• “The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting 'Scrooge McDuck' comics.”—Salon.com
  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor



Mostly to Dana Stabenow, but also to those of you planning to attend her book-launch at The Poisoned Pen on Feb. 1st, for her new book, THOUGH NOT DEAD (which is a great book, btw—one of her best!).

I was scheduled to be at the launch as well, to interview Dana about the book, but had an unexpected conflict (well, I got invited to go to Jamaica, and totally forgot that I was supposed to be doing this, is what happened. I’d already booked the tickets before I realized, though). So I unfortunately won’t be at The Poisoned Pen on Feb. 2nd.

I strongly urge you to go, though. Dana’s book is wonderful, but Dana herself is a treat not to be missed. {g}

(And for those who might be wanting signed copies of my books, I’m going by the Pen this afternoon to sign all their stock, so there should be plenty of everything available. I’ll also leave them with a number of signed bookplates, just in case.)

If you can’t make it to the launch, but want a signed book–either Dana’s or mine–you can contact The Poisoned Pen at patrick@poisonedpen.com , or at 480-947-2974.   They’ll be happy to ship a book to you, anywhere in the world!

And for those who can make it to the launch on Feb. 1st–the address of the bookstore is:

4014 N Goldwater Blvd # 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85251-4344

Have a good time, and say hello to Dana for me!

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  1. Enjoy Jamaica! It’s one of our favorite places.

  2. Ms Gabaldon, I have enjoyed the Outlander series since it was first published.When reading Outlander the first time little did I know there would be more to follow and I have read them all including the Lord John series also. They are the only books I keep and do not share. Reading is my hobbie especially now that I am retired and getting older.

    THE POINT BEING I WANT TO FINISH THE SERIES BEFORE I DIE. YOUR LIFE SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF WORK AND A LOT OF FUN. CUT THAT FUN OUT AND GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. HOWEVER, it might fun to hanging over your shoulder while you writing. I don’t think you’d mind a personal ghost!

    This is all in good fun but but true. Hurry.

    Michele Jeffrey

    • Amen to that! haha!

      • Hilarious post! Thankfully I was only 9 when the first book was published so I have a good chance of outliving the series.

    • Yes Michele I feel the same way,I also am retired and have recently moved to Puerto Rico, and not yet got a grasp on the language and in waiting for the next in the series I have begun to reread it. Can’t wait to get my kindle so I will be able to download all the ebooks and have them at hand all the time. All I can say is Ms. Gabaldon you are a very exceptional author Thank you

      Jane Arcelay

    • Hysterical Post!

  3. Hi Diana,
    It can’t always Be work. I wish you a wondeerful Trip.

  4. I am so thankful you double book yourself and your mind slips. It allows me to be less hard on myself when I do the same. Have fun in Jamaica! Don’t get lost in the stones.

  5. Dear Diana,

    have fun in Jamaica! As Myrna said: It can’t always be work!

    Is there any chance to get a signed copy of one of your books in German?
    I’d love to surprise my Mom with a signed copy of one of her favorite books for her birthday, but unfortunately she hardly speaks any english.
    I don’t mind which one of the Outlander series. She loves them all – and so do I. :)


    • Dear Linda–

      I don’t see why not. The simplest way–assuming you don’t already have a German book in hand that you want signed–would be to contact the Poisoned Pen bookstore (they’re listed under “Resources,” I think).


  6. How about a tantalizing new excerpt from book 8 after you get back? That would smooth any ruffled feathers quite nicely !

  7. Have a great time in Jamaica!

  8. This is my first time on the new site. It’s wonderful!

    First off, I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dog. We have a nearly 14 yr old border collie/Aussie shepherd mix, Bella, who is a total love. She only has one eye, the first having been lost to a horse when she was a working dog before she came to live w/ us at the ripe old age of 10 for a retirement in the ‘burbs. When she arrived we also had Bear, who was (we think) a Tibetan mastiff, tho a bit on the small side for that breed, only 130# – LOL). Sadly, we lost him to a tumor in his heart a year ago October. I was very happy for you to hear that you have a new puppy to warm your heart and home. We just haven’t been able to bring oursleves to getting another dog just yet. Bella, who loved Bear dearly, and mourned him extensively, is a little picky about new companions.

    I first encountered Outlander about 10 years ago, when I found all of the first 4 books at Sam’s Club in trade paperback issue. I bought them for my husband (if you can imagine such a thing) as he was a big fan of the Wheel of Time series. Too bad for him! I opened the first book, began reading, and he never got his hands on them! I offered, and have read him many excerpts, but he has never indulged. I am actually on my 4th time thru reading the entire series, but it’ll probably take me until the next book comes out before I’m thru the 7 existing books. Sounds like good timing to me. It’s not that I’m a super slow reader, just VERY BUSY (think getting old enuf to worry about being around to finish reading the series, and now raising my 2 yr old grandkid!). You are a wonderful author and I enjoy each and every reading. The places that made me cry the first time, make me cry more now, and the laughing is no less enthusiastic than previously.

    Being a nurse, I truly identified w/ Claire right away, and the rest as they say, is history.

    Looking forward to your next visit to The Tattered Cover. Belated Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the good times w/ your books, which I have shared w/ many and will continue to do so.

