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Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games

Made it to Canada last night! Getting ready for the Tattoo tonight at the Fergust Scottish Festival and Highland Games (I’m not performing at the Tattoo–this is mostly pipes and drums, “heavy” event exhibitions (like caber-tossing), the calling of the clans, and singing, none of which I’m qualified to do), and for the various talks/readings and signings I’ll be doing tomorrow.

Thought I should post the times–now that I have them–for the talks/signings:

I’ll be in what they call the Geneaology Tent (this is the biggest tent–other than the whisky tent–on the grounds; hard to miss), doing talks at 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM on Saturday, and at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM on Sunday. All talks will be followed by book-signing (usually I just sign madly until it’s time for the next talk).

I’m happy to sign any books you want to bring, but there will also be an onsite bookstore selling books–they told me last night that they’ve stocked 2000 copies of the 20th anniversary edition of OUTLANDER–I kind of hope they brought a few other titles, too–but that’s pretty cool. Not much chance of a shortage, I mean. {g}

Check out the Festival website at http://www.fergusscottishfestival.com/ and if you’re in driving distance, I’ll see you there tomorrow!

(Yes, I will have excerpts to read, from SCOTTISH PRISONER and BOOK EIGHT. Just figuring out which ones I can safely read over a microphone to an audience of several hundred innocent passersby…)

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  1. I was happy to meet you six years ago when my boyfriend took me to Fergus, where you happily signed all my books, commenting that you didn’t see very many people with my name. I was just glad you spelled it correctly, prompting you to wonder, “Well, how else would you spell it?” I’m even happier to say that the next day my boyfriend proposed to me (he would have proposed that same night but I fell ill), and we celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary next month. :D

    I live much further away from Fergus now, but I hope to be able to meet you again if you’re in the Ottawa area after the next book comes out, whenever that glorious day may be!

  2. Oh Kate, thats wonderfull.
    Dear Ms Gabaldon–I’ve reread everything so many times. Just finished The Custom of the Army [again]hopefully preparing for The Scottish Prisoner. It must be an illness when you keep wanting to ‘hear’ Jamie’s voice and be a part of the lives of ficticional people. Humphrey’s Absolute series helped and I could imagine Jack and Jamie as friends in that era. Thank you for the methadone list. Also read The Poet of Loch Ness. Memorable. It is a consolation that it won’ be too much longer before we have something new. And then we are back in the same rut again and the long wait.
    I love your sense of humor in every book. I love the way you put words together like no other. You are a very busy lady.
    I always fall for gentlemen. LJG is one. Jamie is one. And is that not what LJG first recognizies in Jamie?
    Definitely an illness.

    • thanks Donna! its actually a poem/song (now classic of course) that i heard performed at an irish pub once apon a time. I don’t know who the original writer is but if you look it up on youtube you can hear it performed. the live version is best. for shits and giggles eh? luvs

  3. Hello Diana,

    Along with my BFF Shelley, we traveled to the Fergus Highland Games on Sunday morning. It was my first trip but Shelley has been before.

    In addition to listening to the bands, watching the dancing, and shopping we listened to both your morning and afternoon talk and like all who follow you we were charmed and enjoyed your readings from The Scottish Prisoner and Book Eight.

    For those who were not there, while Saturday was hot and somewhat humid, on Sunday the heavens opened and poured rain for more than an hour during Diana’s afternoon talk but that did not stop the session!

    Diana, we hope you and your husband enjoyed your trip to Canada and that you have a safe journey home.


    P.S. Kate, the poem was a hoot, thanks for sharing. I’m going to have to pass that one along.

  4. Just wanted to say thank you to Diana Gabaldon for her patience in signing everyone’s books and taking pictures on Sunday in the Fergus Scottish Festival.
    It was an absolute pleasure to hear her speak and meet her. She made my day. :)

  5. Diana
    Had a great time at the games. It was so exciting to meet you and listen to you, twice ;) I loved the excerpts you read too. Thank you for traveling so far from your home for your fans, I appreciated it. (and you also looked amazing in person too)

  6. Hello Diana,

    My Outlandish Addict friend Daniela and I were at the Fergus Scottish Festival over the weekend and saw you speak both in the morning and in the afternoon. You are an absolute delight and wonderfully entertaining to listen to. We especially loved the excerpt you read from book 8 involving Roger… OMG… so much to consider now. You really do have a talent for leaving us hanging…and we love it!

    Wishing you a safe trip back home and happy writing.

    Many thanks,

  7. Ditto what Tanya wrote

  8. Hi Diana

    For those of us that can’t make it to the readings, will there be some spoilers let out? Or something, so we can relish in the snippets too?????


  9. Thank you. I have reread the series about 30 times at this point. I learned a lot about myself, my marriage, and living in the world. I love Jamie but I love Claire, also. Sherrill

  10. Dear Diana,
    I fancy Stuart Cameron as Roger MacKenzie.
    Thanks so much for Fergus. You are Enchanting.

  11. i have read all of your books, but after my husband’s recent death, i reread A Breath of Snow and Ashes. i found a great deal of comfort in jamie and claire. particularly meaningful were the words: if i die, dinna follow me, the bairns will need ye, stay for them, i can wait. thank you. and through my tears, i see kate winslett as claire. much love

    • Dear Lois–

      I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s death. I’m really glad if the book could give you a moment’s distraction and comfort–thank you.


