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OUTLANDER: The Musical is now on iTUNES!

Update: The information on this blog is now out of date.

As of June 27, 2016, sales of the "Outlander: The Musical" were discontinued on iTunes and other outlets in the U.S. You still may buy a copy using paypal from the musical’s home page at:


Original post from Oct. 15, 2011:

Yay! I’m delighted to be able to tell you that—at long last—OUTLANDER: The Musical is available on iTunes!

Thanks to Kevin Walsh, the composer of OTM, who made arrangements through the British Academy of Composers, Songwriters and Authors to make this happen. (Many thanks also to the BACSA!).

You can, of course, still get the whole CD (which is probably a better Christmas present than a 99-cent iTunes gift card), either from Amazon.com or from Mike Gibb (the OTM lyricist), but now you can download your favorite songs to your iPod without the nuisance of ripping them. {g}

And for those of you who’ve got copies of the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Edition—you have a sampler CD bound inside the back cover, which will give you a chance to listen to four of the OTM songs. (I know most of you know that already, but I met several people at the last book-signing I did who didn’t realize there was a CD in the book, so thought I’d mention it.)

And of course, there’s a link in the middle of this page to the OUTLANDER: The Musical website, which will give you lots more information.

The nice-looking people above are Allan Scott-Douglas, who sings the role of Jamie Fraser on the CD, and Sue Robertson, who sings Claire.

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  1. I love the music from Outlander The Musical!!! Both Allan Scott-Douglas and Sue Robertson are excellent in their roles, but it is interesting to think of Jamie singing when we’re told on more than one occasion that he is tone-deaf.

  2. That is a fabulous photo of Allan. Really looks like Jamie in this one (bar the sports jacket of course). Such a talented singer/actor.

  3. My goodness he is such a nice looking young man. His eyes are….beautiful and his mouth is…well, he would make a very nice Jamie. Verra nice indeed.

  4. The music from Outlander the Musical is great! Kevin Walsh, Ross Croll and Michelle Bruce were wonderful in their parts as well. I’d like to see Allan Scott Douglas as Jamie in any movie or mini series of Outlander.

  5. The music from Outlander the Musical is great! Kevin Walsh, Ross Croll and Michelle Bruce were wonderful in their parts as well. I’d like to see Allan Scott Douglas as Jamie in any movie or mini series of Outlander.

  6. I’ve ripped the CD and play it on my Mac. Would buy it from iTunes if I didn’t have it. This is good news. I enjoy listening to it once or twice when I’m in one of my reread modes of Diana’s great Outlander novels.

  7. I bought the CD through Amazon several months ago and really enjoyed listening to it.

  8. On a side note – I just finished NO REST FOR THE DEAD. Amazing how so many different artists could come together, merge different styles and make it work. Really enjoyed it and I’m not a big mystery reader. Is there still a future for RED ANT’S HEAD?

  9. Diana! I am so very glad that you went to Jamica. Your Lord John story is perfect for this time of year. Thanks so much, and looking forward to seeing you at the SIWC. Safe journey!

  10. Happy Birthday Claire! I was just wondering when Brianna’s birthday is? My sister and I are both reading The Fiery Cross and we are finding it hard to warm up to Brianna.

  11. Allan Scott- Douglas would be PERFECT as Jaime !!!!!!

  12. My name is Leslie and i live in france.
    I’m sorry if my english is not very good, but i wanted to tell you that i am a real fan of your book “outlander”.
    I am always reading, and imagining how the caracters look like!!
    This a very beautiful story and i think that i ‘ll read all your book again beacause they are amaizing.
    Thank you for your talent!!

  13. Diana,

    Check out opera singer Jay Hunter-Morris in Metropolitain Opera’s Siegfried costume. I see Jamie!

    Love the series-discovered it only a few months ago but devoured the books and can’t wait for the next one.

    Thank you, and Hurry!

  14. Diana, just wanted to tell you that only this year did I find the CD. I absolutly love it, listen to it almost daily on my way to work; got it pretty much memorized! :) What a beautiful adaptation of your fabulous book. My mother in law turned me on to the series a year and a half ago. I’m on my third time reading thur. Your books remind me of Pride and Prejudice. One is compelled to re-watch, re-read in your case, each time you know what’s going to happen but you “HAVE” to read on! Thank you for sharing Jamie and Clair and their lives with me. Gave my Mother in law a copy of the CD…she loved it as well.

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