    • Dear Juidth–

      Glad you enjoy the books! Though I don’t know why you’d have trouble imagining that you’d buy the books for your husband. I notice that women seem somehow to assume that these are “women’s” fiction–possibly either because I’m a woman {g} or because Claire’s an important character (though hardly the only one)–but they’re not. Men love them–straight _and_ gay men–though they do often see different elements in them than female readers do.


      • On husbands enjoying your books- my dear man is devoted to his topics of interest, mostly how to build and restore old canoes, who did what in exploring the Arctic and Antarctic and technical stuff on how to sail small boats. Recently he has been undergoing chemotherapy for MDS. That consists of sitting under a blanket while the IV slowly pumps cold fluids into him. He also has occasional unexpected hospital stays and when we get lucky, he’ll find a donor and get a bone marrow transplant.

        So between the chemo treatments, hospital stays and the sure knowledge that there are only so many books on wooden canoes (all the ones he wants he has and has read numerous times) I decided it was time to introduce him to the Outlander series. He really needed something new to read. Sure, I had to push a bit (he is an engineer and this is way outside his parameters) but after I put a towel over all the other books next to the bed and put Outlander on his pillow with a chocolate, he got started.

        He kept nibbling at the book. I kept planting chocolates. Eventually he was about an inch into it was holding the book very close to his face with his eyebrows raised very high on his forehead. Time for me to ask a few questions.

        “Have you ever read a book with a love scene in it?”

        The man, the dear man, is 61 years old. So, congratulations, Diana, you’ve scored a first with my boy! Now he is well into Voyager and I’ve been able to take the towel off the other books.

        Keep up the wonderful work and know that you are giving us a gift we love to share.

      • Dear Ellen–

        My best to your husband! It’s hard to compete with the allure of wooden canoes {g}, but I’m gratified that he made the effort! (And thanks to you for egging him on.) I wish him the best of luck, with the treatments and an eventual donor. (I was/am registered with the National Bone Marrow Registry, but I think they deferred me some years ago, for spending too much time in the UK.)


  9. I agree with Michelle, I too would like to finish this series with time left to reread it at least twice. I am on my 4th reread at present. I will be retiring at the end of May 2011 after trying to for at least 5 years. I am well past the normal retirement age. Also, I downloaded “Songs of Love and Death” to my e-reader and as usual, there is another mystery to find and read about – the 2 strangers who rescued Jerry Mackenzie. Can anyone tell me where in “Echo in the Bone” this storyline is expanded upon? I have scanned it hurriedly and did not find it.

    Have a great time in Jamaica but maybe you could think of the next chapter while you are there and be ready to record it when you get back. Thanks for all these books that everyone gets so excited about and discusses with everyone they can find who will listen.

  10. I have been thinking of the discussions that have been going back and forth in the books and web sites which debate the ability to change the past. I realise at this point most are thinking that you can change the lifes of one or two people but not major events which encompass many people. Have you ever thought that perhaps the travel back though time was already planned into fate and that just maybe the results which we know as history are results which occured due to the time traveler? Maybe Jamie and Claires interference with the 45 cause the outcome and it was what was suppose to caused it all along. It is a thought provoking concept. That their interference in the past history events are suppose to play that part for thte outcome to be as we know it.

  11. Hi Diana:
    Enjoy Jamaica! My Mom was born there and we just celebrated a family reunion there. My great great grandfather was a minister of a baptist church in Stewart Town for 50 years and they renamed the church for him. There are now 206 living decendants and 30 some odd (yes, some of us are extremely odd!) attended the reunion.

    What part are you visiting? I can recommend going to Appleton Estates for the Rum tour! The island is such a contrast of economic backgrounds, I’m happy to report that they have started a recycling program and the roads are much improved over 10 years ago!

    May you have sunshine and calm seas!

    Vicki B

  12. What does this mean “Your comment is awaiting moderation”?

  13. In regards to a possible movie, I just had to bring up a possible choice for Jamie. The actor that plays Jimmy on NBC’s “Chase.” I can so picture him as Jamie.

  14. My daughter and I are anxiously waiting for the next Outlander book . Please please get that book done.

  15. Dear Diana,

    Have a great trip.

    Just wanted to ask have your daughters read your books? did they love them like every one else?

    Will there be a book 9 or will the next one be the end?

    I’ve just started the final installment again in 6 months, I seemed to miss a lot the first time around.


  16. Oh Diana,
    I woke up early this morning, a Sunday, to finish “…Bone.” I couldn’t believe you left Roger/Brianna and me hanging like that. Not even a hint or a whisper, or a breath or nothing. The possibilities are infinite, and knowing you, you will probably explore them all. Now, I read your comment that it was planned torture. You didn’t need to do that, I would read anything you wrote even laundry and shopping lists. How long must I wait? Oh pain, oh anticipation.


  17. My son thinks I’m a cracked pot because I am still worried about Jemmy in that cold, dark tunnel! Is it just me or are there other cracked pots out there too?? Oh, the agonizing wait…!

  18. i dream of the outlander series as an multi-film epic. steve waddington as jaime, and rachel weicz as claire. im having a hard time moving past it.

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