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As Seen on TV!

Many thanks to whichever nice reader is a scriptwriter for “General Hospital”! Earlier this month, a number of people called my attention to the fact that one show featured a young girl bringing books to her older sister in the hospital—at one point, pulling a copy of the trade paperback edition of OUTLANDER out of her bag and saying, “It’s really long—but really good!” {g}

I did have someone ask whether this was product placement by the publisher, but I can assure you it wasn’t. With the dire state of publishing these days, nobody has ¬that kind of money, even if they thought it would be a good idea (which I kind of doubt). Random House does have a lot of great promotional ideas—they’re giving away mass-market copies of OUTLANDER in all kinds of venues, in anticipation of the new 20th-anniversary edition (more about that in a separate post, a little later), doing Google-TV ads, and other entertaining things—but I’m sure they would have told me if they’d figured out how to get the book on “General Hospital”. {g}

This isn’t my first brush with screen-fame, though. One of my books—I think it was DRUMS OF AUTUMN—was visible on Eddie Murphy’s nightstand in the movie “Dr. Doolittle.” (Or so I’m told. I never watch television, and see movies mostly on DVD years after release—have just now started watching the Matt Smith first season of “Dr. Who”.)

I do get the occasional shout-out from someone else’s book, too—always appreciated! Both Dana Stabenow (the Kate Shugak series) and John Sandford (BAD BLOOD) have had characters reading a Diana Gabaldon novel. {g} I get by with a little help from my friends!

Thank you!!

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  1. Very exciting about the mention of Outlander on GH! I just want to thank you for bringing me back to avid reading. After completing my Doctor of Nursing in ’98 and proceeding to have 3 children in 4 years, I was lost in nursing journals and baby books. Your novels have brought me great happiness. The Outlander series and the Lord John novels have also renewed my interest in Genealogy (many Scottish and a few English ancestors). I’m looking forward to your next novel! Thank you, again.

  2. Love all of the series, obviously haven’t seen GH as I am in the UK, but always watch Dr Who!! My Mom 1st bought Voyager from a charity shop whilst on holiday in Scotland. Passed it to me and Hey Presto both of us were hooked. I was so excited to find a signed copy of Cross Stitch (which I believe is Outlander in the US), in my local charity shop, only to borrow it to a friend who has never returned it!!! So have progressively gained the whole series up to An Echo In The Bone. Mom, is 70 in a couple of weeks and I will buy her An Echo In The Bone, because I don’t think she realises it’s released yet.
    Firstly, thanks to Mom for introducing me to reading, secondly to you, Diana for writing such wonderful stories which we are all able to loose ourselves in and become your characters, and finally thanks to having a wonderful daughter, along with my own Jamie, who is so nearly close to the age where I can introduce her to your novels (I am so looking forward to her reading Cross Stitch). Best wishes x

  3. That’s funny because that is exactly what I say to people when I recommend the books, “They’re long but their really good!” I introduced one of my co-workers to your books about 8 months ago and she’s totally addicted. I get phone calls late at night with questions about what happens in the next book or we have whole conversations about how Jamie would handle the 20th century…so far we’ve decided he’d be in jail or President within a week. I love getting people addicted, it’s so fulfilling.

  4. Hi Dianna

    Thank you so much for your books. The first book I read was Voyager, and just couldn’t put it down. I have read the whole series over and over again, to the point where the pages are all falling out. I am looking so forward to your next book. – All the best

  5. Hi, Diana –

    I am a long time fan of GH and your books. I saw the episode where Molly recommended your book. It’s very much in character for Molly to like your books. She’s an intelligent, romantic and inquisitive girl.

    I am also a long time Doctor Who fan. At first, I wasn’t sure I would like Matt Smith as The Doctor. (Both Christopher Eccelstone and David Tennant set the bar pretty high.) However, Matt has won me over.

    Thankfully, the wait between Doctor Who series’ is not so long as the wait for Book Eight of your series. I will wait as patiently as I know how by re-reading the entire series yet again. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve read Outlander over the years.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that you’ve inspired me to attempt to write my own historical novel. I am an avid genealogist and found the inspiration for the story and characters in my mother’s ancestry. I’m currently in the research phase, although I do have a rough few pages written. At this rate, you’ll probably be working on Book Ten before I have mine halfway finished.

    - Christy

  6. Well, I enjoy your blogs and responses ALMOST as much as the books themselves. Just finished reading Echo for the third time (I took the day off work when it came out and got to the bookstore an hour before it opened. Have read the full series at least three times, Outlander probably six.

    Today I picked up my grandson from an overnite playdate and the other boy’s mom asked me if I was a fan of the Outlander books (probably told that by my daughter, who to my knowledge hasn’t cracked the copy of Outlander I gave her a couple of years ago – hah, just wait till she does – every woman needs a Jamie in her life). Well, as always happens when one gal asks another that question, I smiled big enough to show all my teeth and fairly drooled how much I love them. The other gal had a similar smile on her face.

    It’s like having a large but intimate book group when we all get together on line. Brings back the joy of reading the books.

    I’m very afraid of the ending of Jamie and Claire’s saga. Trying to imagine the worst, so when you create something so much better I’m prepared. Glad to pick up on the fact that the prequel will be about Brian and Ellen. Curious to learn more about what Jamie gets from each of them, beyond the obvious physical traits and what you’ve shared in the series so far.

    Thank you for these wonderful books.

  7. I have been an avid fan for years – I buy the books in hardcover the minute they come out – read them very slowly to savor each one and then wait till the next one comes out.
    I take the train to work and while waiting one day (reading Echo in the Bone), a woman came up to me to compliment me on the fact that I was reading. She commented, off hand, about her favorite book – Outlander. This is all we know about each other – we both read, we both love the series and that’s all we needed to form a bond.
    I have recommended your books to everyone I know and they all agree – amazing.

    I am curious – Diana – you said you were inspired by Dr Who to write the series – which episode and who is your fav Dr?

    • Dear Dorian–

      Well, it was just the sight of a young man in a kilt {g}–one of the Patrick Troughton episodes (“War Games,” to be exact)–that caused me to pick 18th century Scotland. That’s the only tie-in, really, though I’ve been a “Dr. Who” fan for years. Loved Christopher Eccleston, LOVED David Tennant–but Matt Smith is shaping nicely (I’m only four episodes into his first season).


  8. I am an avid Outlander fan and a devoted General Hospital watcher. When ever I’m feeling down these are the two things that make me feel better so to see the bookaholic (and yes that is a good thing) Molly bring Sam a copy of Outlander was awesome. It made my day to see to of my greatest enjoyments in life brought together.

  9. That’s awesome. I picked up the novel ‘Alice I Have Been’ recently and didn’t realize until I was home that Diana’s praise for the novel was featured right on the front. I was quite pleased with the purchase to say the least :)

  10. I agree with GH’s choice of reading material; however, I’d be suspicious if someone handed me a copy of any of your books while I was in the hospital. After all, how long do they think I’ll be there? {g}

  11. It’s not only other author’s books that push yours – P.C. Cast has the Outlander series in her book recommendations. It was one of the things that sparked me to find the first two books so I could finally read the Voyager that was my moms.

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