• “The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting 'Scrooge McDuck' comics.”—Salon.com
  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


Many, many thanks to the kind folks at Recorded Books and Audible.com, who rushed to put together a contract, and who pushed THE FIERY CROSS to the front of the 170-book queue waiting to be uploaded to Audible.com!

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  1. Hi all,
    thought I would share this wonderfully, hilarious, Scottish Kilt song with all my mutual Jamie friends.


  2. I’m new to this, but have been reading your books for years. After “A Breath of Snow and Ashes”, where does Jamie and Claire go? Is there another book after that, or does it continue with Lord John?

    Thank you so much for your books. I have really enjoyed them.


    • Dear JoAnna–

      The next book about Jamie, Claire (and quite a few other people) is AN ECHO IN THE BONE. It came out in 2009, followed by THE EXILE (an Outlander graphic novel) in 2010. THIS year, you get THE SCOTTISH PRISONER–a sort of hybrid novel, something between the Big books of the series and the shorter Lord John-focused ones. THE SCOTTISH PRISONER is set in 1760, and is an adventure/crime/historical novel featuring Jamie Fraser and Lord John Grey in equal measure. Claire is also frequently present, if only in spirit.


  3. does anyone out there know what book Roger Mac gets hung in? have read the series in a hap hazard manner and know that this is the only book that i’ve missed.
    HELP! : )

  4. So the final question – since Scottish Prisoner is really and truly being recorded – WHEN will Audible offer it? It’s not available for preorder, which I just checked into AGAIN.

    I just finished my fourth listen/read through the series and I too was listening to the 47 Fiery CDs downloaded to my iPod. Got the audible version – much better playback.
    I have my cousin’s daughter hooked and she tries to only listen while in the car so as to not neglect the family. The problem – she stays in the garage or dirves around the block several times until the end of a chapter. Sooo funny!

    • Dear Linda–

      Amazon.com is showing the audiobook version available for pre-order. Perhaps Audible.com just hasn’t listed it yet? It _is_ done, though–I saw a copy of the CD version in a local bookshop yesterday, when I stopped by to sign books.


  5. Hi

    For people wanting to buy books on Amazon.com when they live outside America, I managed to purchase Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman by adding an American address to my Amazon account. Even though my credit card details had my Australian address it worked fine. I received the ebook automatically when it was released on 4 October instead of waiting until it was released in Australia in November.
    I hope this helps some of you who can’t purchase Diana’s books because of the ridiculous restrictions publishers place on us just because we don’t live where they want to sell their books.

  6. Please tell me why we can’t get Fiery Cross (unabridged) and Breath of Snow and Ashes (unabridged) from Audible.com in Australia? Any idea when these book versions might be available on something like ITunes?

    I just love all the books and do lots of long driving travel with my work and love listening to all your books and would love to get these two onto my Ipod!

    • Dear Betjh–

      I’m sorry–I don’t _know_ why. You’d have to ask the UK publisher for those two books; that would be Random House UK–or ask Audible.


      • Hello Diana, do you remember that’s something we “talked” about not too many weeks before. Your answer then was you would meet some “high-ranking” people (publishers?) towards end of Nov. and you would ask them, why there is made such a difference between the American market and the rest of the world. I hoped to find a solution to our problem, when I encountered 2 new resonses on your blog. But alas…

    • Hi Beth, my Australian antipodean, did you do anything suggested by DG? I first contacted Audible UK who referred me to Recorded Books. I sent a joint message to Recorded Books and Random House, forwarding to them the reast of the correspondence. I’m waiting for their answers now. Unfortunately there was none by DG so far.

      Did you ever visit the Outlander discussion group at Goodreads? There you would also find a special thread concerning audiobooks and we could discuss our concern there in detail.


      • Dear Lotte–

        What do you mean “unfortunately there was none [answer, I suppose you mean?] by DG so far.” I don’t–as I’ve said I-don’t-know-how-many-times–I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS. I don’t _know_ anything about the issue. What conceivable answer could I have?!?


