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The Poisoned Pen bookstore (bless their independent little hearts {g}) is hosting the launch party for THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, due to be released November 29th. This will be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, AZ (because we haven’t been able to fit the launch-party crowds into the bookstore since THE FIERY CROSS) at 7 PM on (reasonably enough) November 29th. (Party actually starts at 6 – I come on at 7-ish.)

I’ll be talking and signing books, and I believe food and drinks will be available (provided by the hotel on a cash basis). Now, I will have signed a thousand (or so) books before the event, so that people who only want a signed copy don’t have to stand in line. But if you want a personalized or inscribed copy, I’m more than happy to sign one (or two or three, if you’re doing your Christmas shopping…). (And certainly you can take pictures of me or with me, if you’d like to.)

The EVENT IS FREE (!!!)—but one caveat: books to be signed have to be purchased _from_ the Poisoned Pen. (This is only fair; they’re paying for the event, and the Gold Ballroom at the Biltmore don’t come cheap.) You don’t need to buy the book ¬_at_ the event; if you want to buy one earlier in the day (so you can start reading {g}), just keep your receipt when you bring the book to be signed. (But you can’t bring books bought via Amazon or Costco, for instance. Support your independent bookstore!)

If you can’t come to the party (alas!), but would like your book personalized or inscribed, this is no problem. Just email Patrick@poisonedpen.com and let him know what you want; if at all possible, I’ll sign the inscription orders before the party so they can be shipped out right away.

See you there! (And if you’re not there, I hope you’ll enjoy the book and lift a glass to join us in spirit. Slainte mhath!

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  1. Congratulations on what promises to be another best seller! I would love to attend the party, but alas, too far away to fit in my budget. I will think of you while reading!

  2. See you there. The last one for Echo was phenomenal. Best to get there before the doors open at 6pm. I called Poisoned Pen long ago to have my copies ready & waiting for me. Very much looking forward to it.

  3. I’ll keep the Old Pulteney at hand!

    Just wondering though; do you know if The Scottish prisoner will be translated to Swedish?

  4. I cannot be there (as being a farmer with milking cows etc and living in Notrhern Europe) but I’ll raise a glass of whisky for you. I wish I could be there. I hope that you and everybody present have a wonderfull evening & night :)

    • Hi!

      It’s a shame I can’t make it either, I’m in Chile at the moment. But I will definitely raise a glass and join the occasion in spirit! ;) Have a great night Diana& everyone attending.

  5. Yeah! It should be so good. I have the day off, but to far and too much for the budget to make it there. Have a great time!

  6. Cheers to you Diana! Thank you for what is sure to be another fabulous book. I live in Canada and will be unable to attend but I will be there in thought. Can’t wait to read the book,hope the launch-party is wonderful!

  7. Sounds like a great evening…Slainte! I have the book on order from my library as my finances do not permit the purchase…yet…I am very anxious to read it! I am also anxious for book 8 and I know you are diligently writing away! Blessings and have a wonderful evening!

  8. It is with deepest sorrow that I must decline your most gracious invitation. There are far too many miles between me and thee, but thanks to Amazon and my kindle, and most especially you, I will be quite content getting lost in the pages of this book on the night in question.

  9. There have been delays with our renovations which precluded the ability to travel to distant parts. Now if the roofers aren’t delayed too much with the 9″ of snow that was dumped upon us yesterday, we may, actually be able to travel to New Mexico. Now that is a much shorter hop, skip and jump to Phoenix, so if I do some fast talkin’ I might be able to attend. (Probably wishful thinking on my part!) *G*

    I wish you a delightful evening with your many fans. I’ll raise a special glass, albeit a couple of thousand miles away, at 7:00 pm MST, in your honour and the assured success of The Scottish Prisoner.


  10. It sounds like a great time will be had by all! I am eagerly waiting for my copy of the Scottish Prisoner from the Poisoned Pen. Thank you for all your hard work. Your books are so enjoyable to read!

  11. Are you sending plane tickets? Really wish I could, but Arizona is just too far away.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on an actual copy of the book!


  12. P.S. Surely you know I’m only kidding about the plane tickets. My attempt to add a *g, d&r* didn’t work.


  13. I’m starting to get excited about this new Lord John book. It won’t replace reading Book VIII but sounds like it will do a lot to make Diana’s fans happy.

  14. I am planning to be there. My book is on reserve. It amazes me how many of Diana’s fans DO come to these events from out of state. I am eagerly awaiting book 8 and the novella as well as Scottish Prisoner. I have read the series several times and I never get tired of them. I always find something I missed in an earlier reading. Thank you, Diana.

    • I hope to be there as well. I have long wanted to participate in a Poisoned Pen book signing and this is too perfect! Well, except that it’s a school night for me. I’ll grade papers in line, eh?

  15. Hope you all have a great evening on the 29th. I really wish I could be there (live in New Zealand).
    Thanks for remembering those of us who can’t make it Diana. I can’t wait to start this book!

  16. It’s a shame there is no circle nearby that would transport me there – have a fabulous launch! I’m waiting with bated breath to get my hands on The Scottish Prisoner and escape into Jamie’s world again.

  17. Diana,
    I find your offer to personally inscribe books, and the fact that you sign a 1000 books prior to an event such as this one, incredible and amazing! You are very generous and considerate to spend hours of time, and physical effort, signing your books for your loyal readers (AND, for generously helping out your local bookseller!). Does your hand and arm get tired? I hope your gorgeous husband gives you a much needed massage after all of this hard work. Cheers, and have a great time at the Poisoned Pen event on the 29th!

  18. Would really love to be there but like many, too far away, etc.! Love your characters and all your books, novelettes and so on, which means I love your work. I actaully cackle so hard on some of the text that I think I may be losing my mind. But then, end up crying on others! Thank you for it all, and have a wonderful time.

  19. Diana

    Sorry I can’t be there, to far from Toronto! Have a great night and hope that they deliver enough books to Costco, because when they arrive in a couple of days are gone and they don’t replace them which is a pitty if you want to buy more as gifts.

  20. I would love to be there to celebrate with you and all your fans, but as I live a wee bit too far for a quick trip, I will raise my glass to you and thank Patrick for helping me with my order from the store. Slainte!!

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