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The GREEN SLIME thanks you!!

You know, what with knee surgery, new stories, travel, new website developments, etc., etc., etc.—I really hadn’t paid all that much attention to the new Green Slime edition of AN ECHO IN THE BONE, other than to briefly admire the cover. [g]

I find that y’all have been busy, though! I opened my email this morning to hear that the new Green Slime edition has hit the New York Times list—I _think_ that’s the first time one of my trade paperback editions has done that! It’s also #4 on BookScan’s bestseller list, mentioned in USAToday (today), and has stunned the publisher (in a happy way [g]) by selling lots more copies in its first week than the trade paper edition of A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES did—and they thought _that_ was good!

So anyway—MANY thanks to all of you who’ve been buying and (I hope) enjoying the Green Slime version of ECHO. And the publisher bids me tell you that in response to all this great news, they’ve done a deal with Borders and Walden’s bookstores, whereby if you buy one of the Green ECHO’s, you can get another for half off. In case any of you belong to book clubs. [g]

Oh—and do remember that the Green Slime edition has the eight-page excerpt from THE EXILE (the new graphic novel telling Jamie’s side of the story) in the back! Have any of you read that excerpt yet? I’d be Most Interested to hear what you think of it.

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  1. I made a special trip to the bookstore to read the excerpt in the back of Echo. I loved it. I cannot wait to read the whole thing. It is very cool to see pictures of Jamie, Claire!

  2. Yeah! Congratulations!

  3. That's fantastic news! Congratulations!


  4. I got my Green Slime Edition last week from Amazon and loved the excerpt of the GN – can't wait for it to come out!

    Thanks for all you do to keep us entertained!

  5. I'm headed to B&N today to read the excerpt. Can't wait!

  6. I really enjoyed the excerpt in the back of Echo! I'm reading Outlander for the third time, making notes as a go along with things I have questions about! I'm hoping that Jamie's and Murtagh's POV will be able to help answer those burning questions I have!! So excited for September!!

  7. I had no interest in the graphic novel, even after reading about it and its "revelation" on the Ladies of Lallybroch book board. But I did want to get the Green Slime to finish out my collection. I read the excerpt because I had heard so much about it. Now, I plan to buy the graphic novel when it is released in September.

    The business decision to include the excerpt was a good one – it will lead to more sales (at least one more sale).

  8. Fantastic news, Diana! I don't have any trade paper backs but I'll be sure to check it out at the book store. This news excites me to start a re-read!!!!!!!!!! All the best.


  9. Congrats! Bought my Green Slime ECHO last week to add to the collection. Loved the excerpt! Had already been looking forward to the release of the GN in September, and this just added to the anticipation. I was wowed by the "revelation" and intrigued by the questions raised as a result. The artwork was stunning, too! Well done!

  10. The artwork is just great, and the dialogue really flows… but what's up with the constant translations of slang and Gaelic with the pesky and distracting asterisks? Everything makes good sense in context, even for folks who don't speak Gaelic and haven't read the books.

    It makes it seem like the publishers think a bit less of the intelligence of graphic novel readers than they do their "real" readers! If I were a graphic novel reader, I might be insulted! ;-)

    In other news, I have recently opened a tiny book + gift shop and have sold 4 copies of Outlander, word of mouth, in the 2 months I've been open. Kind of impressive! Thanks, Diana!

  11. Haven't gotten my green slime addition yet, as I am in Ireland right now. But I did buy the UK version of Echo, yeah! I have been looking for Cross Stitch but haven't found it yet. I leave Sunday so hopefully I will find it by then.

    When I get back one of the first things I will do is run to the book store for some green slime. :)


  12. I'm waiting for the UK trade paperback to buy my copy, but I noticed the Green Slime in the bookstore today…it's definitely eye-catching! Maybe that's why it's sold so many copies. You should try Lemon Yellow for the next one! :)

  13. I got my green slime edition this past weekend (and you signed it for me at the Poisoned Pen Conference! Thank you again!!) I love the excerpt in the back and I was so surprised to see what Murtagh saw!! (I won't spoil it, in case) Adds a whole dimension to what he thinks of Claire!

  14. Diana,

    I hate to admit this, but the reason I bought The Green Slime was for the excerpt. I am so excited for The Exile that my teeth hurt! Weird, I know.

    There has been some discussion on Facebook, among some of your followers, as to whether folks will put off buying "Exile" for fear that the images and interpretations of Claire's and Jamie's appearance will be too disparate from what's been imagined all these long years. That doesn't bother me in the least! The yearning to know more of the back story is so strong that the images (which are gloriously colorful and quite what I did imagine) could be stick figures for all I care.

    Just one favor — NO publication delays, please!



  15. Why would you think there'd be a publication delay? None of my books ever are. Once a pub date is set, that's when the book's come out. (I don't count silly people in bookstores _telling_ people the wrong date to start with.)

    As for the footnotes, that was part of my script, as written. No knock on graphic novel readers whatever–you have _no_ idea how many people write to me wanting glossaries and pronunciation guides for the Gaelic in the books. (Though fwiw, we do aim also to attract regular GN readers who might not normally be familiar with the novels.)

  16. Diana!

    Don't get me wrong! Those were words of complete desperation! The GN looks so exciting that I think any delays, for any reason, would equate to torture! Production delays, editing issues, whatever happens in the world of publishing that could cause trouble….

    The only images I've had the opportunity to see are the ones you've released via your website or here on your blog. I know some folk who've been fortunate to see others up close and personal during conferences, or book signings, or gatherings, but you haven't been to Los Angeles since the book signing at Vroman's, in Pasadena, for The Fiery Cross. That's all, love. Just excited!


  17. I am usually not a fan of graphic novels, but I am a huge fan of your writing, so I planned to buy The Exile in September. After purchasing my paperback copy of Echo and reading the 8 teaser pages, I am so excited for the book to come out.

  18. I bought the Green Slime for the excerpt, and because I want to re-read Echo and my 'loaned' harcover copy has gone missing.

    Love the excerpt! Jamie's face in the 'Luck that I'm here then' panel is just exactly how Jamie should look.

    Looking forward to finding out more of what went on in Murtagh's mind, Mmmmphm… If Claire is the faery's mate.. then who is/was the faery I wonder? Has Murtagh seen this sort of thing before? The artwork is stunning and the frames flow easily one to the next.

    Now rereading Outlander for about the 10th time with close attention to the details to be ready for Exile!

    Hope all is well with the (partial)new knee!
    Have you named it? Would a new knee be a he or a she I wonder?

  19. I particularly enjoyed the Exile excerpt! Although, I will tell you, I think it will take some getting used to reading with pictures. Do I read the whole thing through and then gawk at the picture, or do I look at the picture then read the dialogue, or do I try to do both at the same time? I will have to sort that out! I am very impressed with the art, and pleasantly surprised at the added dimension of the images and even the content of the excerpt (I say, trying not to be too spoilerish!). Murtagh's perspective will add more than I thought. I think that it will be fun to read that and then go back and see how that changes Outlander for me. I generally read Outlander again in the fall, when it starts getting cool, so that should be right after I finish the Exile!

    Also, I am constantly amazed that all of this came from inside your head. It is truly remarkable to me. Keep up the great work!

  20. Imagine my surprise when my hubby hands me his EW and there's "green slime" on the best new paperbacks list. Even better, in the book section there's a q and a with you! Thanks for a nice surprise.

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