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Quickie here (things are hotting up as we get closer to The Exile release): Barnes and Noble asked me a little while ago to give them three book recommendations for a guest feature. In case you need something to read over the next three days [g]…


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  1. i picked up Love in the Time of Cholera at a book sale last year, and it's still sitting on my to-be-read shelf – everytime i go to grab a new book to read, that word "cholera" just gets in the way. Now that you've spoken up for it, I'll work past it and read it – unless the Exile shows up first, then of course I have to happily drop everything for it…

  2. Appreciate the recommendations. Always fun to add to the already overloaded "to-be-read" pile. Enjoyed Love in the Time of Cholera when I read it years ago. The Knife Man is already on my shelf. Will add Haunting Bombay to my mental list of books to watch for–sounds interesting! Won't get to all of these between now and the release of The Exile, but there's always the wait for book 8 to survive. :-)

  3. Cool! Thanks. I've got a serious book addiction lately that I need to feed. :-)

  4. Actually, I just received a Kindle for my birthday and was a bit overwhelmed with where in the world to start in terms of downloading books…so this helps!

    Also, if you recall signing a birthday card for an absent fan while in Winston-Salem, North Carolina…that absent fan was me. Thanks for taking the time! Opening that card made my week and had me jumping around my kitchen in a fit of glee.

  5. Love in the time of cholera is a good book, I would recommend it too.I am now ordering the Exile from U.S,being here in Chile. In the meanwhile,I am listening to the Fiery Cross on my MP3 and I have to say, I am truly enjoing my time better now that I've my favorite books in hand. Couldn't bring any of my books from Finland to Chile,but as MP3 version they'll fit in anywhere and anytime!! ;)

  6. Sounds like VERY interesting reading!! Yaaay new books to read!! It is always good to have new recommendations. I never want my reading list to run dry!

    A question Diana for my hubby. Is Sam's book available in stores, or just online? he'll need something for awhile….while IIII read the Exile :D Thanks!

  7. I read Love in the Time of Cholera a long time ago and still remains one of my favorite books ever.
    Will add the other 2 to my list!
    Today is the 21st so I'm eagerly waiting for my Amazon package to arrive – can't wait to get my hands on The Exile!!!! ;)

  8. @Bonnie,
    I actually wrote the publisher a letter stating my desire to see Tome of the Undergates in e-book format. They forwarded me along to the 'right' person to talk to about it. She says, "As far as the ebook goes, it should be available on Kindle within the next few weeks." Meanwhile, an excerpt is available at http://pyrsamples.blogspot.com

  9. Thank you very much Lizbeta! :) I appreciate you answering my question !

  10. Thanks for the recommendations. I ordered all three books from B&N. I’m still grateful to you for recommending the Wilderness series by Sara Donati although her series ranks several notches below your magnificent Outlander series.

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