  12. Do you happen to have any word on if you will be at Dragon Con this year? My wife is going with me so that I can nerd out a bit but when we heard that there was a chance you would come, my wife would get a LOT more out of the event.
    – Martin

    • Dear Martin–

      Yes, I’ll be at DragonCon! I’m doing a panel on Saturday evening at 7 PM, on things Scottish {g}, and a solo “Hour with Diana Gabaldon” on Sunday evening at 8 PM. Will be around during the weekend, too, but those are the only scheduled events. See you there!


  13. Diana,
    I share the sentiments as every one else, thank you so much. I spent the day at Fergus on Saturday having traveled up from Buffalo and was enchanted. Hearing you speak in person added so much more to my understanding of the books and the characters, I am so glad we made the trip.

    In addition to the gift of hearing you, getting our books signed, and having a wonderful picture taken with you, we spent a lot of time talking to many people at the festival, many of whom were from Scotland. I feel so much closer to the culture that inspired your wonderful tales thanks to the festival and the people there.
    Thank you once again for sharing your remarkable talent with all of us! And I must say I nearly fell off the chair when reading you are nearly 60! I do not believe it….I too agree that you are most photogenic and having had a front row seats at the Saturday afternoon talk, I have beautiful pictures to prove it!


  14. Just finished looking at pictures some of the Ladies of Lallybroch posted from Fergus on facebook. It appears that everyone had a great time despite the downpour.

    Love the purple nail polish (at least it looked purple in the pictures), it picked up the color from your plaide. As always, you look “”mah vel ous dahling! You are one gracious lady and we appreciate the time and effort you give to appease our addiction to our chosen vice! (reading!)

    Does Doug ever accompany you to Surrey”?


    • Dear VickiB–

      No, Doug doesn’t go to Surrey–it’s a writers conference;nothin’ for him to do there. I have hopes of getting him to go with me to Lithuania in February, though {g}; I’m invited to the Vilnius Book Fair!


      • It seems to be a two edged sword, you write intelligently and well, with an appeal to a wide range of people and so are invited to conferences all over that world that take you away from your writing. On the other hand, the experiences can only improve and colour your writing. I hope you get to “enjoy” Lithuania and surrounding area and that Doug does decide to go with you. The soil there is steeped in blood and history!

        Best Regards

  15. Had a really good time in Fegus and loved meeting you and watching both your Saturday talks. I loved the book reading and was in shock over the blot twist for book 8 wow is all I can say about that. You are suck a nice person. Very funny too. We waited after the morning talk for 90 minutes and were third in line when they took you away. Oh well we got our books signed after the 2 oclock sighning. You were worth the wait. Met your husband Doug also a very nice man. Hope you enjoyed your stay and like the avon products I brought you . Just a little welcome to Canada thing. see you next year. Marg

  16. Dear Diana,
    Could ye not throw us another little bone, a tiny morsel of an excerpt to keep those of us unable to visit you in Fergus sustained…
    From your antipodean fan

    • Dear Janet–

      Well….for those of you who do Twitter, I’ve got in the habit lately of posting #DailyLines — snippets from whatever book(s) I’ve been working on, or am promoting (like the OUTLANDER 20th anniversary edition). So lately, I’ve been posting #DailyLines for OUTLANDER, SCOTTISH PRISONER, and BookEight (which I will find a title for _one_ of these days, but it isn’t today, evidently).


  17. I’m 34 and started reading Outlander when I was 15…right about the time it was first published. To say that I have literally grown up reading about Claire and Jaime is an understatement. I grew into my teens, my twenties and now a married woman with these books. They are so much a part of me that I feel they are part of my family. (My mom and I have read them together since the beginning.) I truly think they molded my idea of the perfect man since Jaime was my first “love.” Thanks Diana. As always, patiently waiting for the family’s next story. I think I will actually cry when they are complete.

    *The books have inspired my mother and I to add “Scotland” to our bucket list of things to do together. *

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed both of your talks at Fergus. Although I was carrying my 20th Anniversary book with me I just couldn’t face standing in line for 2 hours in the heat to get your signature. Are you going to be signing at the Surrey International Writers Conference? If so, I’ll be sure to be there.

    Just another Canadian fan.

  19. Diana, you must be so happy, and, so exhausted from all your recent travels, and events!

    Still, Your number one fan!

  20. Diana

    My husband and I just returned from our week’s holiday which included three days at the Fergus Scottish Highland games which we thoroughly enjoyed. We attended three of your four talks – you are an amazing speaker – just delightful! Thank you for being so generous to your fans!

    Linda H

    PS We were very excited on the Saturday morning as we stopped for a red light and I glanced over to see you and your hubby exiting your car in front of Tim Horton’s! You both looked splendid in your Scottish regalia – do hope you enjoyed the coffee!

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