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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


Gonna be a busy weekend!

First off–I’m not doing the Decatur Book Festival this year, only DragonCon. I _will_ be doing a signing in Decatur, though, for those who don’t want to brave the zoo (I walked through the lobby of one of the five host hotels for DragonCon last year, and remarked to a friend, “It doesn’t just _look_ like the cantina scene in “Star Wars”–it _is_ the cantina scene in “Star Wars.”), or pay for the privilege of rubbing shoulders with Darth Vader, young girls with pink, blue, and yellow hair, and hundreds of steampunk explorers.

Now, if you _are_ going to DragonCon, here’s my schedule:

Saturday, 1 PM – signing in the Autograph area, Marriott M301-304. I’m happy to sign whatever you have, but don’t know whether there will be books available for sale, there.

Saturday, 8:30 PM – Title: Whiskey, Haggis, & Madmen: Myths & Reality of the Scottish Highlands
Time: Sat 08:30 pm Location: International BC – Westin (Length: 1)
Description: The stories that made Scotland famous: why kilts, why Braveheart was an inspiring fairy tale, and how the Scots invented everything. Yes, everything.
Panel (with other people). I’ll be available to sign books afterward, but we might have to do it in the hall, depending on whether there’s another panel scheduled afterward.)

Sunday, 3PM – talk/reading/signing at Eagle Eye Books. There _will_ be books available for purchase; definitely the 20th Anniversary OUTLANDER, plus others.

2076 North Decatur Road
Decatur, GA 30033-5306
(404) 486-0307

Sunday, 7:00 PM – DragonCon – solo reading/talk

Title: An Hour with Diana Gabaldon
Time: Sun 07:00 pm Location: International BC – Westin (Length: 1)
Description: The best-selling author discusses her time-traveling Outlander series, and more!

It’ll be busy, but it’ll be fun! {g}

See you there!

[Photos courtesy of Loretta McKibben - from BuboniCon 2011]

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  1. I so wish I could meet you sometime. Not that I would have anything to say you haven’t heard before. I’ve just discovered your books this year and I think you’re the best kept secret in fiction, which is a shame. I live in North Texas. Do you ever visit the area?

    • Dear Julie–

      I don’t know who’d be keeping me a secret. The New York Times bestseller list evidently isn’t. {g}

      No, I don’t often get to Texas; publishers only send me to places with big independent bookstores, and other than book-tours, I mostly go to book festivals, do lectures or invited workshops at conferences, or do the odd Highland Games now and then.


  2. I hate it that I can’t get to Eagle Eye Books, but Sunday *is* my 34th anniversary and I have plans…Need I say more? ; ) Have fun with all the aliens around Atlanta this weekend.

    • Dear ZanMarie–

      Happy Anniversary! {g} (P.S. for folks who can’t make the signing–if you want a signed book, call the store. I can sign/inscribe one for you to pick up later.)


  3. I ‘met’ a friend of yours a couple of weeks ago…Jack Whyte was in Calgary at a ReaderCon, and I immediately fell in love with his accent, and promptly bought one of his books because there was a cover blurb by you. When he was autographing it, I mentioned your endorsement and that I was a fan of yours, and I was surprised and pleased when he called you a friend. After I walked away, it crossed my mind that a reading of something by the both of you would be about the best audio-experience I can think of. Hopefully, if you ever do that, I can manage to be there to hear it!

    • Dear Michelle–

      Oh, Jack Whyte’s been a dear friend for a looong time. {g} Ditto on the accent!

      We both attend the Surrey International Writers Conference every October, and in fact we _have_ now and then done joint readings there, just for fun.


  4. Hey there, Diana!
    I would love to hear the 8:30 Saturday panel, but I am not so crazy about going to “the zoo” as you called it. Do you know if they will record that and put it up somewhere (like on your website, or on the YouTube)?

    Also, I am eagerly awaiting your “Book Eight” as it has come to be known. :) Thanks so much for all your work. And a special thanks for sharing Tessa’s “birthday big” last week on CompuServe! Can’t wait to read that in the middle of a big fat book!

    (Birmingham, friend of Tessa’s)

    • Dear Steph–

      I don’t _think_ they normally record panels at DragonCon. They aren’t really suitable for that, being a lot of people cross-talking and taking questions from the audience. {g} If by chance they do, though, I’ll let you know.


  5. I can’t wait to see you on Sunday! I am a student at Emory University which is right down the road – I’ll probably end up walking, but it’s definitely worth it! Thank you for all of your hard work. Reading snippets of your books is the only thing that keeps me sane during finals :)

  6. I love that picture of you and the storm troooper! All you need is the cinnamon rolls on the sides of your head. :)

  7. Unbelievable that you are in Decatur! I was bored with my current reading and wanted to see when your next book would be available. I live in Atlanta and was thrilled that you will be speaking near here. I discovered your books six years ago while visiting the Highlands of Scotland. Have read them all and can’t wait for the next!

  8. I live far too far away for a visit – sadly…however I think you have a Lord John book out later this year…..I wonder when that would be?? Something to look forward to till the ’8th’ book comes out sometime next year?? :)

  9. I discovered your books recently and read them like they were an addiction- now I am having withdrawal and can not wait for the latest installment.

