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PROGRESS! OUTLANDER: The Musical now on Amazon!

Update: The information on this blog is now out of date.

As of June 27, 2016, sales of the "Outlander: The Musical" were discontinued on Amazon and other outlets in the U.S. You still may buy a copy using paypal from the musical’s home page at:


Original Blog from September 26, 2010:

I’m pleased to report that—thanks to the good offices of Ann Behar, at my literary agent’s office—we now have an Official AMAZON.COM account for the OUTLANDER: The Musical CD!

We hope this will be more convenient for those of you who a) don’t have or don’t want to use PayPal, and b) are on this side of the Atlantic—since you won’t have to wait a week or two for your CDs to be shipped from Scotland!

Apparently a few people have indeed found it more convenient—or are doing their Christmas shopping early—since Allan (Scott-Douglas—the voice of Jamie Fraser <g>) told me a few minutes ago that the OUTLANDER: The Musical CD has risen from number 70 to number 10 (!!) in the "Musicals" bestseller category today.

Which, you know, is pretty darn cool. <g> THANK YOU!! to all of you who’ve bought the CD—we hope you enjoy it!

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  1. That's awesome! I didn't have any cash with me to buy it at the book festival. :( So I'm glad to hear that it's on Amazon. BTW… I had a great time at your presentation and standing in line waiting for the signing. I've never had the opportunity to totally geek out about a book the way I did yesterday with all the others in line around me.

  2. This is great news! I hope Amazon gets their supply of CDs in soon. It's still listed as "temporarily out of stock".

    It's a terrific song collection and I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I have.


  3. CSPAN2 had reports from the book festival in DC. They were set up in the History/Biography tent. I kept hoping they would take a camera to the historical romantic science fiction tent but no luck. Guess they figured it wasn't worth the bother since there is only one historical romantic science fiction author in the whole world! Now off to Amazon.

  4. It is really good. I bought it at the book signing in KC Thursday night. I had already listened to the snippets available and was really glad you listed that you would have them available at the signing.

  5. So glad to have it on Amazon as I think you ran out on Saturday before your "peddler" of the CD's got very far down the signing line! I already have my copy but fans around me were dissappointed! It was great to hear you and see you at the National Book Festival. What heat and what crowds! Quite a different experience even from five years ago! But it was a fun day and its always great to be around people you may haven't met before but that understand your obsession with Jamie Fraser! We could have stood in line all day discussing your wonderful books! Thanks for traveling to DC!

  6. Is it on iTunes as well?

  7. Dear adventuresnorth–

    It _will_ be on iTunes, but it takes somewhat longer for an account there to be set up. Soon, though!


  8. Woo Hoooooooo! That is wonderful, so excited for you all!

    I'm kinda leaning towards "Say the Words" as my favorite, which concerns me a wee bit! *g*

  9. Very exciting about the cd :)

    I have to say, although I love to hear you speak about your books, one of the most entertaining bits of the National Book Festival was hearing the woman introducing you describe the fetching image of a "man in a quilt". It's quite an image, to be sure, but fetching… not so sure [g].

  10. Dear Alex–

    Yes, I think she might have been a trifle nervous. [g]

  11. This CD is really great, I bought it 2 weeks ago and I listen to it multiple times since I received it.
    It makes me dive even more in your books and convey a really enjoyable atmosphere during my reading.
    I can't wait to see and read the Graphic Novel, which will arrive in two weeks I think.
    Thanks for your amazing skills of storyteller Madame Gabaldon, your books are awesome !
    Gwen (one of your many french fans and readers)

  12. I will see you this Wednesday in San Diego, DG. Will you have some copies with you then?

  13. I just got and heard the CD and it is awesome!!!!! very well done. Diana, I was planning to come down to DC to see you but as we know life happens and could not make it. Do you have anywhere in your plans to come to Montreal or Toronto in the near future? It would be so great so see you up here. By the way, The exile is truly an amazing work, congratulations. It was nice to see a different angle of the same story. thanks!!!!


  14. Dear Deb–

    Many thanks! No, I won't be near Toronto until next summer, probably–we (husband and I) do the Fergus (ON) Highland Games about every third year, so 2011 will be our next go. [g] (I'm doing a _very_ limited # of appearances in Canada for THE EXILE–just Victoria, Vancouver area, and Edmonton–as a) I _really_ need to stay home and write!, and b) neither US nor Canadian publisher wants to risk killing me, which they came dang close to doing on the ECHO tour.)

  15. Dear Diana,

    Thanks for letting me know!! I will keep my eyes and ears open for your visit in Toronto. Keep writing!!!, love your all your books, they were and have been my great escape from reality during this past year which has been a hard one for me, thanks again.


  16. I want you to stay home and write, too! (sour grapes that I'll never get to see you and selfish desire for Book 8 and the Scottish Prisoner…and Books 9, 10, 11, and 12.)

    I trust you'll announce the iTunes release here for us?

  17. Just for a nice update: at 4:00pm today, the CD is at Number 5 on the Amazon list. [g] Salsa, La Cage au Folles, Suessical (Dr. Suess) and Black Sabbath (not Ozzy's band, but African-American/Jewish entertainers) are ahead of OUTLANDER: THE MUSICAL.
    Woo hoo!!

    Susan H.E.

  18. WOW! Today I went to Amazon and they are temporarily out of stock?? I did purchase mine a few weeks ago, but I thought I would stock up on a couple for Christmas gifts through Amazon. I was shocked that they don't have any in stock, LOL! Don't they know who Diana Gabaldon is? On another note….the very last song, "The Right Road" made me burst into tears with Claire's last words to Jamie. Bravo to all involved in the making of this fantastic musical!

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