      • Dear Diana,

        Thank you for this reply, sorry for confusing you. And yes, I was waiting for an answer. Your answer, though, made me wonder whether I’d be dreaming or even hallucinating, but now I found the answer:

        Further up in this thread, a lady commuting between Norway and Spain complained about not being able to get the unabridged version of Fiery Cross. On Nov. 14th your answer to this was: …I’ll be having dinner with the Recorded Books people later this month, though, so will ask them what they know about it.

        In the meantime I contacted

        - Audible UK: they regretted, they try to get the “rights”, this had not happened so far
        - Recorded Books: they regrettted, no “international rights”. They got both FC and ABOSAA on their shelves, being in London would they ask for my passport when I wanted to buy?
        - Randomhouse: they did not answer my e-mail

        I feel a bit sent around in circles. Everybody regrets about these “rights”. By the way, who is granting them, do the companies (have they to) apply for them?

        Thank you for your patience with a lover of your books, thank God there are none of these restrictions in their printed form!


      • Dear Lotte–

        Oh, there _are_ restrictions on the printed forms–but they’ve been in place so long that everything works and so they don’t inconvenience anyone, usually.

        As to the Recorded Books thing: I made an agreement with Recorded Books, giving them the right to produce an UNabridged version of all my books (each book has its own contract). RB can then make any licensing deal they want with any other company, to make the books available. They (obviously) have such deals with Audible.com, SimplyAudioBooks, and probably some others, to allow distribution in the US. Now, apparently they have not yet made deals for all the books to be distributed in non-US countries. I’d suppose they _want_ to (why wouldn’t they?), but have no idea what kind of roadblocks might delay such licensing arrangements. And I’m afraid that’s all I know!


      • Dear Diana,

        Thank you again for your reply. Though I’m not any wiser now, I’m still hoping to be able to get these two missing books in audio version. (Still wondering, what is diffferent for these 2, while the rest is /was promptly available for Europeans as well.)

        But maybe this is the responsiblity of higher authorities, I’ll hurry up with another letter to Christkind – or Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, or best all three – , who migh intervene!

        I wish you a happy Christmas,

        PS: I seem to answeer to my own comment, did not find a “reply” beneath your answer, though.

  7. Following the threads.. One quick question.
    Did you frequent a website in the past called tartans.com
    also know as “The gathering of the Clan”

    Thank you

    Chuck Gibson

  8. A problem for me as cannot get it from NZ. Cant buy on audible – Any know who else may carry it

  9. Hi to everyone looking for the unabridged version of Fiery Cross (outside of the US!)

    Just again checked with Audible UK, and there it is: Fiery Cross, 55h 34′, UNABRIDGED, read by Davina Porter, release date 3/11/2o11. It appeared there only recently, but anyway – better late than never.

    As this release date is about 10 years after the ABRIDGED version (8h 30′, 2/11/2001) , I am wondering how long we will have to wait for the UNABRIDGED version of A Breath Of Snow And Ashes, till Sept. 2015?

  10. It’s now also available on audible.de!


  11. Just did my weekly check on Audible UK for the unabridged version of The Fiery Cross and found it.

    Yippee – Can’t wait to start listening to it. It said it was released last November but it certainly wasn’t available then. I checked on Monday and there was no sign of it. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for book 6.

  12. Yay! Fiery Cross read by Davina Porter available in Australia. Now hanging out for A breath of snow and ashes. Many thanks

  13. does anyone have a clue where i could get an unabridged cd of DRUMS OF AUTUMN read by Davina Porter?

  14. I’m new to the whole audiobook thing, just finished listening to Outlander. My question is this, what is the difference between abridged and unabridged? I see it said so much but I’m not quite sure what it means. Thanks!

    • Dear Bridgette–

      “Abridged” means the bloody-minded publisher chopped out huge (and necessary) chunks of the book. Don’t EVER listen to the abridged versions of my books; they make no sense whatever. Always get the UNabridged ones. Really.


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