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News from Mike Gibb

Mike Gibb (lyricist/playwright) has an announcement regarding OUTLANDER: The Musical:

“Delighted to announce that New York based writer Jill Santoriello is to join Kevin Walsh and myself (he means him, Mike, not me, Diana) in developing the libretto for a stage version of Outlander The Musical, based on the hugely successful series of books by Diana Gabaldon. Diana is also very happy to welcome Jill aboard.

Jill Santoriello is best known as the writer of the book, lyrics and music for the Award winning musical A Tale of Two Cities, which was staged at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on Broadway in 2008 and which recently enjoyed a two month run at the Hale Centre Theatre in Salt Lake City

For further information on Outlander the Musical and to hear song samples from the concept CD go to www.outlanderthemusical.com. The web site for A Tale Of Two Cities, where you can listen to samples of the music, is to be found at www.talemusical.com ”

[photo:  Allan Scott-Douglas, who sings the role of Jamie Fraser on the OUTLANDER: The Musical concept CD.]

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  1. This is wonderful news and where many of your fans would love to see a mini-series or movie based on your books a stage version would be no less welcomed. Its something unexpected…and you do have a passion for the unexpected!

    How is #8 coming along and the Lord John book? Its been a lousy spring here more rain that should be allowed. I need something to bring some sunshine into my days! Re-reading the series is good…but the new book would be better! :)

  2. sounds awesome to me….
    Would be even better if it came to Australia :D
    Feel free to come for a visit yourself, would love to attend a signing in Australia, but not if it gets in the way of writing N.8

  3. That is very nice news Diana!

  4. I just moved to NY about ten months ago for school, knowing that there may be a show on broadway or off-broadway is just about as good as getting my acceptance letter for Grad School at NYU!

  5. Outlander The Musical is marvelous. Am pleased to hear it will be further enhanced.

  6. This is so exciting! Visiting New York and seeing a musical based on my favorite book series sounds like a very memorable trip indeed.

    Thank you for such wonderful entertainment Diana, and for inspiring others!

  7. “Outlander – The Musical” is a delightful way to keep the phenomenal story of Jamie and Claire fresh in our minds… between books. Thank you for the additional way to keep them alive!

  8. Since we can’t have the movie or the mini-series, a stage production is welcome indeed. Though I do wonder: how will Jamie’s character fare in a musical? He’s tone def :)

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