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Happy Halloween!

And many thanks to Blue Moon Magnolia for this lovely tribute to Jamie’s backside. {g} [I call it "pumpkinbuns"--it's a reproduction of the famous Page 5 scene in THE EXILE.] Click “continue reading” to see the picture.

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  1. And a happy halloween to you Blue Moon Magnolia. :)

  2. Mercy! As my co-worker just said when she saw the pumpkin, and I agree!

  3. As I commented when I first saw this last year, the creativity of OUTLANDER fans never ceases to amaze me! Can you imagine the amount of effort and skill it must have taken to do this? The picture makes me giggle, every time I look at it.


  4. Woohoo! That puts the treat in trick or treat. :) Happy All Hallows, Diana & Co…

  5. I do just LOVE this shot;) A definite Halloween treat

  6. This Jamie just looks so dad gum proud of himself. It makes me smile every time I see it.

  7. Pant Pant Pant, with a Wheeze in there too!

  8. Just add the track “Pumpkin’s Fancy” from the musical Scotland the Brave and I can see Jamie dancing with his pumpkin buns! Fitting for Halloween?

  9. I am so glad that you like my pumpkin! I actually had a cool carving idea for this year involving Lord John and zombies, but alas, life had other plans (of which I am very grateful). Maybe next year book 8 will be finished and I can use that for inspiration ;)

  10. Hubba, hubba!!!!

  11. Oh, now that’s a smokin’ pumpkin! (d&r)

    Amazing what your fans come up with!


  12. Thoroughly enjoyed Lord John and the Plague of Zombies. And we meet Ismael for the “first” time. And he introduces himself, if I remember correctly, just like he did in Voyager. Guffaw!

  13. I wonder what the inside of the pumpkin looks like! It’s fantastic!

  14. That’s a NICE pumpkin! I hope the candle’s not too close :)

  15. I’m loving it! I knew exactly where this scene came from.

  16. Now that makes my day!

  17. Ouch ! Is that a candle on the inside?

  18. Yummmmmy, this gives a whole new meaning to halloween treats!

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