• “The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting 'Scrooge McDuck' comics.”—Salon.com
  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

Welcome to the New Website!

WELCOME to the All-New, Completely Redesigned, and—with luck—Totally Updated Diana Gabaldon Official Website!

Many, many thanks to the very talented Jeremy Tolbert of Clockpunk Studios (www.clockpunkstudios.com), who did the new design (and guided me through the maze of learning to work with WordPress).

And many thanks to the lovely Rosana Gatti, who designed (more than once {g}) the original Diana Gabaldon website, and has run it for more years than I care to count.

(Thinking especially of longevity these days, as a) it’s my birthday {g}, and b) OUTLANDER (the novel) was published twenty (yes, 2_0) years ago!)

Now, there will be a few spots where I’ll add new material, links, excerpts or whatever as we go on, but I think the new site is essentially complete.

(There will be a link to a Facebook page, for instance, but that’s not quite available yet.

And my blog will now be an integral feature of the website, as well.

I hope you enjoy exploring the new site!

Do please let me know—there’s a place for comments, below, and on other parts of the site—if you see anything that doesn’t work, or have suggestions for things we may not have thought of that you’d like to see.

(And you can use the “Follow” links to talk to me via Twitter, if you’d like.)


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  1. It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • I love your books!!! I have not read them in order but they are not hard to follow, I watched the TV seriers first then read the books. I fell in love with them, your are a very good discription author. Thank you

      Shirlie Ewing
      Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

  2. I am trying to acquire the Unabaridged Outlander Books on Audio and have some. I called Recorded Books and asked to buy The Fiery Cross and I was informed they can only sell to libraries. ??? I was not given a reason just that since 2011 that is a rule. I did try E Bay and some of the CD’s were damaged so I had to send them back.
    Any help out there?

  3. Never Mind the above. I found The Fiery Cross on Amazon from a good Book Seller. Thank you anyway. :)

  4. Diana,

    Please, Please, tell me the series will come out in dvd format!! Would love to have the whole collection. I have gotten many other people started reading the series, and we all rave about it!! Your character come to life like old friends we know and love.

    Thank you so much for your talent and perseverance! Happy belated birthday!! Hope it was the best!!


    Daralee Donathan

  5. Diana,

    Your short story “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows’”, you mentioned in your authors note, where to find out more about the two strangers that help Jerry back to the stones. Could you tell me what chapter in ” An Echo in The Bone” to find them? It’s been awhile since I read your last book, and don’t remember them.

    Thank You

  6. Dear Diana,

    I recently read a wonderful book, Forever Amber written by Kathleen Winsor in 1944. It’s set in the 17th century and is about a woman who eventually becomes one of the mistresses to England’s King Charles II. The ending leaves a wonderful opportunity for a sequel. I’ve been told that the author did plan to write one but never did.

    When I thought about who would be the perfect person to write one your name instantly jumped into my mind!
    I honestly think that you would be the only one that could do it well. Would you ever consider doing something like that–write the sequel to a book written by someone else?

    I’ve read all of your books and re-read most of them several times over the years. Your style of writing and the fact that you aren’t afraid to write a LONG book is what keeps me a big fan! The longer the book…the happier I am usually. The Forever Amber book is 972 pages long so that’s another reason why I think you’d be a wonderful choice.

    Anyway, if I had genie in a bottle that would be one of my wishes. Thank you for all of your hard work to keep us so happy and turning pages!!

    • Dear Sheri–

      I appreciate the vote of confidence, but no. [g] I have too many books of my own to write; I really don’t have any interest in continuing someone else’s story–though I agree, there’s plenty of room for a sequel to FOREVER AMBER! Maybe _you_ should write it? [g]

      Best wishes,


  7. Hi, after reading this awesome piece of writing i am too happy
    to share my knowledge here with friends.

  8. I am currently rereading Dragonfly in Amber (for the fifth time!) and found Claire’s initial foray into L’Hopital des Anges especially evocative, particularly with the poor woman on the floor palet, dying of diabetes. You have Claire tell the nursing sister that her illness is mortal, and that there is no treatment available. Interestingly enough, according to a 4/15/2013 online article posted in “Cancer Research Updates” by the National Cancer Institute (at the National Institutes of Health), entitled “Metformin: Can a Diabetes Drug Help Prevent Cancer?” there is a picture of the French lilac. The caption below notes that since the Middle Ages Metformin compounds derived from the French lilac have been used to “relieve the symptoms of diabetes.” Given that they are French lilacs, that the L’Hopital was in Paris, and that you write about the mid-1700s, perhaps Metformin was used to treat diabetes at that time, at least by some practitioners, and in some locations? I found the reference interesting.

