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And for the Corgi Lovers…

For the Corgi-lovers….the elusive Charlie! (hiding under the coffee-table while being molested by a nosy dachshund)–and also, Elder Daughter with her corgi, Badger.

And now I must be going and adding the finishing touches to the new website!

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  1. Most corgilicious ones, mine is Bazil Fuzzbuttmcstubbs.

  2. I take it Charlie is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He’s adorable! My parents raised Cardigan Welsh Corgis in the 1970s (longer body, tail, more variety in color – brindle, black, red (like Charlie), tri, blue merle (my personal favorite)). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Another reason to love you Diana, my tri-pembroke would love to have Corgi meet some day. Love and bookmarked the new website!

  4. I don’t know the breed Corgi, I do have a chihuahua-min pin mix 8 lbs, 9 years old this year… who thinks he is as big as his german shephard neighbor… and has chased off many cats from the property with scars to prove how brave he was, also this past fall he was out in the neighbor’s yard when a hawk swooped over him a couple times before my husband and I saved him from being captured ( all we did was walk to where we heard my dog yipe and the hawk came swooping over our heads and flew away to land on a light post across the street, without my dog!!) I say my dog because my husband loves him only when Dash sneezes on command, or when he gets so excited he sneezes and we of course say we trained him to do it (g)… And by the way I’ve read the series another time and am now on the last few pages of Echo in the Bone and just had to get on line again to see when the Scottish Prisoner was coming out so I don’t go into fits of hysteria again like last time (G) Thank you for the new web site!!

  5. My husband and I adopted the cutest little dog from Adopt a Pet four years ago. Turns out he’s border collie and corgi mix. I’ve been in love with the breed ever since. He’s absolutely the most adorable little thing you’ll ever meet. Sweetest disposition in the whole world. He even tolerates his two yappy “sisters”, a teacup Yorkie and a maltese-shi’tzu mix, who constantly bite his ears.

  6. Dear Diana,

    I remembered this post because I too am a Corgi-holic, and owning one is on my Bucket List…

    I found this Corgi-related humor tonight, and figured you might get a kick out of it:



  7. I honestly can’t believe it. My college daughter discovered The Outlander series and asked for the entire series for Christmas (2010). I decided to pick up the first one and read it. My family is now fed up with me because I can’t put them down! The coincidences are just too amazing. I immediately fell in love with the characters of Claire and Jamie. The fact that the story takes place in Scotland was simply icing on the cake. I’ve been several times since 1987 and feel a special kinship with the country. Then, I had the sheer joy of discovering that the series moves to Charleston, SC, then to Wilmington and New Bern, NC and then to the NC mountains! This morning, I discovered in a 2008 blog that you place Fraser’s Ridge within 10 miles of Blowing Rock, NC…one of my favorite places on earth. I recently booked a weekend at Gideon’s Ridge B and B in Blowing Rock as a Valentine’s surprise for my husband. (Diana, if you haven’t stayed at Gideon’s Ridge, you have to go!) And now to discover that you love corgis! My nine year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi is named Tucker. There are more coincidences to my story, but I’m sure you’ve heard enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these amazing books. I hope you’ll be in North Carolina again soon and that I’ll have the opportunity to meet you and thank you in person for your work!

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