my Jamie and Claire fantasy was …fulfilled. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful series, I am a total Outlander. Have a wonderful book launch!

    Lucky me, I had ordered SP in Paris and received it some time ago.
    The book adds another wonderful layer of depth to LJ and Jamie, and offers an interesting plot,
    with surprises, of course.

    And there is laughter: lucky fish, indeed!

  10. Diana! I’m currently engrossed in reading my Outlander collection sequentially … currently in middle of The Fiery Cross. Had to get Scottish Prisoner … love to have something special to look forward to! Thank you! It’s always a treat to enjoy a moment, or fifteen, on vacation here at home with Jamie & Co! Ah … the book, the cat and the cookies … I’m happy!
    Your books are so fat (yay!), the bag of cookies never quite lasts, but our peaceable silver tabby, Quicksilver (aka Quickie) never leaves!

  11. First off i want to thank you for the majic of the Outlander series as well as Lord John Grey.I am a devoted fan to the adventure, excitement, history, and and all the beloved characters you have shared with us. My question to you is who has been chosen for the rolls of Jamie and Claire Fraser in the up coming series we are all waiting for? Thank you Bonita

    • Dear Bonita–

      Well, nobody, since at the moment there _isn’t_ a series. I don’t know what y’all are smoking, I really don’t…

      No, sorry [g]–I imagine you were misled by all the hoo-ha going on on my Facebook page. Since so many people seem to think it’s utterly fascinating to discuss casting possibilities, the administrators of the page decided to let them do just that, and are holding a sort of ongoing fantasy-casting-call. Personally, I’m hiding out from the whole thing.


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