    I am a stay at home mom that home schools and have so looked forward to escaping into your fantasy world after a day filled with lesons and carpools. Thank you for sharing your talent for writing, and what a wonderful world you have created. My poor husband is reminded everyday how awesome it would be if he would grow his hair long and dye it red. ( which would be difficult due to his baldness :)

    I am sorry that I will not be able to see you speak at either event here in Atlanta, we travel to Germany on Sunday for family holiday and we are only able to make it the festival on Saturday- I hope you have a wonderful stay here in Atlanta-

  10. Look like you are well protected by that big ole Storm Trooper!

  11. This will be my sister’s 5th year going to DragonCon. She was so excited to tell me that you, my favorite author, was going to be there. Then she asked the famous question “Well, what kind of books does she right?” in which I replied “The Best Kinds!”. I think we’ll have another life long fan soon!!!

    Thank for all you do so that people like myself can escape into another world for a while =)

    ~ Jennifer

  12. I just read what I wrote. I was so excited I couldn’t even spell correctly!
    “Right” was suppose to be “Write”, lol!

  13. I was inspired to check out your website after finishing the last novel in the series. I just began the Outlander series about 6 months ago after a book was recommended by the librarian. Our library is very small…maybe a couple thousand books….and the librarians are all volunteer. The funny part was that I signed the book out to be polite….the librarian is an elderly neighbor and I didn’t think that we would enjoy the same type of reading, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by refusing her suggestion….I was immediately hooked and absolutely grateful….it is a little hard to look her in the eye though after reading the first novel and the intimate scenes….hehee…..what a wonderful series!!! I am madly in love with Jamie Fraser….don’t tell my husband…and I think Brianna and I are kindred spirits…lol.
    I’ve always had a strong sense of pride for my Scottish heritage and have kept my maiden name after being married due to my strong attachment to it….made a compromise with my husband and hyphenated it…
    Thank you for making Scottish history come alive for me and please keep these wonderful novels coming!!!! Sliante!!

  14. Hi Diana,
    I live deep in Texas so obviously i wont be there i would love to go. I work at the College Station Medical Center and i recommend your books to all my patients. i want to thank you for your brilliant mind . I cant wait for the next book to come out . the people i have gotten to read your books are always asking when is the next one coming out. i explain and just a few days ago was told that i told them the same thing 2 years ago. Ha ha i know well thank you and I look forward to reading more adventures of Jaimie and Claire. So many cliffhangers …

  15. Dear Diana,

    When my husband and I started dating in 1991 he took me to a remote, low, rocky cliff in Conception Bay, Newfoundland. He pulled up a rope, tied to a rock, and on the end was a bottle of champagne, chilled in the sea! We watched the sunset, had a campfire from driftwood, drank champagne, marvelled at the Northern Lights. I wrote a note and put it in the empty champagne bottle, which Corey hurled out to sea.
    Two years later (living in separate provinces for university) we received a postcard from Scotland.
    Bobby Clarke, a farmer, fisherman, shepherd, ferryman, . . . from Iona, was strolling on Uisken, a remote beach on the Isle of Mull, where he had wandering sheep. He was kicking around oddments of flotsam and jetsam when he discovered our bottle.
    Some years later, Corey and I were married and we travelled to the Isle of Iona with our infant daughter to meet Bobby. The real man was everything our imaginations could have conjured and more! Our baby daughter, Grace, fell head-over heels for Bobby, and he for her. When it was time for us to go, he ran back in his house, flurried around and came back out with an antique silver sugar tong. He put it in Grace’s hand and said “Every baby should have a piece of silver.” Handmade silver jewelry subsequently came to us in the mail (in California, where we moved and lived for many years) when we had additional babies.
    We have never been back, but have a forever link to the glorious Scottish land and a very special man who “found” us.

    I discovered your books very recently and have been captivated! I feel my own, personal magic and delight when I read your stories.

    Now, after 20 glorious years together, 15 years married and three gregarious young children, we live once again in Newfoundland.

    Your Outlander series has reignited my passion for Scotland and kicked my travelling spirit in gear. We are planning our next family trip now to reunite with Bobby.

    Thank you for all the hours of romance, drama and delight!


  16. Hi Diana,

    I fondly remember your talk and lunch in Sydney, Australia a couple of years ago. You made my day. I took a ‘sickie’ to be there, but it was worth it.


  17. I keep missing you. First, the Scottish games in Fergus, now Decatur. This Maggie Finalist (WOODY HOO HOO!) will be in Decatur end of the month.


  18. Diana,
    My husband and I are leaving for Scotland this week, any advise on what we must see? We will be renting a car and just driving the whole country. Can’t wait, I’ll turn 50 while I’m there! I’ve been a fan since 1995 and love your books, anxiously awaiting the new one, which usually comes out in Sept and is the only birthday present I ask for.
    :) Margaret

  19. Well, I just got home from DragonCon. My first. Luckily I went with my brother-in-law, a seasoned veteran. I was able to come to the 1 pm signing, the 8:30 panel, and the Eagleseye talk and signing. What a privileged individual I am (well….other than the Sutherland thing!). Thank you Diana for being so accessible to us, and for letting us get a glimpse inside the brilliant mind that created Claire and Jamie (and Bree, and Roger, and William, and Lord John, and ……….)

  20. I can not believe you were at DragonCon. My husband went there this year and I had to stay home as one of our dogs had surgery so could not leave him with somebody. I am going to Dragon Con next year if you are going to be there.

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