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  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

US Cover Proof for ECHO!

Well, the art department chose a different background color than the one I’d suggested–but they did a wonderful job with the caltrop! And over all, I think it’s quite striking, and in keeping with the rest of the series.


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  1. je suis française et j’adore vos livres . Juste une question : when do you publish the last book ” le chardon et le tartan” : j’ai tout lu même son of liberty . J’attends avec impatience la fin de cette saga passionnante . Please, please, ne nous faites pas attendre trop longtemps .
    A French who don’t speak well english but a french who is ready to read in english the lastest book .
    Thank you for your book and your imagination.

  2. Je suis française et j’adore vos livres : quand allez-vous publier le dernier livre de la série “le chardon et le tartan” . Please, please, tell me how this story will finish .

    Congratulations for your books and your imagination .
    A French who don’t speak english very well .

  3. i like the colors a lot, and the overall design. very menacing indeed. though i will add to the others saying they thought it was chicken foot lol. i had no idea what a caltrop was so i had to look it up, but upon enlarging the image it looked less like a chicken foot and more like a weapon. :)

    i still think i’m partial to the UK cover design though


  4. Katrina S. in SC, I’m in SC, too. Are you in the Upstate?

  5. Merci beaucoup, Christophe et Florence! [g]

    I’m writing as fast as I can!

  6. Katrina S. -
    How funny, I was a Katrina S. myself until 10 years ago come March. Did you get part of that nasty winter/ice storm from 2 weeks back? It coated northern Arkansas (some people are STILL without power), but we here in the Little Rock area escaped unscathed.
    Katrina K.

  7. I love it!! But I’m one of those that would buy the book no matter what it looks like.

    Iago: What type of books do you read?

  8. It is totally a chicken foot to me. If there must be a caltrop, then I support the suggestion of the twisty caltrop as mentioned previously.
    I appreciate the opportunity to beta test the cover, thank you for sharing.

  9. Just checked out Amazon, and they are indeed taking pre-orders – not only that, but they are listing an availability date of September 22, 2009. Do they know something you don’t know, Diana? [evil grin]

  10. Wow! :) As I read through the books, I find that the cover colours get more and more interesting – I’m now reading The Fiery Cross, a nice deep red. Then, I see on the bookshelf at the local bookstore that the next colour is *silver*, whoo-hoo! :)

    So! This next one is good – a very brooding and strong looking cover…and they just happen to be the colours of my Alma Mater, too – black and gold! ;)

    Looking forward to this newest release!


    p.s. I followed your instructions and now we here in Halifax, Nova Scotia will cross our fingers that your publishers will choose our store for your visit! :)

  11. Katrina K. – I haven’t always been Katrina S. only for the last 3 years. was Katrina N. when I started reading Outlander! I actually picked up Drums first at a used book store and only realized, silly me, that it was 3rd in a series once I got it home! as for winter weather, only a very little bit, as I’m in the central/columbia area (which also nicely answers Rebel’s question (g) ) only a two hour delay for work, no closings! what a bummer. I’ve a good friend in the Fayeteville, AR area, I think they got some bad weather.

    I do really see a chicken foot. . . and a peace sign. At least it keeps me guessing!

    and on a side note, I almost understood all the french! yay!
    -Katrina S.

  12. Dear Karen–

    No, they don’t. They just pull dates out of their collective rear end, and then blithely change them when they get a _real_ date from the publisher.

  13. Dear Lily,

    well done. Spot on.

    Dear Jenntx74,

    it’s a difficult question, that one, and one that always throws me, but I’d say well written books with a non-obvious, twisted plot always get me.

    Also, for the record, I love to follow characters and watch them develop over time, but I do want a book to have a complete story.

    Examples? Are you taking notes Sharaf? There’ll be a short quiz afterwards: Chuck Palahniuk, Terry Pratchett, John Berendt, Alan Moore… (voice fading)

  14. Hi Diana

    Thanks for your response – I already knew that, having been the victim of that particular trick of theirs in the past! Just being my usual evil self [g] which doesn’t translate well in a blog post, unfortunately :)

  15. Ok! One more time,Iago. Pop quiz? umh! Well I have read J. Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” and City of Falling Angels.  Loved them.  I tried watching the film V for Vendetta. No go on that one.  C. Palchniuk is too far out there for me.  Sorry have not read Teri Pratchett.  So I guess I flunked your test. It’s scary that we have even one in common. Boy I thought all Swede’s were fair haired and blue eyed.  Are you sure your ancestor’s didn’t drift up from Spain. Also wouldn’t growing Magnolia’s in Belgium be a pain in the butt. I feel like we hi-jacked Diana’s blog. At least she has moved on.

  16. Wow, this conversation has gotten quite heated over the past couple of days!

    I too, have been reading these books for a long time. I think I stared when I was 14 and have read through them numerous times. Claire and Jamie are like old friends to me.

    I’ve turned several people on to them and as my friend Jess said, when I drug her to Broders and forced her to buy at least the first 2, “These book are like heroin!”

    I also wanted to say that I love that Brianna and Roger’s daughter is named ‘Amanda’

  17. I love it! It gave me chills when I first saw it, then I just stared at it for a few moments imagining what’s inside…

  18. Oh, I can’t wait til I have it my hands! I just love your books (and have turned several friends into lovers of them, as well ;) )!

    It was nice to see that you also plan for an eighth book in the series. In due time. :D But first I’m eager to see this one under my reading lamp!

  19. > people who already know the series and would–quite possibly [g]–buy the book if it was wrapped in brown paper

    I do like the cover, but you might consider me one of the brown-baggers because I hope to be able to purchase the book for my Kindle at the same time the hardback's released. It will be available on Kindle, won't it?

  20. I’m sorry if this has been raised, I just trawled through the 200 or so comments and couldn’t see it but you said to Mary Ann –

    “No, it isn’t the last book–there’s one more to follow AN ECHO IN THE BONE.”

    Just ONE more??!! Only ONE? I’m not ready for it to finish?! Also, you said that for the background colour, black wasn’t your first choice. Out of interest what was? Cheers.

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