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CHANGES! CANADIAN Book-Tour Appearances

Oookay. To the best of my present knowledge, THIS is the present lineup of appearances in Canada. See y’all there!

October 20, 2010

6:00pm EVENT: Chapters / Indigo, Victoria
1212 Douglas Street / (250) 380-9009
Contact: Mary Lynn Hanson / (604) 749-4797
This is a speaking event: 20 minutes followed by a short
Q & A, and book signing

October 21, 2010

6:30-9:00 Chapters/Indigo, Strawberry Hill, Surrey
12101 72nd Avenue, Suite 100
Surrey, British Columbia

This event isn’t just me; it’s a mult-author gala event
put on as part of the Surrey International Writers
Conference(where I’ll be working over the weekend).
You get five or six additional authors , all presenters
from the conference, talking or reading as well as signing

October 23, 2010

5:30-7:00 Mass Autographing – Surrey Intl. Writers Conference
Sheraton Guildford Hotel
Fraser Room

This is another SiWC event, open to the public. All the
published authors attending the conference will be signing
their books this evening. Yes, local book-sellers will be
present with books for sale (some authors will be selling
their own books, so you might want to bring cash, just in case).

October 24, 2010

4:00pm EVENT: Black Bond Books
#344 – 32555 London Ave., Mission

October 25, 2010 – Edmonton

7:00pm EVENT: Greenwoods Bookshoppe
Old Timer’s Cabin, 9430 – 99 St.
Tickets will cost $5
This is a speaking event: 20 minutes followed by a short
Q & A, and book signing

After which, I go HOME (o, frabjous day) to WORK (calloo, callay)! Not that I don’t like y’all Up North, but flesh, blood, and time all have their limits. See you in the west this time–Toronto next summer (Fergus Games, and who knows? Maybe Halifax, etc. in the fall. We’ll see!

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  1. I have a sad face that there are no Ontario appearances in there! Guess I'll have to wait till next year.. :(

  2. Diana – you certainly will have earned your rest. Those of us in and around Toronto will be anxiously awaiting your arrival next year (with bells on!!).


  3. Love the fact that you are in the Fraser Room for one of those appearances!

  4. Dear DG Herself,
    I can't believe how interactive you are with your fans and how generous you are with your time. It's astounding! You certainly deserve a major rest. I truly LOVED meeting you at ComicCon and the subsequent dinner at St. Andrews – I read on My Outlander Purgatory mentioned that Saturday felt a bit like the day after Christmas, and I think it did! I wonder if you felt like Santa Claus after Christmas – your work was done, and a few well-deserved days off. Honestly, as hard as you work, you may be better than Santa :-)!
    And I hope you know how much your fans – myself included – appreciate it.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your travels and your well-deserved rest (um, inasmuchas work can be rest), at home.

  5. Yay Fergus Games!!

  6. I'm disappointed – no Manitoba/Saskatchewan :(. Maybe some year. You need some time off too!

  7. Awesome! I will be there on the 24th in Mission. I can't wait!

    By any chance, will you have any copies of the Outlander: The Music CD there? I was going to order it from Scotland, but if you'll have copies with you, then I'll buy a copy off you directly.

    I saw you a few years ago at Chapters in Coquitlam, BC (Pinetree Village, by the Save-on-Foods), and you were so kind and gracious to sign my books. I'm looking forward to meeting you again on the 24th. :)

  8. Hooray! Very happy to have you coming to my city (Victoria, BC) next week. Will definitely try to be there :-)

  9. would you be up to a ladies private lunch to meet some new friends? there are 3 of us and we would love to treat you to lunch and chit chat about how you created the most AMAZING book series known to man! Jamie and Claire are timeless! We all live in AZ,close to Norterra.
    would love to have lunch!

  10. What! No Ottawa :(

  11. You have so earned a break!! I have never seen an author do such an extensive book tour before.
    I'm excited for Fergus! I went there this year for the first time to the Highland Games and had a blast. I would love to see you then hopefully.

  12. Hello Diana,
    I am sad to hear that you wont come to Toronto this time around…but..oh well…sigh…
    I am more than happy to hear that you will come next summer to Fergus Highland Games; hopefully i will be there too…
    I had a great time at Fergus HG this year; it was great to be there considering that Fergus had celebrated its 65th anniversary of the games.
    But next year it will be even better if they'll have you as a special guest… again.
    I cannot wait!

  13. Alas, Canada's a big place )-:

  14. Gee, is it wrong to be happy about just having had surgery, so that now I can be at the book signing in Surrey instead of being nightshift?? I hope you have a lovely well-deserved break following this tour.

  15. Dear Cyndi–

    Deeply appreciate both the thought and the invitation! [smile] If I said yes, though…I'm afraid it would open the door to a flood of kindly-meant invitations, but the fact is, I just can't afford to take time to meet my nice readers three or four at a time, even once a week. A 2-hour lunch makes a big hole in a work-day, and to do it repeatedly…I'm really sorry, but I just can't. Thank you, though!


  16. EDMONTON!!!! Forgive me but I must… SQUeeeEEE!!!
    I must gather Clan Sassenach so that we can book off October 25 and make the long journey south to meet you!

  17. So happy to hear it, Diana.
    Go home dear, relax, spent a nice and refreshing family time and go back to work – i mean back on writting.
    The sooner we get the book published the merrier we'll be !

  18. Yay for Halifax! Hopes you makes it!!


  19. I really enjoyed seeing you at Chapters in Surrey. Your son was also great, quite the speaker, and I'm glad I got his book too.

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