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New Interview – New Book-Trailer!

Boy, it’s been an eventful day, so far!

First the fabulous Nikki Rowe, who manages my YouTube Channel with such flair and grace, puts up a wonderful new book-trailer video for THE EXILE (featuring several new art samples!).

AND she also deftly snares a brand-new video interview I did for NovelsAliveTV (whom I met at DragonCon earlier this month)!

HERE is a link that will take you to both.

Don’t say we don’t try to keep y’all entertained….[g] Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Hey Diana, Great Trailer!!! Even if I knew nothing about the books I'd probably go check that out!! Nikki did a fantastic job….and that SONG really pulls it all together!! I can't wait!
    (But unfortunately, I have too.)

  2. Dear Bonnie–

    Well, not long. [g] What,five days and counting?

  3. Anxiously awaiting…… 5 more days to go….

  4. Dear Diana, Great trailer, great music, great artwork and more to come. Hurray to Nikki! I'll send her a p-mail at the forum.–Maria

  5. Diana – you are the best! A+++ for customer service too!

  6. Dear Diana, the video is touching and beautiful…Tears welled up in my eyes when he said "You're blood of my blood and bone of my bone". Bravo Nikki!
    Waiting for Poisoned Pen to mail me my copy is a delicious torture. Sooo worth the wait…..

    I'm so happy for you!

  7. Oh dear …. I thought I'd fallen for the series hook, line, and sinker all those years ago when I discovered Outlander … This – the story, the artwork, the music – this is indescribable … 5 days from now I'm bustin' down the doors of the bookstore!!!

  8. I love the background music. Who is the voice of Jamie? Is that Allen's? The Vow just gives me chills. Reading it is one thing, hearing it from such a beautiful voice is totally AMAZING.

  9. Dear Wan–

    Yes, that's Allan Scott-Douglas. Lovely voice, indeed!

    For any of you who've enjoyed him as Jamie on the Outlander:The Musical CD….he's just put up a new set of demo songs on his website, at


    I liked them all–and what variety!–but gotta tell you, "Falcon in the Dive" just about stopped my heart!


  10. Brrrrrrr….

    See you in D.C.

  11. Wow – that gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait until Tuesday :)

    GinaD – St. Charles

  12. Very good book trailer. If I hadn't had my book on pre-order already, I would have ordered it now!

    Great interview. Nice shout out to Allan. He is my Jamie choice now too:) If the live musical comes true, would Sue be your choice for Claire? She has such a beautiful voice. I listen to the Cd all the time.

    Fans – If anyone hasn't purchased it yet, you won't be sorry because it's just beautiful.

  13. Thanks Diana for the post.
    I just dropped off my oldest son in college :( and the montage, put a smile on my face after an afternoon filled with mix emotions.

  14. I can't wait to get my book. I purchased it last night on Amazon. Awesome.

  15. Thanks for posting – what fun for those of us outlanders who will never be able to see these things live!

  16. Diana I'm so excited. The online store here in NZ sent me an email on Friday saying my copy of The Exile was on the courier. Now, I just need to quickly re-read Crosstitch before it arrives. [g]


  17. Just watching this video made me cry…NOBODY can ever match your books! beautiful..cant wait till the book is in my hands!!

  18. Great Video Vicki!

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