• “The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting 'Scrooge McDuck' comics.”—Salon.com
  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

FREE Outlanders!

Well, this is nice. Random House, as part of a promotion to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of OUTLANDER’s publication next year, is doing _two_ giveaways!

First, a program to give away promotional copies of OUTLANDER paperbacks–see here for the details!

And secondly….for a limited time, Random House is giving away the Kindle edition of the OUTLANDER e-book FREE! See here to download it!

You know, ever since that book was published, I’ve had The Worst Time trying to describe it to people; never been able to do it in twenty-five words or less. [g] After some trial and error, I finally took to telling people, “Look–open it anywhere, and read three pages. If you can put it down again, I’ll pay you a dollar.” Never lost any money on that bet [g]–though do note I’m not making it here (too many difficulties of administration).

Still, the point stands. It’s One Odd Book (well, heck, they _all_ are), and as my first beloved editor used to say, “These _have_ to be word of mouth books, because they’re too weird to describe to anybody.”

That being true, the only really good way to explain them is to let people look for themselves–so kudos to Random House for giving us fresh opportunities to spread the word!

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  1. Dear Anonymous–

    I don't see anything that says you can't enter more than once.

    And I certainly appreciate all the word-spreading, believe me!! Thanks, guys!


  2. I don't know, but I _think_ the "Bonus material" is a (rather good) Reader's Guide, for use by book-club discussion groups.


  3. Very disappointed, I went to get the free Kindle version and it isn't available to those of us in the UK!

  4. How long is "for a limited time"? I am planning to get a Kindle very soon, but am waiting to save a little bit more – hopefully this week!

  5. Dear B–

    Not sure, but think at least 'til the end of October.


  6. I think I'd describe your book as next to the Bible, the best book I've ever read!

  7. I am proud to say that I have convinced about 20 people to read it- and they have all have loved the books! :) Just this last week I had a lady at work sit me down and THANK me for telling her about this book! :) I loved passing them on! It is a joy to share these books with others… so I have more people to talk to them about! :) :) Infact, I buy used copies every chance I get so I can just give them away to people! ;) That's how much I love them. Very cool that they are passing them out!

  8. Dear Diana,
    :-( I tried to get the kindle version, but it was not available for Germany.
    Is it only for US?
    Is it going to be available soon or no chance?
    Best wishes,

  9. Dear Myrna–

    Well, it depends on whether the Germany publisher (that would be Blanvalet) decides to do a similar promotion. Each country has its own publisher, and they each have their own ideas about how best to handle a book.

    (Actually, Germany hasn't even bought rights to THE EXILE yet, because they're "dubious" about whether graphic novels have any market in Germany.)


  10. Good heavens. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was gladly losing sleep and spending my nights until 2 am to read, devouring greedily every word and every single moment. Twenty years. My lady, congrats!

  11. Dear Diana,
    Thanks for the quick answer. Your German Fans can get the Exile from Amazon.de. Even in english, it is very easy to read. I loved it.
    Best wishes,

  12. I feel kinda lucky, I live in the UK and ordered from Amazon and received my copy of The Exile last week. I have to say it is unusual and not what I expected but the art work is beautiful.

  13. Hi Diana,
    Well this is my description of Outlander to someone who I was trying to encourage to move it up on her TBR list :

    The story starts with a nurse in 1945 who accidentally falls through some standing stones in Scotland. When she comes to it's 1743 in Scotland. So there's lots of men in kilts(big grin) as she's in the Highlands. It's also right before the Jacobite uprising that ended at the battle of Culloden so that's the history part. I learned so much history that I had no clue about from reading these books.

    So it's not too spoilerish she falls in love with one of the men in kilts and has to marry him for her own safety. … there's romance, history, humor and a whole lot of other stuff. The writing is amazingly good and you find that the characters become like real people to you. You worry for them, you love them, you hate the villains. But just like real people nobody is one dimensional so the good guys have some serious flaws and the bad guys have traits that make them redeemable.
    Definitely move her up on your list

  14. Dear Diana,
    It is really generous on your part to offer the free Kindle edition of Outlander, but is there any chance it will be duplicated for those of us that own a Nook?

  15. Hi Diana,
    I have devoured the first 3 books and waiting for the next 4 to arrive. I was first aware of 'Voyager' a few years ago when I met an American lady in London at a conference at which I was speaking. She told me I would love this bok and sent me a copy. I didn't read it then, but my American daughter in law, Megan has talked about your books so much that I brought her copy of 'Outlander' home with me and am now totally hooked. There are some wierd coincidences here: – let me try and explain.
    Have you seen the movie 'Calendar Girls' ? If so Helen Mirren plays my character. I am one of the original ladies who stripped off to raise money for Leukemia Research. It is 11 years since that first calendar but we are now up to £3 million. Our son went to Seattle in 2001 to play rugby with the team there who fundraise for the Seattle branch of Leukemia society of America, with whom we had become close friends. He met a girl., Megan, married and they have 3 kids now!! They came over to England this summer and Megan wanted to got to Jamie's Scotland. We have a friend who happens to have castle on Loch Ness where we stayed. I hadn't read any of the books then! She went to Urquart Castle, Culloden and looked for the stones everywhere!! Megan loved it all.
    I now have a career as a speaker and talk about the whole calendar experience. I am a guest lecturer on cruise ships and Megan came with me earlier this year on a ship called Artemis to the Caribbean and one of the ports we visited was Grand Turk. I am going back there in December and it will all mean so much more to me after reading 'Voyager'.
    'Calendar Girls' stage show is touring. It has been in Australia, now in Russia, Poland, Israel. Brazil, Denmark, Germay, Czech Republic- opening in Canada in Spring. If successful in Canada it well then come to US, which will be wonderful. All the time raising more funds for research. When I had the idea to do an alternative Womens Institute calendar in the nude, I had no notion of the huge effect it would have. It has been an amazing experience. I hope you manage to get to the end of this essay! Would love to meet up one day, who knows. Thankyou for the books, I love them.

  16. Dear Diana;
    I was just talking to a friend of mine that lives in Israel and I was recommending her your books. But, after some research I found out that the books have not been translated to Hebrew yet. Do I have the right info? Also my mom in Argentina, could not find a copy of Outlander yet, even though I know they have been translated to Spanish. I guess they will all have to learn English.

  17. Dear Sandra G.
    i live in israel and recently bought outlander in hebrew for my daughter and my best friend. one translation down and hoping for more to come. my daughter was so hooked that i ended up reading dragonfly in amber out loud to her – what a great bonding experience! tell your friend she can buy the hebrew translation at steimatsky.

  18. Thanks Valerie!

  19. My husband just got me a KINDLE for our anniversary, so I was thrilled when Random House made the e version of OUTLANDER available for free! Free, mind you! Just downloaded mine! Thank you, thank you!

  20. Barnes & Noble website has Outlander for free for the nook!! Awesome!!

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