    My husband and daughter are puzzled by my fascination with your books, having seen me read them all four times already in a year and a half, and having aleady started a book club of 30 some friends and family all eager to travel on a Diana Gabaldon tour to the Highlands! I’ve decided that there must be a personal affinity at work: we were both born in 1952, we were both in Flagstaff when you began Voyager (I ran the Arizona Honors Academy for the three state universities, based out of NAU), we both have Ph.D.s, but have made second or third careers distant from the origional training, we are both writers (albeit my work has mostly been classified in the international relations field, except for four public domain books), and history and science fiction, broadly gauged, appear to hold a special attraction. Cosmicl, as they used to say! I’m so glad that you are coming to the National Press Club in June. I’m not sure how to get tickets, but I’d like to be there!

  9. Reading the Outlander series ruined me for life. I have never yet managed to read another book that even comes close to what I lived through with Jamie and Claire Fraser. I don’t need to go on about it (although I happily I would, given the chance) – everyone on this site knows what I’m speaking about. Most epic story of all time.

    I see that there is a TV series that has been made. But unfortunately, I live in South Africa which is round about the outback of nowhere. Any idea where I can find out when the series will screened in our country?

  10. Someone in casting needs to take a look at Colin O’Donoghue to play Roger. He can sing also. Will also reduce the need for Brianna to be 6 feet tall.

  11. Just now got to view the Outlander, Season One. Forgive me if this is already mentioned…did you do a cameo in disc one. That sure looked like you in the hall that “shhhh” Clair when she was talking.

  12. WOW!
    Diana, your Outlander book series is epic.
    I’ve just started watching the series and I’m thrilled the series is following the books pretty closely, however; I would really love to be able to understand the Gaelic language, possibly with subtitles.
    I was wondering why they are not using the subtitles? And if they may do so in future episodes?

    I’ve read all the Outlander books, including the Lord John novels. Will they be including some of the story line from the Lord John series with the Jamie character?

    Waiting anxiously, for the next book.

    Wishing you all the best, a loyal fan, Robin Pass

    Thank you for the Outlander World.

  13. I’ve just finished watching the first two seasons for the third time and suffering huge withdrawal. Can you please let me know when Netflix in Australia will have season three. Thanks.
    I’ve also read books 1-8 and waiting for the ninth. Congratulations on your recent award and on becoming a grandmother.

  14. I am in awe of your writing and have Starz only to watch Outlander.

    I have read on Kindle all 8 books and am looking forward to book 9.

    I can’t can’t wait to see Murtagh again.

    I have bought 4 of the Lord John Grey series.

    I hope Starz continues to use the same actor for Lord John when they “hopefully” make the tv series of his books.

    I am a 70 yr old grandma and am sharing my cable for sleep overs for Outlander but bought kindles for the 3 girls to read their own books. I bought kindles for the 2 boys but they don’t discuss what they are reading yet they do watch Outlander with us on dvr.

    Thank you for the last few years of solid enjoyment with your series and books.

  15. Hello Diana

    What a great series OUTLANDER IS, I love it and disappointed that it’s not following on from the WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEARTS BLOOD. I guess good things have to end sometime.

    I am from New Zealand and you have a GREAT following over here. I’ve read all your OUTLANDER series books and seen what I can on TV. I think we still have a way to go there. We watch it on LIGHTBOX.

    You are such a talented writer, so keep up the good work!

    Have you been over here, down under, in New Zealand?

    Jan Gray

  16. Love Layne Miller’s idea for a second series.
    Can’t wait to get #9; 11/21 is my birthday… My 71st!
    Be safe and Be blessed.
    Take a holiday and January 15 begin outlining #10.
    I love you …. like a sister, mentor and bff.

  17. I am re reading a book from my childhood – Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson copyright 1948. I am the same age as Diana.
    Wondering – did the above book have any influence on the OUTLANDER series ???

  18. The new book is wonderful! I’m an ebook reader and need to read a book again in case I missed something. I fall asleep and touch the screen when I am not aware. The detail in your books would make Charles Dickens proud! I’m a fan of his too. I particularly like the part about Faith in the new book. Thank you for making it fun to read again!

  19. Hello, Ms Gabaldon. I’ve eagerly awaited season 6 but now find myself so disappointed. You are the creative consultant but you let them write into the series tripe like Claire using the ether frequently or leaving out the major theme of the Bugs and their history. With so many things that could have been so easily been written in, why allow the ether? Thank you Ma’am for a wonderful series of books.

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